Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
Apr 4, 2019 (updated Apr 16, 2019)
This decade has had its fair share of classic records of many genres, but almost none have instantly hit me with the amount of overwhelming emotion as Weyes Blood's "Titanic Rising". It hit me on the first listen fowards... and I even went into tears in a lot of these songs. Natalie Mering has one of the most powerful voices out there and the emotional intensity of her inflection is perfectly conveyed through her lyrics and melodies. The production is equally evocative, like the swirling, ascending synth arpeggios that inhabit “Movies” or that freaking slide guitar on “Andromeda”. Everything combines to create an intimate, and simply “human-feeling”, atmosphere throughout its entire 42-minute runtime. It’s like drifting though an endless ocean at midnight, swimming through a vibrant coral reef. It’s so ethereal you wish you could experience something like it forever...

While I’m on the subject of floating through bodies of water, this album gave me instant vibes from Kate Bush just with more of a Beatles influence. I could've easily just left this review saying "Weyes Blood is the Kate Bush of our generation" but there's more to it than that. Remember that mini-concept on "Hounds of Love" that involved a woman drowning after a shipwreck? Well, the aesthetic of some of these tracks and that mesmerizing album cover gave me images of that woman drifting off into the ocean's abyss in my head. In fact, I felt like it was made more vivid on this album than it was in "Hounds of Love". Hell, it might even be something that springs to mind for you too!

"Titanic Rising" shot me in the head with the beauty and intimacy I've rarely experienced in the medium. All it takes is one listen of this album to understand where I and hundreds of other people are getting at. Even though I may not be the best reviewer on this site (i.e. the word “emotion” used a few too many times in this review), goddammit, I try the best of my writing ability to spread my opinion on albums like these, wholeheartedly or not. I also find it a little saddening because I don’t really know how to convey these emotions through text. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I really did feel like a emotionally wasted pile of garbage throughout the entire LP and especially while writing this review. I guess this is a good stopping point because I feel like I don’t want to give too much away. Just experience this for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Fav Tracks: Movies, Everyday, Mirror Forever, Andromeda, Wild Time, Something to Believe, Lot's Gonna Change, Picture Me Better

Least Fav Track: Nah

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