Whitney - Light Upon The Lake
Jun 3, 2016

Like many* of the best albums that come out nowadays, Whitney’s debut record is nothing new, but is instead both a refinement of and a combination of many styles and ideas that have been explored before. The themes found in Light Upon the Lake are nothing new. The minute-long “na na” close-out on standout track “Golden Days” certainly isn’t a novel idea, either. The musical style itself dates all the way back to the 60’s and was done better by bands like THE Band. So what does make Light Upon a Lake worthy of the (very) high score I have chosen to give it?
Here are a few of the surface reasons:

#1: Obscenely tight songcraft- Just listen to a song like “No Woman” or “Light Upon the Lake” and try not to feel SOMETHING.

#2: Julian Ehrlich’s voice- Just listen to any song on this album if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

#3: An incredibly likable style- I get it, it’s been done before. Country-tinged rock’n’roll isn’t exactly a novel idea in 2016.. But nobody is doing it this well in 2016 either, and those guitars sound pristine. I would eat off of that guitar sound. They could probably play the same 2 note guitar-line for the duration of the album, and I would still give it a 7/10. However, they don’t do that, and that leads me to my next point.

#4: Tight musicianship: Every horn part, drum fill, bit of light strumming, and crunchy, tightly coiled solo feels firmly bolted in place right where it needs to go. These are experienced musicians that, at this point in their careers, understand their craft.

#5: This is a summer album- I’ve already heard people saying this, but this album just FEELS like summer, mannn. It’s warm. It’s sunny. It’s comfortable. It’s an album that I think I will be revisiting deep into the fall.

#6: It is more than the sum of it’s parts: Like any great, highly derivative album, it doesn’t seem like much going into it, but after listening, you realize that it is so much better than you thought it could possibly be.

Score: 9/10

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Jun 6, 2016
Great review
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