Billie Eilish - Guitar Songs
Jul 21, 2022
TV – 73
I generally like this track. I think it is an interesting and telling look into the unhealthy obsessions and coping mechanisms one can turn to during the emotional process of a breakup. The chorus also gives interesting insight into friendly relationships vs romantic relationships, and notably the consequences that come along in the aftermath of breaking up. I like all this stuff, and I think it was delivered well. There are some issues though. Out of context, I like the lyric about the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard distracting us from the real issues like Roe v Wade. But this lyric doesn’t fit with any of the other themes discussed on this track, and it feels shoved into this song about mental health for brownie points or something. I do like her acknowledging that the problem lies within herself at the end, but the crowd sing-a-long build-up felt a little cheesy for, again, such a serious song. And it goes on for a long time without actually building into anything. I found the guitar on this track to be a little uninteresting as well. This isn’t a bad song by any means, I just think the execution was a little underwhelming.

The 30th – 90
This second track is much stronger in my eyes. Problems I had with TV are not present on this one, and they are done wayyyyy better. For starters, the guitar work is a lot more interesting and engaging here. The story being told about a loved one getting into a serious car accident is told in a consistent manner, with really interesting details in the second verse describing how Billie saw this accident on the side of the road while driving, herself, but didn’t even think twice about it. And the build of this track is fucking gorgeous. It’s produced so well and Billie’s vocals are standout here. I don’t really have any problems with this track, this is one of her best guitar ballads and has some of her best lyrics.

Track Ratings
1TV / 73
2The 30th / 90
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