100 gecs - 1000 gecs and the Tree of Clues
Jul 10, 2020
Gec Get Got.

Usually I don't look deeply into remix albums. And by usually, I mean I never look deep into remix albums. And why should I? What nearly every remix record I've ever listened to has never wowed me or blown me away in any decent way. Usually it's just the artists friends or label mates doing them a solid to remake these tracks in a way that just suits their style, and doesn't really make for all of that a compelling listen half the time. Hence, I let the artists have their fun, but don't really bother to dive deep.

But...this is 100 gecs. Like them or not, they are arguably one of the most talked about pop acts of this new decade, and are pretty much going to be dominating this decade to come if they don't slip up. And while I have been over the moon in praising them, the duo definitely have this energy that makes for extremely enjoyable and fun listening, even if it at times can be a little over-soaked in meme culture for me to take it seriously. So when this was announced, I was jaw dropped by the features of the remixes of these songs!

Injury Resreve?! Rico Nasty?! Doria Electra?! Fucking Fall Out Boy?!

On the plus side, this album would basically be a capsule for what 1000 gecs has done for them, with three bonus tracks (on top of the 14 remixes) and two live tracks. So, it's safe to say that if you are a fan of these two crackheads, you'd be checking this out. So, I thought, 'Fuck it, how bad could it be?'.

So...let's go track by track and see what's up with this little collection!

money machine - A.G. Cook Remix - Yep, this is basically everything I expected with this project, for better and for worse. I think a big thing with a lot of these types of remix albums is that most of the time i'd just rather listen to the original artists instead of the lesser interpretations. Like, why listen to this song when I could just listen to either 'money machine' or just an original 'A.G. Cook' track? That being said, when A.G. Cook delivers, they deliver with the might of Zeus, and this remix is no exception. While I would just prefer to listen to 'money machine' or other A.G. Cook tracks, the production on this remix is fucking great, especially in the later half, sounding like a metallic punch to the face. It's not a bad remix by any means, it's just that given the talent on both ends, this comes out a little 'eh' in my opinion.

ringtone (Remix) [feat. Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, Kero Kero Bonito] - Now this? HONESTLY?! I think I might prefer this to the original track! I know that that deflates a lot of what I said about the last track, but honestly I think that this is a extremely transformative remix that keeps what worked about the original song but with new artists interpretations of it. And Charli XCX, Rico Nasty and Kero Kero Bonito do FANTASTIC jobs on this song, especially Kero Kero, bringing such a colorful personality to the whole remix that I keep skipping to this remix in my kitchen. And why shouldn't I, it's amazing! Plus, it really cements how AMAZING 100 gecs hook game is, like nearly anyone could pull of that hook.

745 sticky (Injury Reserve Remix) - Oh god, this one makes me sad. This could possibly be the last 'track' to come out from Injury Reserve, and that really is a shame (again, RIP Groggs). However, the song itself? FUCK IT GOES. What I like about this is that it basically morphs the original track into a Gec flavored Injury Reserve song, with the cartoon-esq samples and all. Hell, apart from the intro, this basically becomes a new song. And Ritche sounds so goddamn GOOD over this track! He's animated and raring to go, with a hard hitting delivery to kick my teeth in, but on the later half he almost sounds like a siren luring me into the sea. Definitely my favorite from this project.

gec 2 U (Danny L Harle Harlecore Remix) - So this is the first artist from this remix record that I haven't heard of from this line-up, so my expectations were firmly 'Well, let's see where this goes. Will this convince me to check out more Danny L Harle?'. And the answer to that is a no for now, I can see me coming back to this a lot for the novelty of it all. 100 gecs songwriting has always felt inspired by 2000s novelty dance records, and in no where more prevalent is that in the case in this remix. Seriously, this sounds like a distorted club song from the 2000s gone absolutely insane. Gecs vocals fit those dated spacey synths way too well, and the whole song just has this very 'i'm in the club probably smoking crack' vibe that isn't all too distant from what Gecs are actually doing. Overall, not bad.

hand crushed by a mallet (Remix) [feat. Fall Out Boy, Craig Owens, Nicole Dollanganger] - The setup to this remix sounds like a joke. One of the members from The Sound of Animals Fighting, dream pop artist Nicole Dollanganger and fucking Fall Out Boy meet in a room to make a rock inspired 100 Gecs remix. Yeah...it's actually not bad? It's weird, the pseudo ironic glare of 100 gecs almost makes musicians that I had no interest in have some sort of hilariously fun quality to them. Like, Craig Owens (an aritst i've not liked before) sounds way better on a song like this then what he usually does. Seriously, the 'rock' section of the song doesn't sound that bad, and that's saying something considering the fact it definitely came from FUCKING FALL OUT BOY. This remix confuses me to no end, but hey, it sounds manic enough that I don't mind it.

800db cloud (Ricco Harver Remix) - Definitely my lest favorite from the collection. It just sounds like a less interesting, more annoying version of 800db cloud, that only barely lasts around 2 minutes. It just adds annoying 'Skrillex'-esq soundscapes to create a mediocre and just forgettable remix.

stupid horse (Remix) feat. GFOTY & Count Baldor] - ...This is just a different version of Stupid Horse that makes me want to listen to Stupid Horse. Huh. Honestly, I didn't go into this expecting anything that mindblowing, since what I have heard from GFOTY has been...interesting at best. But, they came through with some decent production and nice different lyrics. So, it gets a pass, but just barely.

ringtone (umru Remix) - Honestly, this may just be a well produced nightcore track. And I do mean well produced! This is really good production wise, even if the vocal manipulation can get extremely annoying at times. Really, I think this might be my favorite song from an arrangement and production stand point, and that ending is really amazing. I might have to check out more of umru's stuff after this, because i'm pretty impressed by this remix!

xXXi_wud_nvrstop_UXXx (Remix) [feat. Tommy Cash & Hannah Diamond] - HE SAID MR WORLDWIDE I'M FUCKING DONE. This is fucking adorable, if not kinda garbage. While it does recontextualizes the original song as a genuine early 2000s club song...it does just sound like a 'Crazy Frog' version of the original song production wise? And, if i'm being honest with myself, i'm just not a fan of Tommy Cash's delivery on most songs since he does give me Pitbull vibes only slightly (and not in the way they probably anticipated). Overall, I don't hate this remix, bu this does sound kind of...garbage, but hey, I think that's half of the charm. Probably.

745 stick (Black Dresses Remix) - Screamo Gec! Honestly, the more outwardly aggressive soundscape to this remix doesn't match the Gec energy exactly, even if it does add an element of 'Huh, that happened' that this realese is clearly going for, but i'm just down that Black Dresses were involved in some shape or form, even if it is the last time we will ever hear from them.

gecgecgec (Remix) [feat. Lil West and Tony Velour] - Again, two artists that I had no idea about before listening to this, so it's really cool that I in fact love this remix! Not only is the song super versatile, it sounds so nice with both artists candince and delivery. Like, damn both sounds that the artists bring to this song is smooth! The acoustic section with the auto tuned singing is, weirdly enough, beautiful in this weird 90s pop way, with the verse before hand being so goddamn SMOOTH that I keep coming back to this one. Definitely one of my favorites, but goddamn I wish it was longer.

xXXi_wud_nvrstop_UXXx (99jakes Remix) - eh? This is fine. I really don't have a problem with this remix like I do the Ricco Harver one, but in comparison to the rest of the album, this just fall behind and sounds like there isn't a lot being added here. I am honestly just bored by this one, if i'm being completely honest, even if it does produce big club energy. Honestly, after 11 tracks of nothing but Gec remixes, it's starting to get to my ears.

gec 2 U (Remix) [feat. Dorian Electra] - Now this?! This just sounds like a slapper of a Dorian Electra song! Seriously, they re contextualize the song not only to suit their voice, but also make it...dare I say...better then the original track! It's fun, bouncy, and playful then a lot of what we have here, and it fits Dorians voice like a goddamn GLOVE. Seriously, I can't stop spinning this song, especially with that heavy outro! So much fun! The only problem is that, while that intro was pretty funny, I hate the idea of a 'wet, got slippery Gec' talking to me. Ew.

hand crushed by a mallet (nothankyou Remix) - So an Indie Pop Band...remixing a 100 Gec song...and putting all of the distortion to max...and saying 'fuck you to the mixer'...yeah this is dope. It's got the music to back all of the effects up, it's just that by the end of the song i've got mad ringing in my ears. Seriously...ouch.

In terms of the new song, they do just feel like 100 gecs b-sides. Come To My Show (minus the pretty pointless intro) is a sweet little ditty about love with this pretty great piano line that is both cute and playful, Toothless has some cool ideas but gets bogged down by just being very unmemorable and kind of 'gecs type beat', if that makes sense. And, of coarse, Small Pipe makes me feel like a small version of myself, and I like that.

So, what do I think about The Tree Of Clues as a whole? ...I'm sorry, the content on here clearly is a lot of fun and interesting, but shouldn't this 'remix record' just be a 1000 gecs Deluxe Version? Seriously, if you just released this 'record' with the original record as a deluxe version, that would make way more sense to tag it along the original album that a majority of this album is based off then just making a separate remix album?

That being said, while I'm confused why it's its own seperate record...I gotta say I had some fun here. Not enough to come back regularly, but enough to say that I dont regret listening to the material on this record. It's fine, it's nothing mind-blowing, but has some really good highlights and is nice overall.

Gecs stans, please do not murder.

Favorite Jams: 745 sticky (Injury Reserve Remix), ringtone (umru Remix), gecgecgec (Remix) [feat. Lil West and Tony Velour]

Lest Favorite: come to my show - intro
Jul 10, 2020
sex number
Jul 10, 2020
@CLJesse sex number
Jul 10, 2020
get get get get
Jul 11, 2020
ayo Gec got is literally my username on twitter y u stealin?????
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