Ed Sheeran - No.6 Collaborations Project
6d ago (updated 4d ago)
EDIT: Now I see the error of my ways. No longer will Ed rein over actual artists. This was not the most exciting release of the week.

I really didn't want to review or even listen to this. Ed Sheeren is an artist that I virtually have no opinions on, due to the fact his blend of Folky stadium rock sounds more like it was aimed directly at my mother. And Jesus did this thing stink a mile away. This is some of the worst features i've seen all year. Justin? A Boogie wit da Hoodie? Eminem? Bruno Mars? Fucking Skrillex? This thing had the worst smell of the year, and seemed as if it was going to be the worst record of the year...

So of coarse my mother blasted the entire thing from the living room from front to back as soon as I woke up.

Goddamn it, i've heard the record I might as well review the damn thing.

From the moment I heard the opening track, I already knew this album was gonna be my lest Favorite of the year. The generic production, the forgettable features, the boring ass intrumentation. The whole album is one boring slog after another. At lest Jaden Smith had him rapping over a drill, what did this have? Ed Sheeran saying that people think he can't rap?

There is literally nothing to say here. How do you not only make Travis Scott sound board, but also make Eminem song like fucking garbage? You already know what this sounds, and you know it's literally horrible. The lyrics are absolute trash, with nearly the whole album having the same message. There is no interesting dynamics here, there are no features that match up as something that they wanted to do. This whole album sounds like a pay check to not only inflate Ed's bank account based off market research on what is popular.

I Don't Care is a goddamn good title. Because after this record, this is what I feel about Ed Sheerans entire career. Please never make me listen to this forgettable garbage again. Nothing is essential. This shit sucks. I'd rather hear my dad being shot by Nazis then this.

Favorite Jams: literally no

Lest Favorite: Antisocial (oh Jesus), Remember the Name (Jesus fucking Christ), Way To Break My Heart (OH FOR GODS SAKE)
6d ago
You didn't know this was mom music? Even Ed acknowledges it: https://imgur.com/ISahpbK
6d ago
I guess we're gonna ignore the fact that Big K.R.I.T. is dropping an album on Friday
6d ago
@Skaut oh Jesus Christ
@Inglume I dont listen to him but I'm interested
5d ago
Wtf go listen purple mountains :o
5d ago
There's also a new Blood Orange mixtape, which is really good
5d ago
David Berman came out of retirement to release a Purple Mountains album today, and it's great IMO!
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