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Beach House - Devotion
Nov 5, 2019
(Band Binge: Beach House Part Two of Eight)

...Am I missing something here?

Look, this album isn't bad. It's far from it actually. It's sweet, wholesome, delicate, the songwriting is on point and the production is dense and off the wall. And compared to their debut, there is definite improvement. But...goddamn I was just bored to tears. I had to chuck on Devo halfway through listening just to bring me back to life!

I think i'm just the wrong guy to be looking at this group in depth. Everyone who I know absolutely FIENDS this group, calling them the second coming of Indie Jesus or something along those lines. And I can see the appeal. They have a very distinct, nostalgic and deafeningly thick sense of melody and production. Obviously the lyrics and writing of this album are great, talking about issues that are all too familiar and relatable for me, talking about lost love and regrets, but displayed in a way that reads almost hopeful and joyous, which is something I really appreciated hearing. Hell, even some of the vocal melodies are great on this album. Songs like 'Turtle Island' and 'All The Years' have some of the best vocals from the group thus far, and it's got a dream-like delivery that reminds me only slightly of a more romantic and not as batshit (so worse) version of perhaps a vibe that David Lynch would produce if he was high as balls on cotton candy and carnival food. It's a wall of sound used in a way that makes for some of the most mellow, chilled out, relaxed and sleepy music I've ever heard...

...but I think that's the problem for me and Beach House. It's't say it...Boring!

Goddamn it, I know me saying that a indie dream-pop album being boring and uninteresting is as as uninteresting of a statement as the music itself, but oh my god i'm sorry, I cannot get into this sound. I've tried and tried again to try and get this sound through into my head, but the only thing I can really get behind is hating this sound! It all just sounds way too slow tempo, boring, uninteresting and bland for me to really connect with ANYTHING in the genre! And Beach House, i'm sorry, only slightly cuts the exception. If it wasn't for the goddamn production being as good as it is, then I really would have to be scratching at the bottom of the barrel to find things I liked about this album. Even though I liked it better then their last album (which just completely drained me) I honestly don't think I have six more albums of this style and sound in me. Hell, I barely survived this album!

Maybe i'm being too negative. There are great things about this album, like the amazing track 'Heart of Chambers' that genuinely is a song I really really like! It's got a lot of punch that is missing from this group usually, and even the second half of this album is a lot more consistently good then the first. But...Jesus Christ, at 44 minutes and me really having to pick pocket good things to find in this album, i'm just gonna have to put my gloves on for everyone to fight me on this one: I didn't like this album.

Put it this way: I love the band Bad Breeding, and half of their songs are just highly tuned up distortion. I'm not the target for Beach House's blend of dream-pop. This isn't my music. I can appreciate it, but I will most likely never come back to this album. Ever. I'm sorry but I just wont. God, please make the rest of this bands discogoraphy more interesting. I beg of you.

Favorite Jams: Heart of Chambers, Some Thigs Last a Long Time, Astronaut

Lest Favorite: You Came To Me

Next time we look at the groups apparent magneum opus, Teen Dream. See ya then!
Nov 6, 2019
the production gets better with their next album, you won't get bored with it
Aug 22, 2020
I'm gonna fucking leave you
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