Fontaines D.C. - A Hero's Death
3d ago
If there's something that 2020 was missing out on, it was Depression!

Fontaines D.C. are a group that I absolutely love what they have put out, including the in your face and fun as hell debut record 'Dogrel' that feels like if Joy Division was made in the modern age. They make post punk music for kids to both cry and punch walls to, and by god do they do it well. So, to say I was excited for this new album was an understatement! I was so goddamn hyped for this thing!

However, I did have my fears. I really wanted Fountaines D.C. to grow from the music they made on 'Dogrel', and with this album coming only a year later since that album, I was worried that the band wouldn't have enough interesting ideas going forward to make another great record! I don't want Fontaines D.C. to become another Weezer! did this turn out?

Well, it's different from 'Dogrel', for sure. It's not as in your face and it's not as wild. But goddamn...this shit is good people.

Don't get me wrong, when this album hits, it blows chunks. From the explosive 'Televised Mind', 'Living in America' and 'I Was Not Born', this thing explodes much harder then any release the band has made before. But what the main goal of this record is, I feel, is to instead of stomp on your face and say 'This is LIFE!', they are carefully holding a mirror up to the world, bruises around their eyes and stating 'Look what you have done to yourself.', with this album being much more thoughtful, somber and melancholic. Hell, tracks like 'Sunny', 'Oh Such a Spring' and 'No' almost come off as tear jerking, with bittersweet chords being laid into the listeners ears, almost as a whisper of things to come.

And most of that comes down to the amazing lyrical content coming off this record. This is basically just poetry set to post-punk, in the best way possible. Hell, I almost broke down at the line 'You'd sooner draft me as a soldier than you'd have me for a dad', and that's a testament to the bands amazing lyrical content. Each song delivers a smack to the head in the form of a musical newspaper to pretty much everything, from societal standards, to capitalism, to even the bands own feelings towards their families. It's a band expressing themselves in the best way possible.

And these songs are just joyously sad to listen to. The band clearly have taken what made 'Dogrel' such an amazing record, refined it, and made a record where nearly every track hits like a brick, while still keeping it's own identity. If 'Dogrel' was the bark, this is the bite, and by god does ti sink it's teeth. It's melancholic tone feels almost pained at moments, like watching a sunset rise, or watching a hero die. It's a feeling that the band captures perfectly, and if there was ever a band to carry the torch of a band like Joy Division, it would be these guys. Like...damn.

...Look, i'm just not gonna waffle on, because the more time your spending reading this could be time listening to this album. What Fountains D.C. have is really goddamn special, so please, check this album out if your up for it. It's not the happiest record you'll hear all year, but goddamn it will be the most cathartic. Plus, it's got some bangers on here for sure. What's not to love?!

Favorite Jams: Televised Mind, Oh Such a Spring, A Lucid Dream

Lest Favorite: uh...nah.
3d ago
Sorry, but YOURS second album:pt:A hero's death ".
Piotr Obrzut
3d ago
@Zmxncbv0 thank you for your fight against the injustices
3d ago
G i v e
M e
Y o u r
C l o u t
3d ago
@CLJesse ok but did you even listen to the album
3d ago
3d ago
@Pipe no bitch why would I listen to white people music
2d ago
That musical newspaper's name? That one guy's insane manifesto about Carly Rae Jepsen's music that someone took the time to print out.
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