Everything Everything - Get To Heaven
Jul 9, 2019 (updated Jul 25, 2020)
There are some records that everyone on AOTY just stans.

I know that might be a cringe inducing statement, nor was it the most thought out statement of all time, but there are various records that this site just completely adores with all of its heart. Some of these records are more subtly loved then others. There are the overtly loved records like Deathconciousness, or Spiderland, or any of Kanyes or Swans albums, and then there are the more subtly loved ones, like Smile! or __. And of coarse, in the in between slot is this record.

This album has got so much praise and hype around it it's insane. Nearly everyone I talk to on this site thinks this is the best thing since french toast, with 10/10 reviews and universal 'this is the best!' reviews all across the board. Jesus Christ, what coitus did this record give to you to produce such an effect? Did this records sound do so much to you that you just quaked to your knees in absolute pleasure? What happens when you listen to this record?

The first thing that was going through my mind before listening was 'what is this album?'. From what i've heard, it seems like a rock/electronica album with emphasis on catchyness, atmosphere and pop mentality, which seems right up my ally.

But...I can't shake the feeling that i'm going to be let down. In my mind, even though the record didn't ask for this, i'm going in thinking about those 10/10s I've given before, and weather or not this record will join that legion of fantastic records. And is that even fair? Just because this record has the same level of praise as one record doesn't mean that it has the same creative intentions as the other. You wouldn't compare Mona Lisa to The Death of Marat just because they are two highly praised paintings, so why am I expecting this to blow me away the same way that Deathconciousness or Spiderland did just because I discovered them in similer ways?

So...how disappointed am I?

Honestly, not very. I got pretty much what I came here for. Catchy and tight pop rock tracks with a additional element of electronica aiding the rock riffs with beautiful harmonies, catchy melodies and song structures and tight as ass cheeks production. Don't really have a lot to complain about.

It's tight delivery in many of these tracks are so goddamn good that they will be stuck in my head for days. Hell, i've had Distant Past stuck in my damn head ever since I heard it the first time, and in subsequent listens only manages to get more lodged in there. Everything here really works wonders with each other, from the groovy bass and drums, to the absolutely killer guitars, to the clean and almost tongue in cheek tone of the vocals, it's just a really great collection of pop rock tracks that acts like The 1975 and Sundara Karma are clearly trying to achieve, but have missed the mark simply due to overthinking the formula of creating just a solid collection of tracks.

However, it's not just a 'really good pop rock album'. The lyrics do touch on more post-apocalyptic themes with almost dystopian undertones that make the collision with the summery and positive instrumentals. It's truly the sound of something sinister being overcast with something much more bright and colorful, like whats happening with the cover. The lyrics read as if a horrific, world changing event has happened, and this album is the recovery step of realizing what happened. It's almost therapeutic.

This record has the same sort of positivity and absolute crushing consistency that i've only really seen in Thriller or Rumors. It's truly something really remarkable whats happened on this record.

Maybe I was just overthinking how i'd react to this record. Sometimes a record gets lots of praise not because of how mind-bending or world changing it is, but because simply...it's just really good.

Favorite Jams: The Wheel (Is No Turning Now), No Reptiles, Blast Doors

Lest Favorite: Zero Pharaoh
Jul 9, 2019
first like and comment i have nothing better to do with my day
Jul 11, 2019
@Benny and I thank you
Aug 29, 2019
somehow only just saw this, fantastic review!
Jul 25, 2020
good job babe
Jul 25, 2020
Jul 25, 2020
that's nice sweetie
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