Backxwash - I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses
Jun 25, 2021 (updated Jun 25, 2021)

Where was you at when I had to trap
Just to pay for my hormones?
Selling white kids mid, claim it’s from a grid
But the shit really homegrown
Dad can you help me afford transition?
Disowned through a cell phone
The look in his face, soul displaced
He don’t know me no more

Much like the scary movies you see in theaters, horrorcore tends to incorporate violence in weirdly entertaining and over-the-top ways. Something about watching Jigsaw force a dude to cut his leg off so he can escape a death trap makes for a great afternoon with friends, just like how listening to Gravediggaz rap about transforming into a murderous vampire or something will surely brighten up your day.

What makes Backxwash's horrorcore stand out from other releases in the genre, however, is that the violence she incorporates in her music is very, very real. Between racism, transmisogyny, oppressively weaponized religion, mental illness, drug abuse, and self-hatred, Backxwash's take on horrorcore is as full of violence as any other release in the genre, but this violence isn't funny, and it's often directed right at Backxwash herself.

Just like the gangster rappers of the 90's who inspired their music, Censored Dialogue (featured on Terror Packets) is forced by the system into selling drugs to survive, this time to pay for hormones, and they are hated by everyone around them for doing so. Hearing these graphic and personal descriptions can be painful, but Backxwash's ability to poetically weave together subjects as complex as racism, religion, and politics makes for a chills-inducing work of art that warrants many relistens.

From the brilliant sample choices, to the impeccable vocal delivery, to the interesting feature contributions, there are countless things that make this album great. But if there's one lesson to take away from I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses, it's that Political Horrorcore is probably the most horrific genres of them all.
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