Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿
Oct 3, 2019
The one thing I had when I was playing this was: 'God I can't wait to listen to Dannys better albums when this is over'.

Damn, I was really let down by this one! I stayed up all night waiting for this to drop, and when it did I was crushed with this sense of 'wait, that's it?'. This was the first Danny Brown album that...gasp...bored me?!?! What?!?!?

First off, some positives. The production on this album is genuinly amazing and some of the best of the year. The infecious melodies and hard hitting drums are amazing witness and had me moving and grooving, especially when you look at the talent beneath the beats on this album. Flying Lotus? Q-Tip? JPEGMAFIA??? I was sold on the production even before I pressed played, and the sound absolutly screamed 'funk as fuck'. The bass and drums on this album are on POINT.

Even Danny is pretty good on this album. His flows and deliveries are lock-tight, and the wordplay on this album is as good every other Danny record. Nearly every song has at lest one quotable. Its deffinitly the most funny Danny Brown album I've ever heard, especially moments like 'Dirty Laundry'. But...oh god here we go...this album is pretty disappointing. At lest for me.

My problems lie that I know Danny can do a lot better. The energy, something that Danny usually excells at, is severally lacking on this album. It's chuck full of low-key and subdued 'classic rap' tracks, and that's an aesetic that i've never really enjoyed personally. Hell, if you've seen my Bandana review you'll know that this album was not gonna appeal to me, no matter how hard it tried. And while there were moments that I genuinely loved, as a whole this thing was pretty decent at best. This seems as if it's very much Danny Brown by the numbers, which is a damn shame when compared to some of Danny's previous albums. Yes, production and flow wise on this album is really great, and this has some of Dannys best hooks, but my problems lie withen the mood of the album. It just comes off as very boring and humdrum when compared to everything else Danny has made, which is something I was not expecting.

It's midtempo, unexciting and pretty bland, and leaves me with not a lot of things to say apart from 'yeah...that was pretty eh.'. Which is annoying for this review, but how many times can I say I was bored? This is a boring review for, sadly, a pretty boring album! Damn you Mr Brown!!!

Favorite Jams: N*gro Spiritual, Dirty Laundry, Shine

Lest Favorite: Combat
Oct 4, 2019
Can't believe Combat is your least favorite track?!
Oct 4, 2019
bro you can negro it's just the spanish word for the color black. **gg* is the forbidden word.
Oct 4, 2019
@okcomputer12127 the hook is great, but it's a really weak closer

@Mimikyu oops!
Oct 4, 2019
Title Track was also spectacular
Oct 4, 2019
shid i meant to say "you can say negro". i didn't mean to use negro as a verb lmao
Oct 4, 2019
didn't care much for this too tbh, glad someone else agrees
Oct 5, 2019
@musicn00b69420 my hot takes are for the people
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