Although I think this is a bit of a step down from their debut album Somewhere City, there's really no denying Origami Angel has a ton of talent-- their mathy emo punk formula is honestly just a blast to listen to. Incorporating influences from heavier and more technical genres like metalcore and math rock and executing that flawlessly beneath their whimsical vocal melodies creates a great contrast between poppiness and heaviness that's as infectious as it is creative. It's the formula they absolutely nailed in their debut and they continue to explore in Gami Gang.

Unfortunately they do run into some issues with this record that weren't present in Somewhere City. The Origami Angel formula, as great as it is, does get tiring and a bit predictable within a 50 minute runtime. For example the hardcore breakdown at the end of Neutrogena Spektor feels pretty forced and predictable, even if the riff is pretty cool. Speaking of Neutrogena Spektor, those lyrics are straight out of a Disney Channel original movie. Their lyrics have always been pretty juvenile but in Gami Gang it does start to bother me.

On top of their formula kind of wearing out, the production and songwriting choices make this album a bit softer and cleaner than their debut, which I don't like. While Somewhere City's instrumentation was like an epic punch to the face, Gami Gang feels a tad softer and quieter. I don't care much for the acoustic guitar parts as well as the machine drum parts, I guess I just really think Origami Angel is at their best when they're getting heavy. There definitely are still heavy moments here I just don't think they shine as well as they did in their debut.

Overall this is still a great album by an outstanding band, and although I have a long list of complaints that's just because they set the bar really, really high with their debut. Don't skip this if you're a fan, and if you haven't already definitely go listen to Somewhere City
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May 7, 2021
"Overall this is still a great album by an outstanding band"

Wouldn't think it based on literally everything else that you wrote. This feels like an album you hated but knew others would love and so you played both sides. Have the courage of your convictions next time, even if they're fucking wrong.
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