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wen cancun dropping?

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Dec 15, 2018
BIAS ALERT: TK paves an art rock approach to his work. TK additionally includes an array of instrumentation & explores other production techniques to induce the change. He ends up creating his one of his most ambitious work, flowering.

flowering is an powerhouse of justified melodrama. The musical soundscape of flowering is atmospheric, submerged in dramatic luminosity, but the musicianship & overwhelmingly ravishing arrangements live up to the work flowering put to task. Abrput tempo ... read more
Dec 8, 2018
A prime instance of where an album so musically captivating purely based on emotion, that it subconsciously strips off your ability to pin-point it's flaws.

Referring to the album's final lines:

Sweet kid, I heard you murmur in your sleep
"Crow," you said
"Crow," and I asked
"Are you dreaming about a crow?"
And there she was

This fucked me over. I wish the absolute best for you & your fatherhood, Phil.
Dec 5, 2018*
CRAAAZY grower. If you came to ALLTY3 for something new. Chances are you're getting nothing from this tape, unless you give it some deeper thought. While Trippie goes on with his musical antics as usual, his overall delivery & vocals display some notable refinement. Trippie's knack for melody have finally paid off on this tape, for he's never sounded so fruitfully (unquote till Camp Fire Tale) expressive & passionate. The production is pretty complimentary & cohesive, but can come ... read more
Dec 3, 2018
As of now, Earl's latest effort seems to be hailed as some second-coming Madvillainy, which I'm really not mad at to be honest lmao

Some Rap Songs is a sonically disjointed mess of an album. Due to the intended shitty mix, the majority of the tracklist's content lie submerged underneath it's unorthodox production, often rendering Earl's own performance half-audible at times. Even the pocket-sized runtime of these tracks only further skepticizes the thought if SRS would even form a concrete ... read more
Nov 30, 2018
From a structural standpoint, Stokeley marks as Ski's most cohesive work to date. Stokeley's lyrical content is filled with wacky, yet quirky references & humorous bravado that never ceases to amuse me, not to mention his crazy fast flows is present as ever. Tracks like Foot Fungus & Faucet Failure shows Ski effortlessly springing from word to word underneath some infectiously bouncy production.

This time, Ski ventures through other ways to keep his music fresh by expanding his ... read more
Oct 12, 2018
Sorry, I came to realize I couldn’t do the man justice
Sep 16, 2018
Thanks! Plastic Beach is my favorite record from Gorillaz. I'm actually quite surprised no one added the singles yet until I did.
Aug 26, 2018
Hey! Thanks dude!
Aug 6, 2018
We started blasting to LPs at the same period, that's wild dude hahahahaha
Jul 20, 2018
PNGLIFT / Yeah.. I use them to remember why I gave a certain record a certain score
Started listening to LPs in the summer of 2017 and it's been a blast.

I also draw & illustrate. Check out my socials!

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