Jan 5, 2019*
Wow. Big Chungus really suffered the graphical downgrade.

Oh yeah Axl Rose made this btw
Jan 18, 2019*
“Assume Form” is the most beautiful, complete and accessible record James Blake has put out to date! The features are unexpectedly impeccable here (especially ROSALÍA and André 3000), James is growing so much more confident in his vocals, melodies and writing and there’s not a single song here that I legitimately don’t love! Overall, this is my first must listen of 2019!

Fav Tracks: Barefoot In The Park, Where’s The Catch?, Don’t Miss It, ... read more
Feb 8, 2019*
Am I surprised by the dip in quality from last year’s “Sweetener”? No. Am I surprised that Ariana Grande’s voice is good? No. But what surprised me about “thank u, next” is how uninspired it all is. Arizona Grand Canyon steals from many hit pop songs from last year. Why does “7 rings” sound like a horrible Princess Nokia track? Why does “bloodline” sound like “High Hopes” by Panic! at the Disco? What’s with all the ... read more
May 25, 2018*
No other emo album can compare to "The Black Parade", in my opinion, simply because of this one's ambition. With a perfectly executed concept, phenomenal writing and a great collection of songs, this album changed me so much from my first listen! But it's really the emotion that other emo albums can't grasp quite as well.

Fav Tracks: Welcome To The Black Parade, Cancer, Mama, House Of Wolves, Famous Last Words, I Don't Love You, Teenagers, This Is How I Disappear

Least Fav Track: ... read more
Aug 24, 2018*
Interpol’s latest project has some solid instrumentation and there’s a quite a few highlights. Though it does feel like your standard indie record.

Fav Tracks: If You Really Love Nothing, Number 10, The Rover, Surveillance, Mountain Child, Flight Of Fancy

Least Fav Track: Party’s Over

Very Good
Dec 16, 2018*
Zayn is my favorite artist and the only artist I listen to because he totally doesn't sound like every other artist on the radio. How? It's truly ambitious because it copies all the trends that radio pop and R&B artists use like falsetto hooks, millennial whoops, collaborations from other artists, Chainsmokers-esque production and autotune. It totally doesn't sound like any other artist out there. Every song sounds very unique from the last and addresses a variety of deep topics like love, ... read more
Nov 29, 2018*
Sweet shitballs in a tin fucking can this is heavy!
Jan 11, 2019*
For a b-side, this is actually pretty and meticulously-crafted. I don’t think I would’ve minded if this was on “AMSP”. Though at the same time, this isn’t as heavy on the heart as the majority of that album.

Jan 25, 2019*
Just to make it clear, I was never a fan of Bring Me The Horizon to begin with. “amo” ditches their metalcore/post-hardcore roots in favor of a full-on alt-pop approach. The production is great, the instrumentation is alright, the lyrics are... fine and I appreciate their willingness to experiment. However, the whole album is a mixed bag of cool “rock” songs and drab electropop bangers and, overall, I feel indifferent for this album.

Fav Tracks: nihilist blues, MANTRA, ... read more
Mar 23, 2018*
(Original Score: 70)

It's not what people expected, but Boarding House Reach shows Jack White's knack for experimentation. And the result is a brilliant, challenging, mind-bending and extremely creative feast for the ears. Though according to the album art, not for the eyes.

Fav Tracks: Over and Over and Over, Corporation, Ice Station Zebra, Hypermisophoniac, Respect Commander, Humoresque, Connected By Love, Get In The Mind Shaft

Least Fav Track: Why Walk a Dog?

Mar 29, 2018*
I return to this album so much because it's always so damn fun to listen to! It's grand and absolutely rocking. Hell, this is probably one of my favorite records from Ziggy himself!

Fav Tracks: Ziggy Stardust, Starman, Moonage Daydream, Soul Love, Suffragette City, Lady Stardust, Five Years

Least Fav Tracks: I HAVE NONE!!!

Jan 4, 2019
The 8-bit aesthetics are interesting, the transitions are very well done and I bet there’s a cute little concept behind it. But the sloppy mixing and repetition are pretty glaring flaws and some tracks can bore despite their modest lengths.

Fav Tracks: Community Gardens; Starstruck; Jeannie... You’re A Tragedy; Emotional Vagrant; Death, Thrice Drawn; No Leverage / No Pleasure

Least Fav Tracks: Your Viscous Kin, Jeanine

Nov 28, 2018*
While it’s still a little flawed, “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” is a surprising step up in quality for The 1975 (Most of the singles actually grew on me). There’s a lot more substance here while also delivering great production, smart writing and hooks galore! Sure, a couple of tracks are pretty terrible but the highs are so damn high that I’ll let it get away with a better score than I would’ve given it.

Fav Tracks: It’s Not Living (If ... read more
Jan 24, 2019
Vampire Weekend hasn’t changed a bit throughout these past 6-ish years and that makes me happy! Great hook, great vocal melodies, great writing, it’s catchy as hell, this is everything that a VW single should be! This is definitely one of my favorite singles of the year so far!
Mar 18, 2018*
Great production, thought-provoking themes and some of Damon’s best vocals are here in one extraordinary package.

Fav Tracks: Feel Good Inc, DARE, Dirty Harry, Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, El Manana, Kids With Guns, November Has Come, Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head, O Green World

Least Fav Track: Don’t Get Lost In Heaven

May 23, 2018*
Sonically and conceptually, "The Dark Side of the Moon" is one of the greatest albums ever made. Everything about this album is detailed, rich, haunting, beautiful, fuck it! Every adjective! I want to go more into detail about this album, but that would spoil too much!

[Edit: I removed a point because, while I still see why this is regarded as one of the best albums ever made, it’s not one of my personal favorites. Still, I feel the same way about this album. Plz don’t ... read more
Aug 18, 2018*
Mitski is a unique songwriter who should be dedicated and remembered for her craft. The lyrics, melodies and production are so powerful on “Be The Cowboy” that it strikes an emotional chord with almost every song. It’s short but it’s definitely worth it. I’m not gonna spoil much.

Fav Tracks: Nobody, Geyser, Washing Machine Heart, A Pearl, Two Slow Dancers, A Horse Named Cold Air, Come into the Water, Why Didn’t You Stop Me?

Least Fav Track: Blue ... read more
Aug 24, 2018
“Negro Swan” is a beautiful, rewarding album to listen to. It’s so hopeful for the people trying to live the best lives that they can with such emotional resonance. But musically, it’s smooth and hooky enough to draw you in while also being lyrically and melodically sophisticated work. Also, A$AP Rocky is actually a really good collaborator for once!

Fav Tracks: Charcoal Baby, Saint, Hope, Chewing Gum, Jewelry, Smoke, Nappy Wonder, Orlando, Take Your Time

Least Fav ... read more
Oct 26, 2018*
I haven’t seen Luca Guadagnino’s remake of the horror classic “Suspiria” yet (damn you Amazon!) but it’s getting rather divisive reactions from critics. Still, there’s no denying that one of the best factors of the movie is Thom Yorke’s score. It’s a beautifully haunting mix of krautrock and dark ambience that proves that Thom is still one of the greatest producers of our time. It also contains some of his best solo material to date!

Fav Tracks: ... read more
Jul 6, 2018*
NOTHING SOUNDS LIKE THIS!!! Danny Brown sets up a downward spiral of his mental hell, which goes into the some of the wildest hip-hop beats ever produced! This is a must listen!

Fav Tracks: When It Rain, Really Doe, Ain’t It Funny, Pneumonia, Dance In The Water, Today, From The Ground, White Lines, Lost, Hell For It, Tell Me What I Don’t Know

Least Fav Track: Nuh-uh

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