Burial - Untrue
Sep 7, 2019 (updated Jun 21, 2020)
So imagine that your on a street.

It's London, it's raining and your about to go in to your friends party. You've known this person for a while now. You've become friends with them, really close. But...you feel something more. You feel this weird feeling in the pit of your soul, forcing yourself to spend as much time with this person as possible. It's a weird mixture of fear, stress and...love. But you don't think about that right now. You go in, and immediately you see something...wrong.

There's this rat. In the hallway of the house leading into the party, there is a rat, trying to scratch it's way into the ground. It's slamming it's head on the floor, with its face half on the metallic floor. It looks at you, and you look at it. You bypass the rat and enter the party. It's weirdly disturbing, and you really didn't expect to see THAT first thing entering, but then again, this is London. Apartments are not cheap, even rat infested ones.

Immediately your filled with this familiar feeling of ecstasy and fear of being in this area is starting to flood your senses. Lights blaring, music blast. And there are people. Like, a lot. In fact, there's a lot more people here then you thought. Like, a lot more. You don't even recognize half of these people. Who are they, how do they know your friend, and why are there so MANY OF THEM? Despite this initial panic, you make your way through the people. That thought of the rat is still in your mind, but you try to bypass that thought with thoughts of 'Let's just have fun.'. That thought stops as soon as you see your friend.

To your right: A couple of the more stoney friends in your friend group playing a round of Metal Gear Solid, because they are stoners, and that's just what they do. To your left: people you don't know dancing to a club track your unfamiliar with. Your trying your best to ignore this and any other thought. In front of you: your friend.

Your heart stops. You don't know why, you've met this person a million times. You've talked to this person thousands of times, goddamn it you could call them your best friend! But, non the less, you walk up to this friend. Don't see why saying hello is that big of a deal. But, that feeling is there. Seeing this person...It's like watching the Mona Lisa dance right in front of you, or the equivalent of that. It's weirdly terror inducing.


They turn around. All of a sudden, time for a second stops. It clicks and your suddenly face to face. They look at you. You look at them. Immediately, they go 'Oh my god hey! Thanks for coming! I know you don't really like this type of thing so it does mean a lot!'. It's true. You hate going to parties. Meeting new people? Having to meet them for the first time while either you or them are drunk? Not a good time for anyone. Especially if your sober. But, that's not the reason your here, is it?

'No, it's fine, really! I'm just happy to be here. Is there any food or anything?'. Weird question, but you've got this empty feeling in your stomach that must be quenched. 'Yeah, just over there is some pizza I think, couple people were thinking of heading over to McDonalds if your keen?'

The idea of a greasy, gross patty in between two buns disgusts you, but at any rate you'll eat anything. You just want food, and fast. 'Yeah, sure!', you say with pretty impressive confidence if you do say so yourself. They look at you, pretty positively yourself. 'Hell yeah, i'll grab my coat and we'll head off?'.


'Yeah, just us. Everyone else seems...'

They look over at the sea of people either too high to realisie what's going on or too stoned to care.

'Occupied?', you butt in.

'Well I was going to say too high but that's nicer, so lets go with that!'.

They grab their coat, and then all of a sudden, before the party even started, your off again. The rain has stopped, which is nice. The rat has fled, a location your not sure yet. Your just happy they didn't have to see that as well. The memory plays in your head, but quickly is replaced with this sense of Euphoria just wondering the streets with this person.

Talk of how lifes been, the weather, what games/movies/peices of media you've recently enjoyed/endured comes up. It's general chat for general people. But somehow, in the cold, brisk night underneath the lampshade light of the streets, it all kind of connects. Connection is there between you, but it's a hushed connection, like a secret your too ashamed to announce, even though it needs to be annonced. The walk, the conversation, it's all too nice to be interrupted with chat about dreaded feelings.

You reach the McDonalds of your dreams. 'Thank Chirst' you say, your stomach rumbles and you see the golden arches not as a ploy for an attack on animal rights in a desperate attempt to have commercial gain, but as a usual fast food joint. Entering, your now able to see your friend in actual light that isn't filtered by pulsing lights or distant light-stands. It's almost an out of body experience. You want to say something but theres something holding you back. Maybe failure? Fear? Love? Who knows what feeling stops the eccencial from being said, all that needs to be said is that your nervous to say anything about those dratted feelings.

'You ok?' your friend mutters.

'Y...yeah, i'm fine, just really hungry.' you desperately try to tell them and yourself.

'Fair, let's get a sharepack?'.

You realise this wasn't just a McDonalds run. Why would we go and not get anything for anyone else? It doesn't make sense...unless...they wanted to spend time with you alone. No, that's out of the question. It can't be, not in this life time. There is no possible outcome.

'Hey, can we talk about something real quick?'.

'Oh, yeah, su-'

'About us.'

Dead silence.


Oh christ, here we go. Either this is exactly what you want or the exact opposite. This shit is make or break. It's terrifying. You wait for your friend to say something. Every breath they take you hang off like a noose. You yearn to to the next words. This is everything. Everything flashes before your eyes. That gross rat. The dancing, coked up people. The hazy eyed guys playing video games. The emotion. The fear. The grime. The panic. The euphoria. The love. The connection. Everything has led to this moment.


That's what this album is to me. Highly emotional electronic bliss, with a dusty, foggy London aesthetic to boot. And for 2007? This is a classic so far ahead of the curb its behind it. Give it a full chance. Everything you've heard is true.

Favorite Jams: Endorphin, Dog Shelter, Homeless

Lest Favorite: Untitled
Sep 7, 2019
Holy fuck this is an amazing and incredibly detailed review! Keep up the amazing work!
Sep 10, 2019
Cliffhangers, man....
Sep 10, 2019
@ThrowBackGmac I wouldn't do this album justice if I just tied up the loose ends now huh?
Sep 10, 2019
You're right, what's a lil fun without a lil mystery?
Jan 2, 2020
This is what happens when you watch one youtube video
Sep 6, 2020
this is it, this is the best review on this site
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