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Oct 21
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Oct 21

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pressrg -
Bill Callahan's 18th studio album, his Gold Record, is an equally reflective and sharp collection of short stories that juxtapose the simple desires of domestic life—the pleasure of eating breakfast, sleeping in, finally meeting those neighbors you've been avoiding, "living like a cowboy"—with the anything-but-simple realities that often belie and contextualize those pleasures: and so even as Bill pursues the romantic for its own sake, its realm of possibility is forced or ... read more

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pressrg -
The production only really scratches the surface of what noise music can be—there's a strange illusion of experimentalism, but the sampling here is relatively minimalist and risk-free. Even worse are Daveed's flows, which feel belabored and unoriginal, though his lyricism can certainly be fascinating.
pressrg -
A sharp dry breath of air... Moonlight and frost... Empty cobblestone streets... This is probably Julie's best work.

Favorites: Ce Charmant Coeur, Faites de Beaux Rêves, Le Piano, Faites de Beaux Rêves (2).
pressrg -
Despite some moments of lyrical brilliance, Getting Into Knives feels like one of the most belabored and least organic records in The Mountain Goats' catalog: underneath these fantastic and provocative titles—and John's transportative storytelling—lies repeated instances of flat and unaffecting compositions.

We get the sense of this gap between songwriting and lyrical potential from the record's first notes on, again, the stunning title that is "Corsican Mastiff Stride"; ... read more
pressrg -
Excessively gentle, sappy, indie-rock instrumentation paired with impressionistic lyrics and subtle performances. Suits my tastes damn near perfectly.
pressrg -
Adrianne is unafraid of process and fragmentation and she's summoned, here, a pair of tracks that balance natural grace with spontaneity in a way that only this kind of approach could beget. A rippling pool, in rain, just freezing over at the edges...
Oct 23, 2020
Here's a thought... Pop-wise Merrie Amsterberg's "Season Of Rain" and Kitty Craft's "Beats And Breaks From The Flower Patch" might extend your Belle & Sebastian mood.
Oct 13, 2020
sounds awesome, i'll check it out :)
Oct 13, 2020
thanks for the follow man
Sep 2, 2020
@pressrg - Itz Milwaukie with an "i"! I was in the Beav yesterday getting a COVID-19 swab jammed into my nostrils. Highly recommend it. Oh, and your excellent reply to my previous reply makes very good sense to me. I've got a knucklehead in my 'hood that is displaying the bluelivesmatter flag in all its 4'x6' glory. It's all I can do to keep myself from setting his flags on fire. 1st amendment. 1st amendment. Okay. Be safe. The September heat is upon us! - @daFigz™
Sep 1, 2020
I will check out Cynthia Dall for sure, thanks for the suggestion!
Aug 30, 2020
@pressrg - Thanks for the follow. I've decided to follow you as well. I'm on the fence concerning the effectiveness of anarchism. And I know too little about Post-structuralism so your involvement here piqued my interest. The US is a mess. tRUMP & his lemmings are working hard to foment a civil war. Civil... Hmm? An oxymoron to be sure. The heavily militarized "White Nationalist" movement and their assault-style weapons vs. Antifa & their sticks & stones have me worried. #LeftIsTheWay #BLM #SayTheirNames #UFW #VivaLaRaza - Paz! - @daFigz™ PS: What the govt. needs now are #MussoliniHeadKick
Aug 27, 2020
I'm really glad you enjoyed 'em! If I have any more crucial recommendations, I'll shoot 'em your way ;)
Aug 19, 2020
We have a good amount of taste overlap, but man could I never get into Joanna Newsom... I keep meaning to give her more of a fair chance though. Any one album you'd recommend over the other, perhaps the most "accessible".
Jul 25, 2020
I loved your opinion on Kate Bush's Hounds of Love!
Jul 25, 2020
Taking a look at the stuff you seem to really enjoy, I reckon you'd really be into Slint's 'Spiderland' and Leonard Cohen's self-titled album. Pretty obvious records to recommend - the former being a fantastic entry point for a lot of quirky experimental rock/post-punk and the latter being a great representation of a mind being able to employ words in a truly magnificent way, while never forgetting about emotional potency and/or musical prowess - but I still thought I'd bring 'em to your attention in case you've not given your earbuds the pleasure of experiencing them!
Good music is an aesthetic redistribution of the sensible that is always already revolutionary. It's about cultivating a political practice, about channeling our anger against capitalism into a focused and thoughtful outlet: an insurgency on the streets as that praxis which constructs solidarity and comradeship, that replaces the logic of the colonized subject with that of the irreplaceable and non-isolable singularity.
I study poststructuralist philosophy and poetry @ Whitman College.
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