Gentle Giant - Gentle Giant
Jun 9, 2019
Now, I know what your thinking.

'A 100? On a prog rock record from 1970? With that cover? What crack are you smoking?'

No crack. No drugs. No nothing. This album is a fucking masterpiece.

Gentle Giant is a name either you know back to front or know nothing about. They are a prog-ass-prog rock band. They are the type of band that people think of when they hear the words 'prog', for their mystical and fantasy-esq tinge to their music, sounding like if Pink Floyd were huge DnD nerds instead of genre bending geniuses.

And this album is their masterpiece.

I literally cannot believe what I'm hearing. I'm so goddamn tempted to make this record a 100. This is prog rock perfection. My God. Everything here is in top condition and is so weird, fun, interesting and amazing that I can't help but drop my jaw. Who thinks to put a piano solo and a drum solo in the same passage? Fucking Zappa?

It's a wild, crazy, off the wall, inventive and highly polished record that I'm stunned came out in 1970, because this doesn't sound like it came out 50 goddamn years ago! It's a record that genuinely sounds...well... giant! It's a out of this world experience, with tight as ass cheeks intrumentation, excellent production, complex and engaging song construction, and strangely poetic and earnest vocal deliveries, even with the oddball topics. Their ways are strange indeed.

It's a ball of complex and weirdo energy that I can't help but falling in love with. It's a beautiful record, and I can't recommend it enough it. I know not a lot of you are going to love, or even like this record. I've come to terms with that. But even if you just hear the title track, I highly recommend that this be heard. I've you've never ventured into prog rock, give this album a shot and see where you end up.

For me, I ended up in a mystical lands. Lands filled with strange creatures and terrifying beasts. Gaints, wizards, demons, portals to hell, calm mists all around, technology covering the skies, the rich with elongated cars destroying the world, dragons, royals, elves and other strange sights all around. This album transported me into a world futuristic and olden at the same time. It's something I don't think I'll ever be able to unlisten to. And in a age of completely forgettable music, this is hugely refreshing.

Holy fuck.

Favorite Jams: Alucard, Nothing At All, Giant

Lest Favorite: uh...The Queen?
Jun 20, 2019
You're gonna love 'Acquiring the Taste". They go off on that one (10 for me lol)
Jun 20, 2019
@TreyLikesBands I cannot WAIT to go deep diving into these guys
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