clipping. - There Existed an Addiction to Blood
Oct 17, 2019
Patient #5 Test Results:

Description: After hearing 'There Existed an Addiction to Blood' by Clipping, a pacient went into a nervous breakdown, with three dead bodies found at the scene. Here is the recorded conversation with a medical professional. Names have been erased to protect the innocent.

Doctor: So, how are you feeling after the breakdown?

Patient: It's clipping bitch.

Doctor: So you've been saying, and i'd love if you wouldn't use such language towards me. Are we clear?

Patient: I didn't hurt anyone.

Doctor: I'm sure of it. I just want to figure out what happened. Just to make sure which events are in your head and which events are genuinely happened.

Patient: But I didn't fucking hurt anyone!

Doctor: I know that, I just want to paint a picture here.

Patient: Ok. Fine.

Doctor: Ok. I'm just wondering if this album, this Clipping album, had anything to do with this breakdown, because it seems as if they are so close knit that it would be foolish to disconnect the two events, especially given these titles of these songs...

Patient: You wanna know something Doc? This is one of the best albums of the year. For sure. This album is gonna make Rap music scary again Doc!

Doctor: I'm not looking for a review here OK? So where did this relationship with Clipping start?

Patient: It's not a relationship, i'm just...a big fan. I have always been a fan of Clippings brand of heavily experimental and freakishly fetish-esq blend of noise hop. It's a sound that has inspired and left me truly jaw dropped and hypnotized every-time I pop on an album like...let's say Midcity or CLPPNG or Splendor and Misery. It's almost unfair how good some of these albums ar...i'm getting side tracked aren't I?

Doctor: Only slightly. Now, i've never heard any of Clippings music, so would you be able...

Patient: To describe it? I sure as fuck can!

Doctor: That wasn't the question...

Patient: The combination of Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson's killer, nosiy, truly experimental and grandly odd production with Daveed Diggs intense and truly outstanding verses, flows and interesting topics that make for music that is honest to god otherworldly, Doc. It's rap music that truly doesn't give a fuck, and makes of some of the best hip hop i've ever heard. It's music that truly transcends genr-

Doctor: Sorry to interrupt, but i'd like to talk more about why we are here.

Patient: ...right...yeah, sorry. What's the question?

Doctor: Would you be able to talk about the album in question, as long as it doesn't negatively effect your mental health?

Patient: ...

Doctor: It's OK, take all the time you ne-

Patient: I had high, HIGH HOPES that this would not only be Clipping's best album, but also an album that defines rap music in 2019. Was it a foolish idea? Yeah. But why can't I have high hopes?

Doctor: No-one said you couldn't. So, is this album goo-


Doctor: [REDACTED], please, calm down! What about it is good?

Patient: Well, in terms of Clipping standards, it's their best album, and it's also their most terrifying. It has to be. How could it not be? Not only does it combine beautiful ambient production with truly shit-your-pants intense moments...

Doctor: Keep the cursing to a minimal please.

Patient: Right, sorry. It's got thpse musical moments that need to be heard to be believed, but it also shows the true potential for hip-hop and the combination with other genres. Clipping have potential to reach peak music, and no, i'm not kidding!

Doctor: So, did you show this to anyone when you first heard the album?

Patient: Well, I tried. I thought my flatmates would like it. Not only does it have some of the most accesable, catchy, subdued and low-key tracks the group has ever made, it also has some of the groups heaviest, out there, most experimental, most avant-garde tracks to date, and that's SAYING something. So yeah, I thought they would love it! This is Clipping at peak form, and it was a goddamn nightmare to witness...

Doctor: A nightmare?

Patient: Well, in the best way possible. Hell, even a track where it's just a goddamn piano slowly burning is engaging, scary and somehow adds to this dense and creepy mood. How do you do that Doctor? Is there a mental trick for that?

Doctor: Well, sometimes brains take note of specific noises as specific emotions.

Patient: That's interesting, because this album has nearly all of that. The tone of this album is something I really can sink my teeth into, ironically enough.

Doctor: Wh...Why is that ironic?

Patient: Oh, well it's not secret that this album was influenced by classic horror flicks and that every track was basically a decent into the nightmares of one of those classic screen terrors. Hell, look at the music video for Nothing Is Safe or Blood of the Fang.

Doctor: Please keep jokes to a minimum.

Patient: Wasn't a joke because what I wasn't expecting, doctor, was this album to be genuinely SCARY in parts. The imagery that the group paint lyrically in 'The Show' is something from Saw but somehow even more fucked. I haven't been this unnerved by commercially available audio that was labeled as 'popular music' since...god, maybe since Daughters. No, I'm not joking around: this isn't just Panic Attack music, this is a straight up atrocity album.

Doctor: Well, then maybe hearing this caused you to have your breakdown if it's so...evil as you say.

Patient: Well, yeah, this album can get genuinely overbearing at moments, but for me? Who told people that Uboa's album was a 10 and still stand by that rating? Yeah, you know that I am a huge fan of being completely overthrown with music. And this does that in droves. For example, try listen to 'Club Up' at full volume and try not to have a panic attack, I DARE YOU. I FUCKING DARE YOU! FUCKING DO IT, RIGHT FUCKING NO-

Doctor: SIT BACK DOWN! SIT! ...Jesus Christ, what was that?

Patient: Sorry, I....I don't know what happened the-

Doctor: Really? You have no idea?

Patient: No...I just...I heard this noise and I...

Doctor: Well, clearly this album is dangerous. I'm informing their label and see if we can get this album pulled from stores...

Patient: Well, it's not the musics fault!

Doctor: You started talking about Club Down and immediately went into a rage.

Patient: Yes, but that isn't the albums fault! Look, even if you removed this Halloween terror in the album, the album would still be amazingly strong and fantastically catchy. Not only would it feature some of Daveed Diggs best bars and best written lyrics (comparing cops to werewolves and gang life to a horror movie is something that truly makes my brain expand) but it also has some of the most mind bending and impressive production I've heard all year. Yes, in 2019, this was the production that had me eye watered. The year of JPEG, the year of Flying Lotus, the year of Danny Brown, the year of Matmos? This is the one to beat in terms of production.

Doctor: ...

Patient: Every sound, effect, distortion touch and ambient note just works here, and if I talked any more on how amazing the production on this album was, it would almost spoil the excitement this album has in store and spend the entire day. Seriously, i'm trying to bite my tongue here. If your going to skip on this album just because of this experience, (first of all, don't), then maybe just listen to a track like the destructive 'La Mala Ordina', the time signature abuse of 'Story 7', the minimalist terror of 'The Show' and the pure eye watering perfection that is the production of 'Run For Your Life' and see what I mean when I say this will be a classic multiple years down the line. Hell, it could be one of the most exciting Album of The Year candidates of 2019, in a year of GREAT Album Of The Year candidates.

Doctor: OK, i'll keep your recommendation in mind. I'm gonna ask you to calm down because your starting to become quite irratic...

Patient: Jesus Christ doc, if you can listen to a song like 'All In Your Head' and can tell me this is some of the best music of the year, then you are clearly on crack and need to be locked up yourself. This track alone makes this album something truly special, and the fact that it's only a section of a truly amazing album is something so mind blowing to me that I really can't comprehend it. It just keeps building, and building, and becoming more fucked up and dangerous while remaining catchy and memorable. Hell, I can't even say that about some of the scariest albums I've heard. Before you can even comprehend what's happening, it explodes in a blaze of glory, with lyrics combining Exorcisms and pimping that sound silly on paper, but become truly special and even emotional near the end. This is one of the best tracks of the year, and if you disagree...well, you known whats coming.

Doctor: Excuse me?

Patient: You heard.

Doctor: Guards, lock this man up, get him out of my si...what in the fuck?

Patient: Oh what's the matter? Never seen a man float before?

Doctor: I...Guards, get this man OUT OF HERE!

Patient: They aren't gonna hear you. No one will.

Doctor: Jesus fucking Christ what did you do to them?

Patient: Just a little mind game. After all, it's all in my head, right?

Doctor: Where the fuck did you get that knif-AAAAAGrghrhhh..fUC-AAAACH..CHH..H!!

Patient: Is that a microphone? Fuck it, listen up. If you need an album to get you into the spooky mood of Halloween, then you need, and I mean NEED to hear this album. If you like hip-hop, this ones for you. If you like experimental, this ones for you. If you like metal, this ones for you. If you like electronic music, this ones for you. If you love music? Do not miss out. Or else. Ha. Haha! HAHAHAHHA! AHAHHAHAHAH-

Recording cuts off. There was an encoded message during the final moments, a static message saying:

It's Clipping Bitch.

Happy Halloween!!!!!
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Oct 17, 2019
Oh, and:

Favorite Jams: Club Down, All In Your Head, Story 7

Lest Favorite: Prophecy (Interlude)
Oct 18, 2019
it's clipping bitch
Oct 18, 2019
what... oh
Oct 18, 2019
oh I love this review you make my day Pipe 👏
Oct 18, 2019
@notbuzzzila @TreyLikesBands @WhatTheFunk :))))
Oct 18, 2019
genuinely one of my favourite reviews
Oct 18, 2019
Oct 18, 2019

Oct 18, 2019
@fakeplasticrose @bart @RakkSmells :)))))))) thanks!
Oct 18, 2019
Oct 18, 2019
This is probably one of my favorite reviews from you so far!
Oct 19, 2019
you write like a genius but you score like nme
Oct 20, 2019
@sumrapsungs LMAO
Oct 22, 2019
These kind of 'Concept Reviews' are going to take over AOTY, watch
Nov 6, 2019
this is goated
Apr 2, 2020
“Keep the cursing to a minimal” 💀💀😂
Aug 31, 2020
Okay but can you cum in my mouth?
Aug 31, 2020
that’s so gross @CLJesse
Aug 31, 2020
@TreyLikesBands shut up you know he wants to
Aug 31, 2020
im uncomfortable @CLJesse
Aug 31, 2020
@TreyLikesBands good
Aug 31, 2020
not @CLJesse
Aug 31, 2020
@TreyLikesBands yuh
Aug 31, 2020
@CLJesse @TreyLikesBands why
Aug 31, 2020
@Pipe why not
Aug 31, 2020
@CLJesse fair
Sep 20, 2020
best review on the whole site for sure
Sep 20, 2020
@elitimesfour your sweetie
Nov 14, 2020
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