FKA twigs - holy terrain
Sep 9, 2019
From the top of my head: I truly have no idea how I should rate this. Firstly, Future's intro slaps, but his second verse feels uncalled-for. Secondly, the production is way too extravagant, but somehow doesn't blow the song out of proportion. Thirdly, the vocal melody is great, but the trap beat does very little to support it.

Very curious what Fantano will have to say about this.
Sep 9, 2019
You know, I really agree with you. First listen definitely did not blow me away, by any means. I think the reason for that though, is that I went into it expecting an FKA twigs sound with Future on it, but instead we got something more on Future's side of the spectrum, (musically) with twigs vocals.

That being said though, I don't think this is even close to being as good as Cellophane, and I hope this was an isolated venture on the album. I much prefer her vocals over beautiful instrumentals
Sep 9, 2019
Also, I want to add that I don't think it's bad. I see Cellophane around.... 91-92, and this song is more of a 79-82, which is still pretty good.

I think Fantano might put it under best tracks though, he seems to really enjoy twigs, and the music video is great. Her choreography is so slept on, she's an incredible dancer.
Sep 10, 2019
Since the hype is gone, I've decided to give it one more shot. I do not retract what I said yesterday – I still think the trap elements punch well below expectations, and transitions from chorus to verse are pretty damn unexciting, but I have to admit I enjoyed the track quite a bit this time around.

As regards Future, I see eye to eye with you. I wish his presence on the track wasn't asserted to such great extent.
Sep 10, 2019
And yeah, I too think we will see it under best tracks. Not a bad cut at all, not a bad omen for MAGDALENE either.
6d ago
Looks like it's heading for worst tracks after that Track Review.
6d ago
My God, he hates it with a passion.
1d ago
That's pretty much what happened with the new Weezer song: he thought it was bad and ended up finding it tolerable (even though it's pretty mediocre, imo). Then he went to this thinking that it would be LP1 level, got something a level lower and went crazy. It was his first reaction, but it seemed a bit harsh.
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