Six Impala - RUBBER
Jul 11, 2019
RUBBER is the electronic record far too few people are going to hear this year, as it's an exciting and incredibly engaging blend of myriad different electronic sub-genres. From the eerie and distorted "eyes in the water" to the imposing synth swells of "genesis" to the relentless trap-infused guitar riffs on "trauma" there are several standout tracks to be heard here, all with their own unique textures and tones that differentiate them from similar pieces. RUBBER also manages to effectively incorporate a few skits throughout its run-time, all of which are pretty hilarious transitional pieces that give the record a more concrete personality. If there is an underrated electronic album I'd want to receive more exposure this year, it would be this one without a doubt, and I can't wait to see what Six Impala does next.
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