Dec 16, 2018*
Zayn is my favorite artist and the only artist I listen to because he totally doesn't sound like every other artist on the radio. How? It's truly ambitious because it copies all the trends that radio pop and R&B artists use like falsetto hooks, millennial whoops, collaborations from other artists, Chainsmokers-esque production and autotune. It totally doesn't sound like any other artist out there. Every song sounds very unique from the last and addresses a variety of deep topics like love, ... read more
Nov 16, 2018*
“Merrie Land” is like riding an abandoned ferris wheel with the ghost of Damon Albarn and his dummy telling tales of the past. The writing and the instrumentation work extremely well together to create a very melancholic atmosphere for us to delve into, making for an eerie listening experience. This is also some of Albarn’s best work in a while!

Fav Tracks: Merrie Land, The Poison Tree, The Truce of Twilight, Nineteen Seventeen, The Last Man to Leave, Gun to the Head, ... read more
Mar 23, 2018*
(Original Score: 70)

It's not what people expected, but Boarding House Reach shows Jack White's knack for experimentation. And the result is a brilliant, challenging, mind-bending and extremely creative feast for the ears. Though according to the album art, not for the eyes.

Fav Tracks: Over and Over and Over, Corporation, Ice Station Zebra, Hypermisophoniac, Respect Commander, Humoresque, Connected By Love, Get In The Mind Shaft

Least Fav Track: Why Walk a Dog?

Oct 18, 2018
*Yawn* So... inconsequential... *Yawn* and boring...

Fav Tracks: Essplode, Runnin’ the Round Ball

Least Fav Tracks: Labalakely Dress, Penguin Penguin, Bad Crumbs, Meet the Light Child

Mar 31, 2018*
Edit 6/18/18 (Original Rating: 1.5): In regards to his death, I'm raising the score up because this was before I rated the tracks alone.

He was an absolute "genius" with a lot of "loyalty" and "uplifting" songwriting. His album is truly a masturbate for XXXTentacion.

Fav Track: schizophrenia

Least Fav Tracks: I don't even speak spanish lol, infinity (888), SMASH!, Pain = BESTFRIEND, $$$


"I catch all the diseases in the world so the ... read more
Nov 7, 2018
Still better than Pig Poker P and Cig Smoker E.

Anyway, this is deep and it's getting the Golden Dab.
Nov 11, 2018*
While it can feel a little samey after a while, “Holy Hell” features powerful vocals and great instrumentation with some emotional depth coming from the death of a bandmate.

Fav Tracks: Doomsday, Royal Beggars, Hereafter, Death Is Not Defeat, A Wasted Hymn, Mortal After All

Least Fav Track: Damnation

Very Good
Dec 10, 2018*
Pfft. Evolution? More like DEADvolution! HAHAHA...haha... dammit.

Anyway, this album is fucking boring, really, REALLY cliche and disgusting.

Fav Tracks: No More?, Savior of Nothing?

Least Fav Tracks: Hold On to Memories (This Album ain’t one of them), Everything else

Down with the Suckness
Dec 29, 2018*
My heart hurts.

There’s not a single song on “Wildlife” that isn’t the least bit heart-wrenching, both in the outstanding lyrics, anxiety-fueling instrumentation and Jordan’s raw vocal performances (it sounds like the poor bastard’s verging into tears)! I felt chills down my spine throughout! Overall, I definitely recommend this! Even if you’re not that into the post-hardcore genre, you should definitely check this out.

Also, thanks Zack!

Fav Tracks: ... read more
Jan 5, 2019*
Wow. Big Chungus really suffered the graphical downgrade.

Oh yeah Axl Rose made this btw
Jun 4, 2018
Despite a few endearing moments, Adam Young still refuses to evolve his sound and quite a few of these songs are outright horrible. Plus, it's really bloated. REALLY bloated!

Fav Tracks: Fiji Water, Lucid Dream

Least Fav Tracks: All My Friends, Firebird, Cinematic, Montana, Winners Never Quit, House Wren, Cloud Nine

Jul 6, 2018*
(Original Score: 8.2)

Okay. To be honest, every time I listen to these songs, I get more and more irritated by how samey and repetitive they are. This record isn’t bad, the lyrics are great and the instrumentation’s fine. But it just grows very, VERY stale after a while.

Fav Tracks: How Did This Happen?!, Can’t Knock the Hustle, I Am Not a Cinephile, Gyrate, Charlie, Boxes for the Move, Jack in Titanic, Williamsburg Bridge

Least Fav Track: Bookmarks

Aug 1, 2018*
Among all hip-hop, there comes DTrap
The swagiest, most fire, to ever bap
And those who listen to “Criminal Business”
Will get money, boats and hoes for Christmas

To many, this album is a masterpiece
Beats every other 2018 release
All these people who say no are liars
They’ll go off like DTrap’s hits and catch fire

Don’t pretend you’re not surprised
Or he’ll piss rainbow ninja kittens in your eyes
Inhaling his breath, he will turn purple
With a snap ... read more
Aug 24, 2018
“Negro Swan” is a beautiful, rewarding album to listen to. It’s so hopeful for the people trying to live the best lives that they can with such emotional resonance. But musically, it’s smooth and hooky enough to draw you in while also being lyrically and melodically sophisticated work. Also, A$AP Rocky is actually a really good collaborator for once!

Fav Tracks: Charcoal Baby, Saint, Hope, Chewing Gum, Jewelry, Smoke, Nappy Wonder, Orlando, Take Your Time

Least Fav ... read more
Oct 2, 2018*
I'm sorry but Viagra Boys is too good of a name to even ignore! This album did not disappoint! The lyrics are insightful yet hilarious and the amount of charm here is admirable! Wiener Dogs are fucking everywhere (in both ways!) and greasy tennis balls will smack you in the face, followed by you quoting with pride on your face, "Basketball"!

Fav Tracks: Just Like You, Sports, Down in the Basement, Frogstrap, Shrimp Shack, Slow Learner

Least Fav Track: Worms

Oct 17, 2018*
“Spirit They’ve Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished” is a noisy yet beautiful debut from Animal Collective. It’s also a vivid depiction of an individual missing their innocence as a child. But, I’m telling you, please turn down your volume during the first track. It really hurt my eardrums! X(

Edit (OS: 8.7): Never mind, the first track grew on me. To be fair, I had a headache before listening to this album. :P

Fav Tracks: April and the Phantom, Alvin Row, Penny ... read more
Jan 25, 2019*
Just to make it clear, I was never a fan of Bring Me The Horizon to begin with. “amo” ditches their metalcore/post-hardcore roots in favor of a full-on alt-pop approach. The production is great, the instrumentation is alright, the lyrics are... fine and I appreciate their willingness to experiment. However, the whole album is a mixed bag of cool “rock” songs and drab electropop bangers and, overall, I feel indifferent for this album.

Fav Tracks: nihilist blues, MANTRA, ... read more
Jan 31, 2019*
I mean, Gesaffelstein’s production is great and Abel’s vocals are amazing as always. But the lyrics are fucking atrocious and his contribution to the song is generic. Also, what the fuck is that second verse?!?! Like, holy shit!
Feb 7, 2019*
This has to be one of the strangest recordings I've heard in a while! The track list varies from morbid to hilarious, sometimes even morbidly hilarious! Combined Jamie Stewart's eccentric vocals, frantic percussion, haunting atmosphere and twisted lyrics, "Girl with Basket of Fruit" is ugly, bizarre, noisy, polarizing, disturbing, terrifying, rewarding and a great AOTY contender!

Fav Tracks: Scisssssssors, Normal Love, Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy, Girl with Basket of Fruit, The ... read more
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