Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Apr 17, 2020 (updated Oct 4, 2020)
Fiona Apple has always been that rare artist that gets recognition for slowly and steadily releasing top-quality albums. She and Epic agreed that there will be no deadlines for her work, so she has taken all the time she needed to make her music as good as humanly possible. It's been nearly 8 years since "The Idler Wheel" and she has finally released her latest album, "Fetch the Bolt Cutters". Not only has Fiona surpassed her last album in terms of quality, she has somehow, in that fucked-up brain of hers, made a decade-defining masterpiece!

I would say that I would try to get the basics out of the way first, but those basics have either been contorted or cranked-up to 12. It should be no surprise that Fiona Apple's vocals are amazing here. What is a surprise, however, is how fucking RAW she is on this record! She makes dolphin noises on the opening track before screaming so loud it peaks the microphone on "Rack of His". Her lyrics are as sharp as ever, cleverly captivating me with stories of times she desperately wants to forget with one memorable chorus after another ("Relay" has my personal favorite hook). It especially gets heart-wrenching with lines that I don't want to spoil here, but I will say that the bridge on "For Her" is devastating.

Sonically, "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" also succeeds with wild colors. Just like Fiona's vocal performances, the instrumentals are raw and anxious. The swelling pianos and booming percussion take center stage and the mixing is taken to such an awe-inspiring degree! It's definitely not the most accessible album she's ever made, no doubt about it. It's vulgar, it's rough and it's some of the most zany and wonderful pop production I've ever heard!

Overall, "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" is a near-perfect example of an artist who finally has all the creative control they ever wanted and is taking full advantage of it. This is what makes this album Fiona Apple's greatest achievement to date!

Fav Tracks: For Her, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, Relay, I Want You to Love Me, Under the Table, Shameika, Ladies, Cosmonauts, Heavy Balloon, Newspaper

Least Fav Track: ...


Track Ratings
1I Want You To Love Me / 100
2Shameika / 100
3Fetch the Bolt Cutters / 100
4Under the Table / 100
5Relay / 100
6Rack of His / 95
7Newspaper / 100
8Ladies / 100
9Heavy Balloon / 100
10Cosmonauts / 100
11For Her / 100
12Drumset / 95
13On I Go / 100
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Rip the 100
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