Discord - TAKE
Jul 3, 2019
Soooooo... what's your guys Discord? Like, is there a AOTY discord group or anything like that? Just so I can keep in contact with some of you guys/gals more frequently!
Jul 3, 2019
There's an official AOTY discord. Here's an invite link: https://discord.gg/YvEeMx
Jul 4, 2019
i kinda wanna join the aoty discord but i dont wanna barge in or anything (my discord btw is Mr. Dr. Professor Ren & Jimpy#0819 if u want it)
Jul 9, 2019
@InglumeSingles ...hey can you send a new link sorry?
Jul 9, 2019
@PipePanic No problem, here you go (link should work for the next 24 hours): https://discord.gg/tPCgdE
6d ago
you can edit links to never expire, or only expire after a certain amount of uses
6d ago
wtf how did I not remember that Discord had this feature lol. ill make sure to do that when the invite link doesn't work anymore
6d ago
@PipePanic here's a new link that works: https://discord.gg/2YWHn5F
5d ago
@Inglume finally got my way in
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