Everything Everything - Re-Animator
Sep 10, 2020 (updated Sep 11, 2020)
Oh, it’s gonna be like that huh?

Look, before I go on: Just listen to this album. It’s some of the most euphoric sounding electronic rock you’ll hear all year. If your a fan of acts like Radiohead or just want to see what the fuss is about with this band, this album should be right up your ally. Just listen to it.

That being said...goddamn!

While i’ve never admitted to being an Everything Everything stan (even though I adore Get to Heaven a lot like nearly everyone else) I absolutly love the music that they create. ‘No Repitles’ is a song that I would almost consider near-perfect (if it had a more bombastic climax then it would be perfect) and their blend of electronics, alternative rock and pop always seems to garner fantastic reactions from me. It’s music that I like to label ‘Peak Music’, and so I was pretty excited to see where they would go.

But I didn’t really know how much I would love this thing until I popped it on, and was immediatly smitten.

The first track ‘Lost Powers’ had me gripped, from the odd timing of the vocals, the hypotizing noodle riffs, to the dense yet bright synths, the crunchy drum work and the almost Thom Yorke-inspired vocal inflections, everything about this album screamed at me ‘Yes, this is that good shit’. It’s so fun to just loose yourself in these songs, especially with how bright and summery they are. It’s pop music for people who took music class, but in a way that never feels overblown or too complicated. You can still sing along and dance to this album, but your still admring the riffs, the timing of everything and the pure euphoria that this album provides.

And when I mean euphoric, I mean it. This has some of the bands best quote on quote ‘bangers’ since Get To Heaven, including the politically charged ‘Big Climb’, to the ‘Hail to the Theives’ era sounding Radiohead stomper ‘It Was a Monstering’ and the absolute pop SMASH of ‘Violent Sun’, there is plenty of tracks here to get you absolutly excited for what this band can achive, just to show you that this album didn’t flake out after Get To Heaven.

Each song on this album just blossoms into something that sounds so genuinely full and complex, it's almost like each track is its own full experience just waiting to be further explored. Listening to this album is like binging a show like The Twilight Zone, with each story and soundscape presented coming into its own so that the songs themselves create their own vibe, their own arch and their own complete experience, yet somehow as a whole, as a record, it feels coherent and feels complete.

The production and mixing here feel like it’s the most spot on the band has ever gotten. Every sound feels like a jigsaw puzzle that feels like its solving itself by the time the song ends, with each instrument feeling meticulously placed to create the exact vibe that the band has been reaching for since their inception. It’s almost impressive that this band is consistently trying to get the best out of their sound.

The whole album is just this big, shimmering river of energy that encloses onto you, as you are swept away by the tides of its glowing beauty. It may not be an album that on first listen your going to get some bops from, but the more you listen to this album, the more you let this album envelop you, the more you let this album just take you into it’s world, the more you’ll get out of it. Hell, this might be in my top 10 for the year, it’s that good!

I’ll leave you with this little story of me listening to this album for the first time: I remember that someone told me that how you hear an album changes your perception of the quality of an album when I was talking about JPEGMAFIA after giving it a 10 by walking around a forest. And I can deffinetly say that I had a moment like that listening to this album. It got to ‘In Birdsong’ and as we were driving through the mountain ranges, a burst of snow hit us. This had been the first time I had ever seen snow in person, and as we were traversing this cold beauty, the music was the perfect soundtrack, swelling and swelling to the point of pure trancendence. And the last three tracks were even better for this feeling. ‘The Actor’ now just sounds like the snow, and when we eventually got over the mountain ranges and into the sun, low and behold there was ‘Violent Sun’. To say I trancended in that one moment was an understatement. I genuinely think that I have a deeper appreciation of nature because of that one moment, and I think that this album was the perfect soundtrack for that moment.

Is it a perfect album? No, but then again, very few albums truly are, if any. What this is is a really goddamn good album, and i’ll be listening to this all the way back home. Goddamn. Goddamn!

Favorite Jams: In Birdsong, Violent Sun, Planets

Lest Favorite: Uh...Uh...Uh...Fuck You!
Sep 10, 2020
Sep 11, 2020
No... Fuck YOU! Don't get in the kiln.
Sep 11, 2020
@TreyLikesBands hey boys, I just want to tell to GETOUTOFTHEBLOODYKILN
Sep 11, 2020
lil darkie
Sep 11, 2020
@CLJesse thank you
Sep 11, 2020
@confusion it's the thought that counts
Sep 11, 2020
"Listening to this album is like binging a show like The Twilight Zone"

I adore that comparison! This album would be like the episodes "The Bewitchin' Pool" and "It's a Good Life" on repeat for about 5 times each. Quite fitting imo. Boredom and Dread, a perfect pairing for this record. At least Re-Animator is not gonna make me scared of Cornfields and Lost in Space.
Sep 17, 2020
I don't remember uh uh uh fuck you being part of the tracklisting
Sep 22, 2020
No Reptiles was the song that led me to Fantano's channel back in Autumn of 2015
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