Jaden - ERYS
Jul 5, 2019

Jaden Smith's music has, to me at lest, seemed at lest more interesting then the usual 'best in the game's, with at lest an attempt at making a strong, interesting concept. However...yeah he certainly doesn't seem to get there in terms of delivery. You can dress up a bland, boring and bad rap project all you want, but if the music sucks, then your pretty out of luck. And with a Tracklist time of more then an hour, I was absolutely dreading this one.

Still, Jaden has got some talent behind this project, most noticable being Tyler, The Creator, Kid Cudi and A$AP Rocky. So, this could have some creative credit, and not at lest be a boring listen right?


Wrong. This thing is so goddamn boring. It's going for a really epic yet banging sound, but it very much cannot reach the heights its going for. How is it that this album sounds both overproduced yet underproduced? It's just the most clique and boring trap music you've heard in your life, but he found a way to use a distortion and reverb pedal somewhere along the way.

There are certain elements that Jaden can do quite well. He can set up and deliver some hard hitting production. And when given to a more interesting rappers, there are elements that work really well. But I think my problem is is that Jaden isn't that interesting of a rapper or a artist to really pull through with a great project. He's got the mind of both a Brockhampton member, but he just chooses to show it like a SoundCloud rapper, which really kills the creativity that Jaden wants to deliver.

It's just so goddamn boring. It's a slog to get through the supposed bangers because there is so little of substance here that I can't take this thing seriously. And it's obvious he wants to go for a large concept in these records (if that's not the case then why the PINK tracks?), But somehow Jaden gives every single fuck yet not a single shit about what he is making. For God's sake, he literally named his album his last album but BACKWORDS. Like that album before was worth it!

And he treats it like I'M the bad guy for not liking the most boring and basic trap/croon bullshit because he's 'experimental' with his 'concepts', like there is one to begin with. If you are going to commit to an idea, commit to it and not go jumping back into a trap ''''' banger '''''''''' because it's easier. This isn't art Jaden, this is a boring ass record your pretending is a concept album just so you can say you have artistic merit.

I don't care about Jaden's music at all after this. Listening to this was a soul destroying experience. A long, drawn out snooze fest from someone who wants to be experimental but not enough to make compelling music. Keep the Smiths away from me.

Favorite Jams: NOIZE, Chateu, On My Own, maybe the ending of K

Lest Favorite: All of the boring, unnecessary trap songs...so the whole album.

Blackout literally sounds like a more comical version of PLEASE BE SAD, off of Hou3e, my meme album out now on SoundCloud by the name of Ryan Benis!
Self promotion never hurt no body.
Jul 5, 2019
"He has the mind of a Brockhampton rapper, but shows it like a SoundCloud rapper" That's scary accurate. My god
Jul 5, 2019
One hell of a review my guy bravo
Jul 5, 2019
@KIDWITHGUNs and @automatrikz thanks! he's got so much potencial that I get so angry talking about his projects
Jul 5, 2019
I was gonna leave a review, but you said all I wanted to say and more.
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