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Jun 12, 2019 (updated Feb 9, 2021)
Oh Melon, what pleasentries await me?

So I had no idea to expect with this album. Like, literally none. All I knew going in to this album was that it was weird, electronic, and that apparently their was a ska song on here? So that's literally all I knew going into this album. I expected the best...

And oh god my ass. It burns. My ass burns.

There is a fine line here of genius and stupidity on this album. The beats and production sounds like it was created through the means of a experimental pop blender, incorporating elements of video game music, death metal, jazz, electronic music, hip hop, pop, and yes...even ska. And while it does take a while to get into the groove for this 23 minute album that could be mistaken for something that Big Baller B would conjure up. It's almost meme like, but in a way that doesn't feel hack-kneed or annoying, it's a lot more interesting while still being hilarious. And it does take roads that I genuinely didn't expect stylistically.

Although...it is hard to take this project all that seriously. It honestly feels like a meme album that would be made by fellow AOTY users, because this thing did make me die laughing the first time I heard this thing. I mean, how else was I supposed to react to a song like I Need Help Immediatly (a song so bizarre I don't think I could describe it). And listen to the vocals! They sound like they came from a lovechild of Travis Scott and one of the chimpmunks for gods sake! But at the same time, I could never say that I wasn't entertained the entire time I was listening to this thing. It has a certain meme-able quality that is kinda infectious.

Sorry for the unoriginal rating, but I've come to the conclusion that if you gave this duo a studio and a million dollars to do whatever they wanted to do, they would create something so bizarre and strange that it could be the Mr Bungle or the King Crimson of this generation. But, at their current stage, this bizarre record is just that: a bizarre record that needs to be heard to be experienced. And might go down as one of the most entertaining albums of the year.

Favorite Jams: 800db cloud, ringtone

Lest Favorite: I Need Help Immediately

Unoriginal rating?
@RakkSmells the 7/10 lol
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