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Feb 14, 2020
At first when I listened to this album I thought it was just alright.

On my second listen, I thought it was great.

On my third listen, I thought it was amazing.

Ugh, it keeps getting better each time I listen to it. I should just surrender and give it a 100/100 already, lmao. It's just so fantastic, jeez!

Fav tracks: King Kunta, Institutionalized, u, Alright, Momma, Hood Politics, The Blacker The Berry, i, Mortal Man
Least fav tracks: Wesley's Theory (?)
Feb 14, 2020
Nothing to see here, folks, move on.

Literally every track has this generic trap beat with a few tweaks here and Justin's bland and soulless voice. The only varieties I can think of are the features, which are pretty forgettable too. Post Malone sounded horrible here, and Travis' feature had a bit of potential but the mixing made him sound so muddy and soaked into the instrumental, a total mess. It just sounds like a weak and uninteresting pop record, what did you expect? And the worst thing ... read more
Feb 13, 2020*
After listening to Innerspeaker again, I started to notice that my love for Tame Impala was starting to come back, and it was on the right period 'cause the new album was coming out in a few days! And it's here, the long awaited fourth album: The Slow Rush.

Welp, it's alright.

The main issue I had with this album is that it didn't bring much stuff new to the table, it felt more like a recycling of the disco-ish sound already tested on Currents, but with a few additions in terms of mixing like ... read more
Feb 13, 2020
It's a new decade, a new year, and Selena is still boring.

Actually, this album does have some variation in its pop soundscape, going from piano ballads to tresillo dancey songs. Still, that can't save her from the fact that her songs don't seem to have any soul poured in them. Even the "emotional" cuts like 'Lose You To Love Me' are incredibly uninteresting and forgettable, and ugh, the lows here are awful. I can only recall 3 tracks that I properly disliked, and god they were weak. ... read more
Feb 12, 2020
I really liked his previous album (Sonder Son), especially with the groovier R&B tracks like 'Talk 2 U' and the fantastic 'First World Problemz'. This album lacks that edge.

It tries to mix a bit of that soulful feel of the previous one with more rap/trap beats, and it ends up just being a bit confusing in the end. It isn't half as memorable as Sonder Son either, as the only track here that I can recall enjoying a lot is the title track. The thing is, the worst thing you can be in music is ... read more
Feb 13, 2020
Me and AZIZ have dropped a new song, please check it out:
hey! i'm Pipo, from brazil. i really like alt-rock but i do enjoy some other genres too. my fav band is Radiohead, and i have a lot of their CD's, lmfao

100 - absolute masterpiece <33
90-99 - amazing!
80-89 - very solid!
70-79 - alright/pretty good
60-69 - meh...
50-59 - mediocre
40-49 - pretty damn mediocre.
30-39 - very weak.
20-29 - really bad.
10-19 - horrible.
0-9 - why does this exist?
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