A modest and ever-expanding list of records I find to be overlooked, hidden, bereft of the affecting discussion they warrant. This is not a list of underrated records, in general, but a more ...
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Not indie-rock, as properly considered (I'm excluding Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, and the like): this is that gentler strain of indie music that caught hold in the early 2000s—shimmering melodic ...
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Not everyone here's from Brooklyn, but there's a certain community, a fidelity to a certain kind of sound, which I wanted to amalgamate here, imprecise as such a title might seem... These are ...
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Which has quickly become, for me, the most grounded and groundbreaking record label out there today...
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Categorization feels antithetical to Phil's music, so think of this more as an unqualified imagining: feeling for the budding metaphors in the soft grey stream.
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Matador Records mainstays Yo La Tengo are a band of lovers, purveyors of the dark shades of the romantic... I realized today that Yo La Tengo, since Painful at least, have never released a 'bad' LP. ...
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My year-end list for 2020.
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To celebrate Bill's forthcoming Gold Record, here's a rundown of each of his past studio albums, from his earliest days as Smog, and my accompanying thoughts... Here, also, is a tentative list of my ...
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April 2021 Playlist