Three 6 Mafia - Poppin' My Collar
might be a crazy take but I think that poppin my collar (the one with project pat) is genuinely my favorite rap song of the 2000s
I hope shes doing well and the abuse stuff isn't happening anymore
quannnic - How to Hold a Knife
I appreciate the experimentation on this a lot and dont get me started on the instrumental

It is impossible for a Quannnic song to not have a 10/10 instrumental

only gripe I have with it is the vocals at times but not a major complaint

this could def grow on me even more in the context of the album

edit: just realized the album cover has a belt along with the alcohol, definitely get where the story is going w/ this album

edit 2: growing on me every listen

916frosty - MIRABELLA
I-95 is incredible oh my goodness that production and mixing is unreal

this EP is at his best when he is singing and not rapping imo but the whole thing is super enjoyable for me

that track 4 to 5 transition is crazy

house of the dead is legendary but I'm not a huge fan of the rest

edit: final track grew on me a bit so the EP went up from a 67

Motรถrhead - Ace of Spades
grows on me every listen this is peak music lowkey
Doja Cat - Scarlet
dont sell your soul fellas

I just dont like how this album sounds for the first 3 quarters of it plus it is sooooo long for what its going for

also what is the line "like fortnite, imma need your skin"

Roger Waters - Speak to Me / Breathe
its getting a lot better every single
DC The Don - FUNERAL (Deluxe)
my jacket dont fit you is my favorite dc song that isnt on my own worst enemy
Lil Tecca - TEC
The transition between real discussions and dead or alive might be the best rap transition I have ever heard (that I can think of off the top of my head)
Lil Tecca - Dead or Alive
this my favorite tecca song since never left wow this came outta nowhere
jptrey - pi
some notes I typed up while listening:

I like it when theres more ethereal or melodic background vocals like on blame3 or vocal glitch effects like around halfway through blame3

I like the melodic tracks more typically aside from 215Z, which I think the vocals sound a bit drowned out on and it just doesnt sound great to me.

not so sure about the track placement but thats not a big deal. I'm not 100% sure about going from three's intro and blame3 to waves. I think there could be 2 sides to ... read more

Summrs - What We Didn’t Have
no first listen has ever made me this emotional before

second listen note: yea this is just so good wow
as a massive SIMW enjoyer, I didn't think that summrs fell off but man he OBLITERATED the falling-off allegations
God bless you Rino this is beautiful

City Morgue - My Bloody America
idk why they added the prelude, interlude, and epilogue those just make the album worse imo but the rest of it is good
I was so wrong about this album

42 -> 71

Odetari - XIII Sorrows
havent heard but I like the fact that the name and album cover are references to kingdom hearts 2
Summrs - cope with dope
thank you rino this is what we wanted this is beautiful
Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E.
this is one of the best songs ever
Fires in the Distance - Air Not Meant for Us
listened to this while rereading vagabond, great experience
pretty consistent but the first song is prob my favorite
Yung Frendi - #HealingMusic
I went in expecting good but somewhat generic trap or something (I have never heard frendi until now) and came out amazed and getting the same amazing vibes as I did back when hyperpop was good. It has that whole upbeat-sounding rap vibe that I love
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