Various Artists - Flex Gang, Vol. 2
Jul 4, 2020
A letter to Flex Entertainment.

Hello, my name is Pipe, or Ryan, choose whichever.

I'm writing to you today because I listened to your compilation record recently. I've heard through the grapevine that you want to reach out outside of your following on and become a more of a serious label that houses Rap and RnB music which starts its foundations on the internet. And as a concept, I am enamored with that idea. I agree that there should be more space within the internet to be more accepting to more experimental rap artists to flourish, and i'm glad your, to some degree, providing that in concept. However, in execution?

If this compilation is anything to go off, you have a lot of quality control to do...or begin any quality control.

Based off of the compilation I just heard, the label that you have showed to people is one that houses artists who come off as either one of two things: Unmemorable, run of the mill and boring trap music, or annoying, painful and borderline unlistenable 'comedy' artists, which comedy being put in huge quotations. You can take that information how you will and have pride in that being your brand, but for me there is the simple fact that after listening to this compilation, there is not a single artist here that I would listen to by myself on my own time. Every track blends together into a unmemorable pot of annoyance that gets under my skin due to the fact that it feels as if Flex do not care about why people listen to their music, as long as they listen. Sure, the heads of the label can tell me that 'Nipples 2' is the Flex equivalent of Veteren by JPEGMAFIA, but the work that was provided through this compilation just sounds as unoriginal and boring as everything else on this compilation, and makes me really fucking angry I am even writing this review.

Let me explain.

The most original thing about the Flex label is that (sadly) people who know about Flex know about this label due to the fact that you house artists that some people would call: fucking garbage. I really don't want to sound mean or nasty in writing this, but when I hear that an artist is housed through Flex, sadly now my expectations of that artist are immediately lowered. The signature sound of Flex is extremely intolerable at the best, and boring and mushy sounding at the worst.

All of the 'comedy' that the 'comedy' artists put on this record are terrible. Weird Al or Bo Burnham this is not, and I know that the label and these artists carry a lot of pride with having the word 'unlistenable' being labeled on their music, but if you want to be taken seriously (as you've stated you want the label to be based off of this compilation), you should carry the meaning of the word of 'serious' and make sure you're releasing some sort of quality with these releases. Even with the comedic artists, there can be songs and artists that are comedic and have work and quality put into them. Being bad doesn't make you funny, and being funny is no excuse to make the music bad. Yes, you may laugh about these tracks when someone sends it through Discord, but actually listening to it through streaming services makes the listener (i.e, me) extremely annoyed by this entire project, and I never felt the need to continue to investigate in this compilation or this label. You can have both funny and good, something that I had to learn the hard way when I released bad comedy records in the past. (Side note: Rob. Please Delete Hou3e from my discography. It's been unavailable commercially for months now, and since no one can find it, why should it be allowed on the site? Please remove this album from the site, as the person who put it UP on the site.)

And the bad trap here is just piss poor and boring. The most consistent thing about this compilation is it's lack of quality, even disregarding the comedy element. The poor mixing, the bad performances, the boring production, the unfunny and frankly annoying lyrics all combine into trap songs that make me want to shove my head into a bear trap. It's always is not fun or interesting to listen to, or even memorable! There is never a moment where I wanted to keep going, relisten or discover more from these artists. Everytime something ''''''interesting'''''' pops its head up, it gets killed, smothered and shamed by bad performances or awful production. You can disguise that as 'experimental' or 'different' or 'the next big thing' when talking about it, and say 'well they are TECHNICALLY different because X is using different production and that's not the same as Y LOL!', but it fucking is. You can't hide the fact that all of your artists mostly all sound the same, because nearly all of your artist that aren't doing it as a joke are just BAD TRAP ARTISTS. There are multiple labels that do bad trap. Warner Records, Warner Records, 710 Records, Caroline Distribution. It exists. What are you as a label doing that they aren't doing better?

To be fair, there was one track I didn't mind and thought was a lot more different then pretty much EVERY OTHER artist on this compilation, that being 'You Know' by Ashi. It's not amazing, and isn't for me, but at lest feels like there was some level of effort being put into the delivery of this song and felt DIFFERENT. Literally every other track/aritst? Felt amateurish, boring, bland, stupid, annoying and just unappealing to me. Hell, a staple name on the label 'Big Baller B' barely shows up here, with 'Lil Mosquito Disease' basically running the show on a majority of these tracks. The only times I were enjoying this were some songs that were so distorted that they appealed to my side of the brain that just just likes distortion in music, and that's it. But eventually, I put that part of me on the side because that's all these songs are. Distortion, no substance. And it's consistently all the fucking SAME!

Maybe because i'm in a bad mood already going into this compilation, but this just feels it's a group of people who are putting themselves on a pedestal because they have attention, and are replacing, in their minds, attention with impact. Yes, i'm not denying that there are people who like this music. Yes, it's not for me, but when it comes to this kind of music, I can at lest say 'If it's your thing, go for it!'. But when talking about Flex after this compilation, all I had to say to people about it was 'If it's your thing, fucking run.'.

I'll put it more simply: if a artist like Submarine Man is getting such a push from the label due to his notoriety, that means the label endorses and wants to see more of this kind of music. Submarine Man, and henceforth Flex Entertainment seems to feed off of bad press, so the fact that Submarine Man is getting attention boosts the attention of the label, thus they think 'Oh, this is music people want to see more due to it's bad press'. But that doesn't make people turn their head to check out more Submarine Man. It makes Flex into the butt of a joke that is seeming more and more like they aren't in on the joke. If you want to make meme rap label, go for it. But Flex demands that you take the label seriously, and thus I cannot stand it.

Because: if the label doesn't care about it's quality, then why should I care or put effort into talking about them?

Over the duration of 21 tracks and 58 minutes of this compilation, I wished I never gave this label any attention. I found very little to enjoy about this project, and honestly I will never come back to this project, even for irony. I was bored, annoyed and blatantly wanted to turn it off multiple times, and honestly makes me regret giving time into writing this review. I don't want to listen to this label anymore. I don't want to talk about this label anymore. If that means that i'm behind the times, so be it. I just really am not a fan of what this label is really pushing, and don't want to endorse it or give it anymore attention.

That being said, don't take this as 'Flex is the fucking worst and I want it shutdown'. No, I just want to see these artist improve. I want to see these artists become something more then just the butt of a joke. And I want to see this label succeed. I just don't think that any of those things will happen in the labels current state. Take that how you will.

Of coarse, no disrespect to any artist or person behind the label, I don't dislike any of you as people. I just want to see the best out of this label.

That's my message. Please: prove that you can do better then this. Please.
Jul 4, 2020
Flex gets bodied
Jul 4, 2020
ok now review iawa <3
Jul 4, 2020
Jesus, Flex Entertainment gets publicly executed in the town square online
Jul 4, 2020

(especially in video gaming) the action or fact of utterly defeating an opponent or rival.
"there is the potential for some major pwnage in this game"

Examples: this review
Jul 4, 2020
@Hawk_ >:)
Jul 4, 2020
Oh shiiiiiiieeeeeet
Jul 4, 2020
go in
Jul 4, 2020
I’ll take the L on this one
Jul 4, 2020
This seemed like overkill to type a big ass essay but regardless I do agree that this project didn’t really have the spirit of flex in it
Jul 7, 2020
I don't know what's the bigger meme, the Flex album or this review's word-count
Jul 8, 2020
@Resontone you chattin shit on pipe?
Jul 9, 2020
Mf wrote a whole ass novel
Jul 26, 2020
is your name brad? because this kinda made you a big baller, b.
Jul 26, 2020
Queen back
Jul 26, 2020
Queen back
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