Thom Yorke - ANIMA
Jun 30, 2019
So. This is Thom Yorkes masterpiece. I should probably talk a little about why, shouldn't I? Well, here you go.

For the past couple of years, I haven't really felt like myself. Depression, anxiety and mental wellness (due to events I wont bore you with) have really left me in a place of uncertainty in this world.

The fear of everything leaving me and me being replaced by something better in this world, as if I was doll, has undone and redone my personality and life in more ways then I can say. This fear, this undying anxiety of the world and all it contains for me while being burried in the worlds mindset of 'everyone must work till the day they die' that has been provided to me by my upbringing in a way has made me terrified of living in that world. Irrelevancy and leaving behind a life unfulfilled, to me, is something I genuinely fear, enough to make me avoid doing anything and self destruct myself, my body, my social life, my connections to the world and to people, and to art.

So, you can imagine how this site makes me feel sometimes. I won't go into to much detail over the gritty side, but sometimes I feel like I don't deserve this profile.

And so the world scares me. Because, if I can't love or even like myself, how am I going to have the willpower to keep myself away from the robotic fever dream of modern day life? And how can I deal with that with the panic attacks, the breakdowns, the insomnia and the emotional fragility I have? And this week has made me realize this. Not only has the 'just get your head down and do it' mentality of school really gotten to me and needlessly stressed me out, but it's been a week where things I usually take for granted (entertainment) has been stripped away from me due to a mishap in technology (my headphones broke lol).

So, when my head starts spinning with the organic world and the death of all things, theres nothing letting me break away from it. I was forced to listen to the bastards in my head for pretty much a week straight, telling me I wasn't good enough, that I was wasting away my life, that I was making the world a worse place, that I needed to either work till I died or that I just needed know. Die. I know that seems like a desperate cry from help from me, but that's the mental state I was at when I finally got my headphones back and listened to this record. I was worse then I have in years, in a age when I thought I was doing OK. The monster inside me fucked me up.

Enter this record.

The first time I heard it, I really loved it. The beautiful, swelling production, the glitchy instrumentation, the mix of organic, interesting song construction and vocals that were as heavenly as usual. Overall, I liked it. But I was originally only to give it the usual 'This is good, and here's why' treatment I usually do. I was originally only gonna give this the old 86. Actually reminded me a whole lot of Everyday Robots by Damon Albarn. Although...there was two things I had in mind.

1: The line 'To you who brought me back to life'. I heard that in passing on my first listen and thought it was neat.

2: I still had to watch the Netflix short on the album.


It was pretty gorgeous to watch. Something that redefined long form music videos for me. I had to dig deeper into the lyrics after this. I needed to, just to see what the hell was going on.

And now I can safely say this album is Thom Yorkes romantic 1984. This thing is a dystopian masterpiece.

Thom Yorke has been going off about how modern day society has left him in a state of constant anxiety since day one. Even on the happiest of records, he is still riddled with anxiety. And this is no exception, with a whole damn concept record about someone feeling out of touch with reality, and wanting to escape to their life of constant pressure from the higher ups and join their own dreams of freedom and happiness. If its from love from a partner (like the film alludes to), or love from the mental freedom (like the lyrics allude to) or a mixture of the two in a way that encompasses the feeling of love (like the album title alludes to) the protagonist in these works are after love, almost intensely. And it's a journey that is told through absolutely stunning storytelling and metaphors.

The sound of the album also fits the glove of the album quote perfectly. There's a isolating feeling listening to this record. It's sound that feels like a ball of anxiety wrapped up in a glitched out and broken fabric, with the whole album feeling like the soundtrack to a post apocalyptic panic attack. This album feels like a episode of Black Mirror, with it's distortion and warping of technology, and also in its tone and delivery.

So yeah, it's a dystopian album. Big whoop. It's a magical message, but a message that Thom has been preaching hard since day one. So how does it feel so fresh and interesting? How it's told. This album is one of the most positive records Thom has made in years. This isn't just 'This is how the world is ending'. It's a record of how the word is awful, but how there can be hope in the world around us. It's a glimmer of hope. It's something real to latch onto. It's something so special that many creative forces, including myself, wishes they could have made. It's a glorious piece of art in my eyes. It's a positive scream into the darkness about isolation, dissociation and pressure in a era where positivity is almost shamed upon.

I kinda wished I had a more original opinion on this album, but I can really see no flaws in this record. It's dreamy, atmospheric and an absolute dream on the ears, as well as being action-packed, interesting, memorable and fun, with lots of nooks and crannies sonically to discover. It's a perfect album sonically for me, and a near perfect picture of art for me as well. This has got to be my album of the year. It has to be.

After dissecting this album for the second time, I was floored. I cried so hard I thought I was having a breakdown. It felt for the first time like I was OK. Like everything around me had been felt or heard or realized by someone. And it's a glorious feeling of connection that happened, and I finally understood what this album was. It's a heart inside of a computer. It's a digital soul, yearning to be let out. And it's one that beat inside my heart as well.

The next day, I felt OK. The doll replacement feeling wasn't gone, but when I felt like that, I just put on this album. And somehow, it made it all go away. No panic attacks or breakdowns occurred that day, and I had a full nights rest. I was far far far away from being good, but I felt OK. That's more then I can ask from this project. To make me feel OK while also making something groundbreaking.

Recently, when i've seen my profile on this site, I get so overwhelmed by the fact that anyone would care over my silly reviews that I sort of breakdown and self destruct. It's kind of a weird thing I do, but i'm trying my hardest not to do it to this profile. I love you guys, and I want to keep making content I love.

I'm embracing the Anima. She's saying it's OK. :)

Favorite Jams: All.

Lest Favorite: Literally none.

Are you even there? Hello? Are you even there? Hello?
Are you even there? Hello? Are you even there?
Are you even there? Hello?
Are you even there?
Jun 30, 2019
Woah. This is some quality stuff. Tbh, it was kinda hard for me to approach this to due to how out there the sound is, but this review might just make me do that.
Jun 30, 2019
I really loved this review, but I'm really sorry about all the anxiety and panic attack stuff. I know how fucking awful that is, so if you ever want to talk to feel better I'll be available.

Oh yeah, and "I kinda wished I had a more original opinion on this album." Trust me, you really wouldn't want to have one lol.
Jun 30, 2019
@toasterqueen12 thanks so much, deffinitly do a deep dive on the lyrics if you can!
@thomansy18 Thanks very much. The hard stuff recently has been very hard, and I'm trying to find positivity in the storm, but it's some rough stuff ngl. Thank you for being available, means a lot. And hope your doing ok, your opinion is just as valid and everyone else's, so don't feel bad about having your own opinion even if others give you shit. T
Jun 30, 2019
Jul 1, 2019
Wow, this is a great review. I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety and feelings... Life can be hard and unforgiving but there are always things that make it worth it, like this album. I honestly haven't heard it yet, but I'm happy for you that you found comfort in it. It's great that music can do that
Jul 1, 2019
I love this review! Yeah, the anxiety and depression shit is really hard to deal with, especially coming from me, but you can pull through. I believe in you!
Jul 1, 2019
@Tacorillaz and @Plats , thanks for such kind words. Here's hoping that life is good to you extremely nice people
Jul 1, 2019
@Tacorillaz and @Plats , thanks for such kind words. Here's hoping that life is good to you extremely nice people
Jul 2, 2019
very good review my friend! you are a very good person and im always here if you wanna talk about some shit. aoty's here for you bucko
Jul 2, 2019
Stunning review and very personal. I love it. We're all here for you for sure, just reach out if you need someone to talk to. This is a great community full of people who probably have many of the same feelings you've had, myself included.
Jul 3, 2019
@MasterCrackfox + @notbuzzzila, thanks very much. All of the feelings I felt from the Titanic Rising review that I thought I was getting better at have just come back in full force. It's a weird place for me right now, but the feeling of unessenciality is coming in strong
Jul 4, 2019
I didn't listen to the album yet, but your review is so passionate about it and so well written that give me chills. I hope the best of the world happens to you, bro.
Jul 5, 2019
5d ago
It's these kinds of trials that help us develop the grit to find strength in our weakest moments. I'm not going to lie: depression and these existential crises never really go away but always keep in mind that making the effort to accomplish anything while we feel our lowest is monumental (e.g., writing reviews).
5d ago
@Mimikyu this genuinly means quite a lot to me, thank you.
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