Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding
Sep 6, 2019
...Fuck it, Stoney was better.

I'd let Post Malone fuck me. Well, at lest with his last record, an album I really honestly enjoyed. It was an album that paired it's repetitive (if we are being honest here) pop tenancies with sharp, catchy and solid song writing, and a uniquely melancholic and interesting vocal delivery that showed great potential. Was there filler for days, and the 18 track length didn't feel justified? Yeah, but it also had such amazing pop tracks that these could be overlooked.

But...these singles had me worried for Hollywood's Bleeding. Goodbye, a song I enjoyed, wasn't the greatest for a LEAD SINGLE, and the fact that Sunflower is on here with Wow. as a goddamn closer (really?) really shows the potential for this album being a stinker.

And...yeah, it's pretty shitty.

I so desperately wanted for this album to be my guilty pleasure of the year, even more then Slipknot. Post Malone has a knack for creating pretty great ear worms with a little more interest in the dreamy side, but goddamn it he really doesn't want to flex that musical bone does he? At best (which it really doesn't deliver) this album is attempting to creating some great and innovative pop jams, and at worst? It's borderline unlistenable. Some of these combinations and sounds sound like absolute TRASH! From the god awful Meek Mill and Lil Baby feature, to the near IDENTICAL tracks Staring At The Sun and Sunflower (literally they sound the EXACT SAME), to the awful awful awful writing on this album, this thing is a flawed, unorganized and messy pop record that only sees Post Malone grow in brief moments.

It's not like the album is completely awful! It opens strong enough, showing off some of Post's best vocals to date, and some really great production that made me hopefully this was gonna be one of Post's best records yet. There are moments in the first half of the record that start out as great, interesting and fun ideas, with Post's hook game being on goddamn POINT. But as soon as Die For Me with Future and Halsey came on, I knew what we got here was a luke warm, rushed and incredibly boring 'by-the-numbers' trap RnB record that feels pretty underdeveloped and unfinished. Hell, this album is at it's best when it's running away from the formula and creating something pretty unique, like on 'Allergic', 'Internet' (i have no idea what this song is supposed to be or feel like but this sounds nice) and 'Circles', with varying levels of success (and I do mean VARYING).

This record is a goddamn mess. It's filled with 'trendy' moments that don't even come CLOSE to what he was doing on Beerbongs and Beantlys. And it doesn't help that half of these songs are super forgettable, so I can't truly even be angry at Post for this one, because after three goddamn listens not only can I not remember anything that happened, but it's so boring and drab that this album really sucks away your soul.

The worst thing about this album, as someone who loves ordering playlists, is the structure. It feels like Post Malone chucked all the good songs at the start, and then cucked all the featured tracks in the middle (and this middle is fucking rough) and then the rest after Goodbye is just loose tracks. Hell, this album doesn't even NEED Sunflower. It would be better without this goddamn track, especially since he wrote another sun based track that sounds the EXACT SAME. And, as I predicted, Wow does NOT make a good closer. The album just kinda...fizzles out.

This album is a big disappointment. It just feels like there was no creative care put into this record. It's just a collection of trap bangers that doesn't hit that mark of catchiness, memorability or quality that I know this artist can produce. There are moments that are great, i'd say half of this project is pretty decent songs, paired with boring, forgettable, and just sad 'bangers' that make me regret even checking this out. It's Not Good.

...Did he really say 'Shout out Jonas Brothers'? Goddamn it.

Favorite Jams: Allergic, A Thousand Bad Times, Take What You Want (Ozzy sounds so out of place tho)

Lest Favorite: On The Road
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Sep 6, 2019
i hope ur wrong :( i havent heard this yet but im excited and also very hesitant
Sep 6, 2019
@notbuzzila hope you can find something I cant
Sep 6, 2019
You didn't like "Myself"?
Sep 7, 2019
@Rasheedgames i had to remind Myself that track was on the album
Sep 7, 2019
I reckon Ozzy works well on Take What You Want
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