clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned
Oct 22, 2020
Patient #4 Test Results:

Description: Locked in a lockdown facility, a patient, who previously listened to the album ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ by clipping. and was found with three dead bodies of his roommates, has been located and contained after murdering the last therapist he saw. Here is the recorded conversation between him and the head of the mental health department. Names have been erased to protect the innocent.

Doctor: OK. I’m going to ask you how you are feeling, but I don’t want to hear anything similar or akin to ‘It’s clipping bitch.’ from your mouth, do you understand?

Patient: … I don’t understand what your endgame is here.

Doctor: I’m sorry?

Patient: The tapes from my last session are publicly available. You know how this is going to go down. What, do you think you're going to cure me, change me? Make me a functioning member of society?

Doctor: That was a year ago. And the fact that you are literally strapped into the chair should help matters.

Patient: I literally floated in the air last time. Like...full on levitation. I still don’t understand what your trying to-

Doctor: My endgame is understanding why, after the release of clipping.’s follow-up album ‘Visions of Bodies Being Burned’, you suddenly appear in a random field in Amsterdam wearing a white robe surrounded by dead bodies and a giant flaming cross.

Patient: Well, those tapes did make me pretty popular…

Doctor: You make me sick, do you not care for human lives?

Patient: I’d love if you wouldn’t use such language towards me.

Doctor: You used the excuse of a tape where you killed an innocent man as the sole reason for you to quote ‘popularity’, and frankly Sir, I don’t appreciate that at fucking all.

Patient: Lord, what a potty mouth you have! Your mother shouldn't have cleaned that thing out with soap.

Doctor: You do not bring up my mother in this conversation, do you understand?

Patient: Of course. I wouldn’t want to upset anyone.

Doctor: ...So what do you consider yourself? You said yourself that you have quite the following.

Patient: A fan of experimental hip-hop.

Doctor: I mean literally. Do you consider yourself a cult leader of sorts? A ghost? A specter? Spiritually, do you see yourself taking the role of a demo-

Patient: Look, I just really like music. What happens when I listen to music is just a by-product, and this album has a big by-product.

Doctor: Ok, then what happened here then? I assume you listened to this newest release of clipping’s…

Patient: Oh, for sure, it was one of my most highly anticipated albums of the year.

Doctor: For obvious reasons i’m sure.

Patient: Well, I did love their last record. Like, a lot. Clipping really are…

Doctor: One of the most accessible yet experimental rap groups to come out in recent years, yes, I get it. You’re also probably going to say that Daveed Diggs is one of the most skilled and technically trained rappers working in experimental hip hop, and aided with Jonathan Snipes and William Hudson's experimental production style, the group has successfully created one of the most original rap groups in recent years. And it’s also fair to say that even if you were excited, you also were pretty scared that it wasn’t going to live up to the original record and feel less like an interesting continuation and more of a stale retread. Is that correct?

Patient: ...Yeah. Wait, sorry, are you a fan of theirs?

Doctor: I am not touching them with a 10 foot poll after the shit you’ve been stirring.

Patient: Well, that’s a damn shame, because not only is this new album just as good as their last record…

Doctor: Stop.

Patient: I dare say, it’s even better, and is probably one of the forerunners for my album of the year!

Doctor: Oh my god, read the room! I don’t care about what you think about this fucking album, all I care about is that there are seven dead corpses in a feild in Amsterdam, and the only living thing there was you with a white robe on and a burning cross!

Patient: ...Well, not the only thing living there.

Doctor: ...What did you say??

Patient: The lively production choices of Jonathan Snipes and Williamm Hudson!

Doctor: Oh for fucks sake….

Patient: Seriously, this record is, even when in comparison to Clippings other records, is the most dense, thick and ominous album they have ever made. While ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ dipped its toes into this more ominous soundscape, this album REVELS in it, soaking in every off note, every ambient soundscape and every loose thread that slowly comes undone. It’s much weirder than the last record, but honestly I love that quality about it. Something interesting about this album is how strangely ambient this record is, feeling both parts harsh and ambient at the exact same time.

Doctor: You fucking asshole, LISTEN TO ME!

Patient: Tracks like the creeping, almost nightmarish soundscape of ‘She Bad’, the alarm catching drive of the chaotic ‘Body for The Pile’ (which includes some of the most euphoric noise i’ve ever heard from a clipping release) and the almost Midcity-esq slowburn ‘Make Them Dead’ (with a chorus that made me question my own life choices) really put the ‘noise’ in noise rap, with the almost soothing inclusions of harsh noise and thick bass hiding the tempos and melodies in plain sight, and you might need a couple listens to fully comprehend what you’ve just heard, like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Doctor: I’m fucking warning you, mister…

Patient: Speaking of spaciness, this record houses one of my favorite Clipping. Songs, that being ‘Enlacing’, which is this genuinely beautiful track that feels almost like your trapped in a nightclub with a psychopath, with these deep bass notes and dreamy synths spliced into the track to create this uncomfortable yet dense mood, and as Daveeds whispered vocals raise to a melodic chorus, the entire track becomes this sadly melecholic, heartbreaking and absolutely gut wrenching track that kills my heart.

Doctor: Are the...are the lights flickering?!

Patient: That being said, there is still a lot of bite to this record. There are some legit bangers on this record, like the almost Nine Inch Nails inspired Candyman anthem ‘Say The Name’, the breakbeat bliss of ‘Pain Everyday’, the Ho99o9 banger ‘Looking like Meat’ (with a bass pattern so aggressive, it still shocks me to my core) and the tribal zombie mantra ‘Something Underneath’ are some of clipping.’s most aggressive tracks since...well, since the last record.

Doctor: ...Are your eyes rolling back?

Patient: But at the same time...look, i’m gonna be real, this album is far more scary than the last record. The first time I heard this record, it was in pitch blackness, and my god...I was legit scared at points! I am still extremely unnerved by the song ‘Eaten Alive’, with its strange instrumentation (including jazz guitars, what seems like pots and pans, harps, and wheezing of pipes), strange time signature and aggressive lyrical content making for something so uniquely scary that I legit get uncomfortable with every listen. And I mean EVERY listen!

Doctor: Hey! Listen to me!


Doctor: Men! Seize him!

Patient: NO!

Noises of necks snapping could be heard in the recording.

Patient: Sigh….I wasn’t done talking. And if you value our life, you’ll hear me out.


Patient: OK, so talk about the weakest part of this record, and what is seeming to be a recurring issue with these records: the interludes.

Doctor: Ho….how did you do that?

Patient: How do you fucking think?

Doctor: Gulp….uh….wh..what about the interludes?

Patient: Oh, that’s good. I like that little coward act you got going on. But...the interludes on this record, while I do like them on first listen while building up dread, really do nothing on repeated listens. On the previous record, the interludes seemed like a tense break from the onslaught of terror, but since the record is much more spacious, these interludes seem more tedious than rewarding, especially ‘Invocation’, which if you don’t how the track goes, it’s a tense moment in the tracklist, but as soon as you know what tricks it’s playing, it just becomes a minute of waiting for something to happen until arguably one of the best tracks on the record.

Doctor:, sounds bad.

Patient: ...Are you fucking kidding me? Grow a fucking backbone dude.

Doctor: Wh..what?!!

Patient: Your supposed to be a therapist for murderers and you’ve never experienced a real death near you before?

Doctor We...gulp...well I have just...never a supernatural experi-

Patient: This is really disappointing, i'm gonna be honest. The last booking was way more fun then this.

Doctor: Oh, i’m sorry, am I-

Patient: Did you really say ‘Oh, i’m sorry’? I’ve killed people, multiple! And your just sniveling up to me in the attempt to save you life!

Doctor: Look, I have a wife and children-

Patient: Fuck this. *click*

The sound of a head caving in can be heard.

Patient: ….Maybe I should just pretend to be innocent next time. Would that make it more fun? I don’t know. Where the hell is that...fucking….recorder?

Sounds of desks being thrown and windows shattering can be heard.

Patient: Oh there you are! Look, all i’m saying is that this record is yet another absolute smash of a horrorcore record. Clipping is so goddamn consistent it hurts my soul, and they are refusing to slow down for anybody. Literally anybody! Please, check this record out. If you don’t...well, there's a new one coming out next year. See you there.


Patient: Oh, it’s clipping bi-

Harsh noise, the sound of walls breaking and fire sounds can be heard in the audio.

Favorite Jams: Enlacing, Pain Everyday, Something Underneath

Least Favorite: Drove (Interlude)
Oct 23, 2020
candle sticks in the dark
Oct 23, 2020
visions of bodies being burned
Oct 23, 2020
Oct 24, 2020
the squeakwel
Oct 26, 2020
Oct 29, 2020
Nov 5, 2020
bruh i love this review so much
Nov 14, 2020
Fuck (again).
May 9, 2021
You frickin legend.
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