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Jul 25

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What's that? A solo album from Alexis S.F. Marshall of Daughters... ON THE WEEKEND OF MY BIRTHDAY?!?!?!

Back in late 2018, I saw an album with a very unnerving cover. I also saw that this album was leaked on YouTube (I don't do this anymore) so I was like "Fuck it!" and gave it a spin and holy shit my music taste shifted DRASTICALLY! Daughters' "You Won't Get What You Want" is such a frightening, unrelenting, atmospheric and poetic noise/industrial rock album that holds up ... read more
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[Mathcore Binge: Part 1]

Cum back! ee aa!

I was originally gonna do a digital hardcore binge, but I've been recently addicted to "Jane Doe" so I decided to do a mathcore binge that's probably not very thoroughly planned-out. Yaaaaaaaay!

The Dillinger Escape Plan is a band I've heard plenty of positive things about, especially with some of my friends who jam the fuck out to it. Now that I'm finally starting a genre binge that takes me through a discography of two bands (plus a few ... read more
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[2,000th Rating!!!]

I’ve been meaning to check out The Caretaker’s ”Everywhere at the End of Time” for the longest... time, since everybody started talking about it in 2019. I kept seeing memes of it everywhere, the concept is very intriguing, and the 6-and-a-half hour length is daunting and… yeah. That was my problem at the time. The length alone put this DEEP in my waitlist (despite literally listening to the entirety of Natural Snow Buildings’ ... read more
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Wow... yep.

This is disappointing, alright. Modest Mouse used to be one of the best frontrunners of the indie rock scene from the mid-90's to the mid-2000's. The four-way streak of "This Is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About", "The Lonesome Crowded West", "The Moon and Antarctica" and even their more accessible "Good News for People Who Love Bad News" was incredible! Hell, I don't even mind "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even ... read more
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Danny Elfman made an album. Holy shit.

Danny Elfman! You probably know the guy. He's been in the Nightmare Before Christmases and the Batmans... and the Dumbos. He's a cool composer, but he also led an even cooler new wave band called "Oingo Boingo". I've only heard about 4 or 5 songs from them, but they seem like a band I would be interested in doing a discog dive on. Anyways, it's been almost 30 years since their last album and it's only just now that Danny wanted to step away from ... read more


Jul 19, 2021
What is your favorite album from each year, 2001-2021
Jun 29, 2021
If you were to take one album with you on a desert island, what would it be? For a list POG
Jun 22, 2021
Hey, I hope you're doing well.

I'm making a list and I'd love to know which album has had the greatest influence on your current taste in music? If you want, I'd also appreciate it if you could say exactly how it's made you grow/learn more as a listener (don't worry, you don't have to do this part).

Thank you for reading and answering, if you do.
Jun 7, 2021
Hi, I was bored and I really like AnCo right now, SO I MADE A COMMUNITY LIST!!!
The concept is simple: just tell me which Animal Collective song you like best.
I want to see what everyone else thinks about them, more specifically which songs they like.
Feel free to reply with the song and the corresponding album!
Thank you for contributing!
This is the Depressed Drummer, signing out.


Jun 4, 2021
i love your pfp! :000 πŸ’•πŸ€πŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ’™
May 23, 2021
ok this is epic
May 23, 2021
i ship homer and homer so hard
May 22, 2021
plats fantasy
May 22, 2021
How many Plats do you see: 2οΈβƒ£πŸ˜­πŸ₯ΊπŸ”Š
May 22, 2021
Awwww theirs two plats


Some socially awkward, guitar-wielding, genderfluid (they/she), pansexual, music geek/hipster garbage who shits on bands and artists.

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