Bad Religion - Age of Unreason
May 3, 2019
Jesus this thing was flacid.

Please don't see this low score and see that I hate Bad Religion. Because I dont. Bad Religion I've always had a casual appreciation for as a punk fan. Some of their early work is some of the hardest and most fun punk music out there, especially in they're early days. However, as the years go on, it's sadly becoming more and more expected for this band to get more and more boring and stale.

Barely a single track got my attention, and bored me half to death. This might be because of the flat delivery that many of these tracks get, with all the intrumentation sounding basic pop punk and the vocals sound half asleep. I understand that they can't be delivering the same aggressive material that they were making 2 years ago, but I wish that they would bring the interesting concepts and tight songwriting along with this.

And don't get me wrong: I agree with the message. Hell, the best part about this album are it's lyrics. But Jesus Christ, the music backing up the message is so limp, boring and unmemorable that it makes any bite this album had non-existent. Which is such a shame, because in an age of biting political pink, we sadly have nothing to grab onto aside from the occasional track.

This thing is a huge disappoinment. All I really wanted from this album was some snarlling political bite, and I got the political side. Not much so the bite.

Favorite Jams: Faces of Grief, Big Black Dog, What Tommorow Brings

Lest Favorite: Lose Your Head
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