Spiral Curse - Recordings from the Monster's Closet [Demo EP]
Feb 21, 2020
Do you hear that? That's the sound of some real goddamn potential.

So for those unaware, Spiral Curse, AKA Plats (on AOTY at lest) is someone that has inspired me and this site for a pretty decent time. Their reviews are well spoken, their tastes are varied and their ideas are extremely interesting. Seeing Plats page is almost to take a hammer to the artists taste, allowing viewers to deconstruct their tastes and find similarities between the art they consume to the artist of Spiral Curse. Seriously, AOTY-Core as i've called it in the past is so much fun to dig into, because you seriously don't know what you're going to get! It's almost like a grab bag of content, and you can only guess what is going to happen. Case and point: Recordings from the Monster's Closet!

The perfect way I can describe this album is if The Strokes was produced by Have a Nice Life, but they haven't got enough money for the studio. Obviously this is my impressions of the 'incomplete version' of the EP, as the supposedly 10 minute track has been delayed due to matters regarding the subject matter, so consider this review as helpful as my review of Kevin Abstracts Arizona Baby review. This is my impressions of a 7 minute Demo EP, so apologizes if I don't have a lot to say

Since it really is only two songs, i'll try to tackle both songs track by track. It Knows Where You Rest starts with this trippy electronic beat, that feels almost Aphex Twin-esq in a weird way. It's a rock song by nature, and it's a pretty straightforward one at that (aside from the outro), and feels almost like it's tapping into something akin to My Chemical Romance, The Smashing Pumpkins or The Strokes in it's delivery, but that little intro just adds another element of depth that honestly shows a lot of potential for Spiral Curse. THe mixing and production....i'm not gonna lie, it's not the greatest. I understand the limitations that they had to take on, and yeah with better production and a lot more punch behind the drums, I can see this being really cool! But as it is as it's current state, it's a little gutless as a demo. It's a tad bit formulaic for my liking, feeling just the slightest part predictable, but that may just be my crack head 'I listen to Mr Bungle for fun' brain going off there. It has cool ideas, (That little solo part I was really liking!) the song itself is very fun, and has a super punky vibe that starts the project pretty well! Plus, the outro makes me want to hug a cactus, that was a lot of very nice noise.

*sarcastic nod* seems like a nod to bands like Have a Nice Life with those thick, pounding drums driving the song forward, and the guitars going wild over this song, definitely having a mid-2000s punk quality. The guitars and how the song actually sounds gives off HEAVY Strokes vibes and i'm pretty surprised how much of that sound was going to be on this EP to be frank, but this is no way a complaint. It's got the intricate and punchy guitar tones, the in your face complexities in the secondary guitar, and the pure aggressive PUNCH behind the kit...songwriting wise at lest. And yes, the song yet again does have production problems. The songs 'drum bit' does feel pretty empty and does bring out how fake the drums actually sound, while the guitar section does have a certain DIY quality to it that makes it have so much goddamn charm. It's almost like i'm walking into a really good bands very first practice, with no money and a lot of emotion. It's kinda wholesome, despite the darkness of the lyrics.

All in all, I can sense a lot of potential here. The only issue here is the overall production kneecapping the project in a lot of ways, and the fact that is is so goddamn short it hurts! It's like your about to dine on a nice spaggetti and meatball dinner, and you bite into a albeit rough looking meatball, enjoying the taste a LOT, and then seeing that that was the only meatball, and there is also no spAGGETTI! However, Plats does have a great ear for what makes a song great, and the display here shows that they have the songwriting chops to pull it off! The actual compositions are really great, and can't wait until Plats gets in the room with Rob Cavallo to create the amazing concept record I know they can make. I'm super excited to see direction this Spiral is going in!

And yes, I did leave review hibernation for this. Back into my isolated cave I go, have a good day everyone!
Feb 21, 2020
Thank you for that insightful review, Mr. Pipe! :D
Feb 21, 2020
@Plats anytime anytime!
Feb 21, 2020
Hey you're back! Hope you come out of your cave again, you're one of the best reviewers on this site.
Feb 22, 2020
@pizzabutt thanks! I'm buired in about 6 different creative things right now, but I really loved writing this little peice so...maybe?
Feb 23, 2020
damn ur a good writer even when reviewing a 10 minute demo tape
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