UK drill overall is pretty stagnant. Few artists are doing anything remotely different. Many of the best rappers are more involved in gang activity than actual music and that causes the music quality ...
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my AOTYs
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crazy pls recommend
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good substitute for calculus homework
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every rating is a hot take putting some pop rap on here too ig
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and other similar genres: jungle, juke, footwork, drill and bass, breakcore, breakbeat
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roughly sorted by chronological order of when it was popular
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based ratings
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I'll be going in alphabetical order and handpicking the albums that I think I will like the most in each genre. I'll try as best as possible to choose an album representative of the genre, but ...
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👑🛌😴💤💤💤 albums that have the ability to provide distraction from invading thoughts but don't have any loud or jolting sounds/beats. kinda a muddy vibe.
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ranked by how excited i am
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Japanese label owned by artist "World's End Girlfriend"
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Japanese math rock label
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