Dominic Fike - What Could Possibly Go Wrong
3d ago
Dominic Fike truly is acting like a Sub.

Florida based pop artist Dominic Fike has not really interested me as much as he has been forced upon me. As a huge fan of Brockhampton, Dominic's brand of alt-rap and indie rock was pretty much stapled to my forehead by force since the bidding war commenced after the release of his debut EP 'Don't Forget About Me, Demos' (recorded during house arrest, which he later was arrested for...uh...not doing that). And after near endless praise and promotion from Brockhampton, production from Kenny Beats and The Roommates and features in albums from artists like Bakar, Kevin Abstract and Halsey, the alt-pop-sphere had literally every eye on this guy to make a great debut album.

Every. Single. Eye.

Me personally, I could have taked or left 'Don't Forget About Me, Demos'. There were some decent songs on that EP, but nothing THAT amazing that I HAD to stop everything and listen to this guy. It just to me seemed like a collection of half baked ideas that would flourish in a studio setting. So for me, I was unexpectedly anticipating this release, just to see what everyone thinks is so amazing about this guy!

So, with an almost unprecidented amount of hype for this project coming into full effect, and my curiosity helping me delve deep into this album, did this record live up to expectations?

Not really, but lest he started making an album?

Man...I feel like I was a little too harsh to Oliver Trees album, if i'm being honest, because as boilerplate and meh that album was, at lest it wasn't THIS...dare I say, unfinished? I don't say that word lightly either, and while I can see the appeal in what Dominic Fike has presented here, I really do, half of this record is just unfinished, boring or just flat out bad. What this album is, no matter how people shake it, is just 34 minutes of decently produced demo concepts, with actual substantial songs that i'd come back to being spread so goddamn thin on this thing that it basically doesn't even exist.

The first half of this album is just a confused and messy listen. A good majority of these songs are half baked, half made or just only substantially captures a vibe or a mood and then runs out of the way so that it doesn't make TOO MUCH of an impression. Take for instance the first 5 tracks. 'Come Here' has decently energetic production to it, feeling a little alt-rock inspired in places, but this only lasts barely a minute, and just feels like it ends rather then fully developing into a full song. And that would be fine if it was super energetic and did a lot in that minute, but Dominic is just making standard alt-rock and saying that's his 'big heavy song!' at the start. Same goes for 'Double Negative (Skeleton Milkshake)', being one of the most unmemorable and half-assed sounding tracks i've heard in a good goddamn long while. Seriously, I can't remember ANYTHING from this track, and this is a reacquiring theme throughout this record. Tracks like 'Good Game', 'Vampire', and 'Double Negative (Skeleton Milkshake)' are just so boring that I have nothing to say about them. If you have been listening to 'experimental RnB', then you have heard these exact sounds done better elsewhere.

And with the boring comes just the plain bad. 'Chicken Tenders' and 'Cancel Me' both just have really awful lyrical content that really does paint Dominic Fike as someone who doesn't know what he's talking about at the best of times. 'Chicken Tenders' is an exercise in cheese of the worst kind, with the production and chorus sounding really, really BAD, and 'Cancel Me' just seems misinformed and generalized about the topics it talks about. Trust me dude, I fucking HOPE you don't get Me Too'd, because shock horror: Then you would have sexually assaulted someone! The lyrical content in this entire album is just either forgettable or painful, with the same lovey dovey lyrical content repeated at nausea over and over and over again and Jesus Christ I think I hate this album!

With that being said, i'm not going to pretend to be the old man on the hill shaking his fits at the kids. There are moments here that capture genuine talent from Dominic Fike, truth be told, and there are moments here that truly are great that (much like the Oliver Tree album) that more or less I will be coming back to. 'Joe Blazey' starts as yet another boring little 'vibe song' but then really develops into this very ominous and dark track about depression (even if it doesn't last that long), 'Why' is the only song here that feels at the very lest finished and fully conceptualized, 'Politics & Violence', as nonsensical as the chorus is in relation to the verses, is a very fun track, and the ending song 'Flordia' does almost give me a little bit of Kanye West energy. There is good stuff buried in here, and at the very lest the album has some amazing production. It just feels like nothing here was finished or thought out in a compelling way that would have made these tracks POP. It just doesn't feel complete, or well thought out!

I guess I should have seen that coming from someone whose content I have never really loved before., i'm disappointed. I really wanted Dominic Fike to prove to me WHY he's one of the most looked at people in pop right now, but...I don't know. I think that I am just not FOR Dominic's type of songwriting. It ain't for me.

Although he did name drop Brockhampton so...instant 10?

Favorite Jams: Joe Blazey, Why, Politics & Violence

Lest Favorite: Cancel Me
2d ago
I hope I get me too'd
2d ago
U know he didn't say me too'd he said me too
2d ago
@Geoffrey shhhhhhh
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