AOTY 2021
Squid - Bright Green Field
May 11, 2021

OK here it goes....

Fuck Black Country New Road
Fuck black midi
Fuck Shame
Fuck Viagra Boys
Fuck Fontaines D.C.
no seriously, fuck IDLES

Fuck every single god damn critically acclaimed art punk band with a whacky vocalist to come out of Europe in the past 5 years. I'm so god damn tired of it. Your music ain't bad, actually a lot of it is pretty good. But right now I have one very important message to share with you:

You got fucking owned.

Squid wins. Squid wins. Squid wins. Squid is the real fucking deal. I've become so jaded with pretty much every white and nerdy art punk band the internet has overhyped to absurd levels recently, and frankly I went into this album expecting the same story all over again. I mean I liked Squid's EP, but I figured given the immense amount of pressure and hype Squid would inevitably produce yet another well-executed-yet-painfully-contrived record designed to sell vinyl to kids who think they know a thing or two about music. I was so skeptical I didn't even bother to listen to the singles despite the incredible hype.

Welp. I was wrong as fuck. Unlike their contemporaries, when I listen to Squid I don't hear a band that's trying to be the shit. I hear a band that just is the absolute shit. Maybe it's just the nature of making extremely groovy and fun music, or maybe it's just an absurd level of competence and confidence on Squid's part, but what stuns me about Bright Green Field is how absolutely effortless it sounds. Squid will pump out a godly jam and take it on an absolutely absurd journey and it just sounds so fluid and natural, like this is all just fun and games for them. In experimenting with traditionally pretentious genres, they actually make some seriously unpretentious music, which sets them way apart from their contemporaries (it actually sounds punk)

I think there are a few reasons why this works out so well for Squid. For one, the vocalist rips. He sounds goofy, but he also sounds fucking angry, and his lyrics are amusingly abstract without ever crossing the line into tryhard territory. You can't say that about 90% of other modern post-punk bands!

Also, they do a pretty good job at obscuring the fact they're British, which makes this way easier to swallow. I hear incredibly strong influence from distinctly American bands, including Talking Heads, James Chance and the Contortions, B-52s, Liquid Liquid, Women, the list goes on. Unfortunately a little bri'ish Radiohead influence seeps in there once in a while but I can live with that.

Long story short is this record rocks. Narrator is probably one of the best rock songs to come out in like a decade. It's intelligent dance music for chads. It sounds great on drugs. It takes really good influences and actually does something cool with it besides regurgitation. This album does drag a bit in the middle by overindulging in droney and slow moments, but the bottom line is, Squid's in another league.
May 11, 2021
Idles, black midi, and Black Country, New Road beat Squid pretty easily
May 27, 2021
Jun 1, 2021
good review but the part where you said "fuck idles" pisses me off
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