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May 25

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pipo_mzz -
I never wanted to cry when writing a review, but this album managed to do it.

The Microphones finally released a new album after... almost two decades! In case you don't know, the last proper release Phil Elverum made under that name was the very solid Mount Eerie in 2003. Obviously this album has a completely different vibe going for it compared to what we got in the early section of that decade. Back then, his music was way more sombre, raw and noisy. Nowadays, he swapped that for a more ... read more
pipo_mzz -
They have redeemed themselves, fellas!

Fontaines D.C. broke through last year with their debut album Dogrel, which had some pretty fun stuff but didn't impress me. A Hero's Death, however, blew my mind after I paid more attention to the singles. 'I Don't Belong' is a very chill & bittersweet song to listen to (also, why is it the opener? It's too moody for that...), meanwhile songs like 'Televised Mind' and the title track kick it up a notch with some fast-paced drums and more chaotic ... read more
pipo_mzz -
What is it with artists I dislike suddenly releasing stuff that gets me sort of excited lately?

Taylor Swift is an artist that I've never liked, even if she has some bops behind her back. Her constant, bland love songs just never were my thing, with only a few exceptions like 'Style' or 'This Love' (which are from the same album, 1989). Folklore seemed like it'd be the same thing as Lover but a little darker, and I think it works way better than that album. It's not as painfully boring as what ... read more
pipo_mzz -
"Aretha Franklin really left us to safe hands" - some commenter on YouTube.

I never thought I'd like any K-Pop album as much as this (Shinee doesn't count), but YUKIKA caught me off-guard. Of course, you can argue that this ain't really K-Pop, as it has lots of City Pop and R&B influences, but I'm still counting it like that. Also, is it me or does almost every song here sound like a parallel universe version of the Neon Genesis Evangelion opening song?

Jokes beside, this album ... read more
pipo_mzz -
Hm... is Bladee becoming a little more interesting?

The deal with Benjamin's music is just that it sounds like a better-produced version of songs that Big Baller B would make. The autotune and the "parents sleeping at 3 AM" vocals just make the experiences insanely boring. Whether it was Red Light or Gluee, none of his projects actually caught my attention due to all of them sounding a tad too similar and sleepy.

333 doesn't do much to improve that, but I will give him some props, ... read more
Aug 4, 2020
hello Pipo from twitter
Apr 22, 2020
Don Caballero are underrated
Mar 29, 2020
Que álbum de rock tu recomendaria a um k-poppeiro como eu? Haha
Mar 24, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, give it a listen. Haven't added it to AOTY yet, so here the YouTube music video link:

I wrote this song and filmed the video while in quarantine. Took many inspirations from Chinese folk and alt-country. The concept of the video and song, I'll leave as a surprise (no spoilers of course), plus it's up to interpretation. Hope I can cheer some people up and get everyone together in these uncertain times, enjoy!
hey! i'm Pipo, from brazil. i really like alt-rock but i do enjoy some other genres too. my fav band is Radiohead, and i have a lot of their CD's, lmfao

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30-39 - very weak.
20-29 - really bad.
10-19 - horrible.
0-9 - why does this exist?
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