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Pile up the loveletters & copyright access to samples of choice for Adam Demirijian & the boys. Prompt them some more and hopefully the interested of an unconventional masterpiece that would've otherwise been left under the rug as some MySpace relic. The Brave Little Abacus's final long-play release is emo's very own 'ugly duckling' for all the fitting reasons that validates the damn phrase.

There's just something about these records that function with this youth-in-a-box agenda ... read more
Make way for another fine addition into the catalogue of 'state of the art' post-punk. O País A Arder takes the honorary laurel for one of this year's most jagged, sonically wicked efforts. Give the band some deserved love & exposure, seriously. The scene's been booming with pure gold recently, even in the most esoteric instances.

So, If that Black Country, New Roads single knocked your face off, let alone raise an eyebrow. Please, lets detour from there a little bit & look ... read more
You could alternatively be chugging down a cocktail of narcotics and feel the need to step outside your hole & sense this menacing urge to commit as many felonies as you can, till you get pinned down by law enforcement like the trash you are for considering this in the first place.. Or you could turn up to Lightning Bolt's latest release instead.

Chippendale & Gibson have been plowing through with a formula since their debut & I realize that this record is a forerunner to Fantasy ... read more
Do you have this itch for some latter-day punk goodness that just won't dip out? Most probably not, given the A+ material that the scene's been recently putting down for the table. There are too many bands as of late that harbors a certain dazzle. Case and point, be it Protomartyr's stygian narratives, driven with extra doom, black midi's chaotic polyrhythms or IDLES' civilized angst. It's not that easy to try & deviate from what's been already created for originality points, but it's fun ... read more
Angel Olsen's hopeless romances would only shoot for hyper-dramatic grounds that she haven't dipped her foot into until All Mirrors - A filmsy composition of opalescence that depends on it's splendour in an ever so dubious fashion.

The curtains come showering down till that point, sure. But that doesn't mean we can't take away what she has to offer on here. Well, I did try my best to gulp it all down because there are some tracks on here that could potentially rival even the most breathtaking ... read more


Jun 7, 2020
Hey, sorry to bother you, I'm reaching you because I just released my new single and you might be interested. It's still a collaboration between my mate Martin and me and even though times are pretty hard right now, I hope this beach-inspired song will make you smile. If you have the time, you can even rate it and give it a review...

"Along The Dyke" is OUT NOW on soundcloud:

May 9, 2020
What modern band/artist can you confidently say will leave a mark in the landscape of music as we know it? In 10-20 years time, we will reminisce over their addition to music and consider them a "LEGEND", as we do for Bowie, Jimi, Beatles, N.W.A., etc.
May 9, 2020
tysm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive listened to Daughter of Darkness and Terror's Horns, both great albums and ill definitely be listening to some of their other albums soon
May 8, 2020
You are supposed to permanently erase and get rid of one of your favorite artist’s albums which album would it be and who is the artist.
May 7, 2020
May 6, 2020
Thank you very much for all your compliments! Yes, I did the cover art. And I'm very happy to see that you understood the reference to the animated film, it's my buddy's favorite movie, that's why we called our band like that.
May 4, 2020
omg youre back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 4, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, please give it a listen. This is a collaboration between my friend Martin and me. It would be nice if you give it a review or rating. I would love to read what you think.

"Spleen & Lockdown" is OUT NOW on soundcloud:
May 3, 2020
I have been meaning to watch both movies (Pulp Fiction and Stalker).
May 3, 2020
Fetch the Bolt Cutters by Fiona Apple
2017-2019 by Against All Logic
Color Theory by Soccer Mommy
What’s Tonight to Eternity by Cindy Lee
Heaven To A Tortured Mind by Yves Tumor
Every Bad by Porridge Radio


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i now write pretentious & grammatically fucked reviews on my new ac

now, to those that check my reviews out / initiated n chat w/ me, i love, LOVE you v much
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