Muse - Origin of Symmetry
Jun 17, 2019
So. Let me explain myself.

I get it, it's not the BEST album of all time. Hell, some people would probably say this is the most unmemorable album in existance. And I admit there are problems to this album and I'm looking through this with nostalgia goggles, but...well...

So I have a friend. Let's call him Jason.

This friend is one of the nicest people you would ever meet in your entire life. He's such a positive force, he could probably stop a train with a smile. During this time in my life, he was my best friend. He still is, and hell, we are even in a band together. To say he is a great influence in my life is an understatement of great perportions. And, when he got introduced to a band or artist he liked, he would tell me. The first instance of this was for a band called Muse.

It was around Year 7 I first heard about Muse. I was a wee lad, small and innocent. And this stage in my life, I really had no idea in what music I liked. In fact, I didn't really like any music passionately. If I'm being perfect honest, I only listened passionately to The Gregory Brothers, Knife Party, and other meme artists of their ilk. In fact, I caught myself listening to Nickelback unironically. Really.

Anyway, Jason would run over to me and rant and rave about how much he loves Muse. For ages. It was strange, since I've never heard someone so passionate about a band before. Like, holy shit he LOVED Muse. And, what I would learn, is that he had a reason to.

With there blend of hard rock and classical melodies, creating a grand soundscape that felt more at home then arenas and stadiums then normal venue. The distorted guitar, cutting through the production like a knife through butter. Bass lines destroying the fret boards, aiding the songs in spades. Drum work so tight and punchy it was infectious. And fallsetto vocals, so heavenly and in your face that it is impossible to avoid.

So, of coarse, when my best friend tells me to listen to something so passionatly, you check it out. So, by random chance, I chose the track New Born. The first track off Origin of Symmetry, the first true blue album I listened to in it's entirety by my own choice.

And I was blown away.

To a small Childs brain, this thing was mind-blowing. A rock song with piano? Heavy rock with clean singing? Vocal editing? Classic acoustic guitar? Synths? In a heavy rock album??? All of this, even though it is fairly simple now to me, confused and bewhildered me to the point of beauty. It was a cocophony of noise I had never really heard before! Each track has made a tremendous impact on me and my music taste, from the bombastic and heavy New Born, Megalomania and Citizen Erased blowing my brain, to heavy as hell bangers like Hyper Music and Micro Cuts feeling like a assault to the senses, to even the calming and ambient Screenager, this record has so much to offer.

There was one song in perticular. One song that made me fall in love. In love with heavy sounds. In love with Muse. In love with rock. In love with music.

The ending of Space Dementia.

The whole song, to me as a child, was a mindfuck. Classical intrumentation but with heavy music backing it? What?! I'd never heard anything like it in my life, and as someone who listened exclusively to Minecraft parodies, it blew my mind. But the biggest highlight was the ending. I had never heard such chaotic noise in music in my life, and it legitimately scared me when I first heard it. I had never heard noise music before, me being a very sheltered child (My mother legit said that Rage Against the Machine was satanic) and that enormous amount of noise absolutely sent me into shock.

I fell in love immediately.

I talked to Jason about this. He laughed his ass off and said 'I know right!'. This was the first time I was genuinely taken aback to music, so I was so happy to see that he agreed with me. I wanted this to be a regular thing in my life.

I wanted to listen to more music.

If it wasn't for this album, I wouldn't have this account. That's why this is a ten.

Thank you guys and gals so fucking much for 400 followers. This account genuinely means the world to me, so thank you to so many of you sticking around for the ride. I can't thank all of you personally but i can't thank you enough. Here's to the next unpopular opinion and cold takes. 💛💛💛

Favorite Jams: Space Dementia, New Born, Citizen Erased

Lest Favorite: I legit can't think of one.
Jun 17, 2019
My mother was also the sheltering kind for a long while. It's impossible to forget those special moments of freedom you get your first time around.
Jun 18, 2019
damn bro I've been thinking you were closer to 30 (like me) until I heard "minecraft parodies". You are truly full of surprises.
Jun 18, 2019
@ThrowBackGmac Smother mother gang unite

@Mimikyu I'm 18 lol
Jun 19, 2019
Minecraft parodies were the shit for me like six years ago.
Jun 22, 2019
It IS the best album ever
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