Swans - Soundtracks For The Blind
May 14, 2019

I can already tell that this record, even though as of writing this section of the review, is gonna be a big one. I mean i'd hope that a 2 hour long record, an album that's longer then most movies, would be at lest an attempt at something groundbreaking, game changing and mind blowing. Hell, if anything i'd scared to even touch this. How can I do justice to a record that seemingly is perfect in the eyes and ears of literally anyone who listens to it? It's almost like the Holy Mountain of albums.

And, it's from Swans, a 'group' that is slowly but surely becoming one of my all time favorite groups in not just rock, but in music in general. Their blend of Art Rock has had me on the edge of my seat to what will happen next. There is not a single project they have released that I haven't loved, and if not loved then at lest admired. And this is apparently their magnum opus. I seriously can't imagine a record that's gonna top To Be Kind, especially with level of quality that was the groups last record. I'm seriously not ready for what's about to happen to me audibly. But...there is no point in delaying the inevitable. At some point, I had to listen to this. What better time then now? Time to become blind.

One listen later...

Yep. I'm boring. This album, i'm rating a near perfect score, because it has done what so many records have almost come close to doing, but never truly achieved. It has gone beyond music itself to create a numbing experience that most people will remember for the rest of their lives. And it's an experince I really can't do justice by talking about it. Doing a review on this is impossible.

So, I wrote something for this album, but it didn't fit into the review limit. So, if you want to read what experience I had, then please, follow the drive link and enjoy! It's not really a conventional review as such, but this isn't really a conventional album. So please, enjoy! It took me too long to make this. I know many of you wont read all of this, but there is a small piece of me that went into this, so take with that what you will. Thanks for 300 followers, you guys are fucking crazy : )


Favorite Jams of Disk One: Animus, Helpless Child, Volcano

Lest Favorite: Surrogate 2

Favorite Jams of Disk Two: The Sound, The Final Sacrifice, YRP

Lest Favorite: Fan's Lament
May 14, 2019
Woah there's a review limit?
May 14, 2019
@RakkSmells Surprisingly yeah! I get halfway through a 6 page document before I got cut off.
May 14, 2019
I had never seen a review that long. Sincerely, this is one of the best reviews I've seen on this site. exellent work! In addition Soundtrack for the blind is one of my favorite albums.
May 14, 2019
This review has not only put my own to shame, it's also perhaps the best review of an album experience I've ever read. I've heard Soundtracks in its entirety on acid once and the experience I had was at some points identical to what you described. Jesus Christ wow.
May 14, 2019
Two things I've learned from the review:

I know who should write my essays

I should listen to this album
May 14, 2019
@thomasny18 I'll happily do you homework for you lol
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