AOTY 2021
Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters
Oct 28, 2021

Recently Anthony Fantano went on a bit of a Twitter tirade with his assertion that conservatives are not capable of making great music or art. As a leftist I admittedly got a kick out of it, however I also initially found it somewhat facile by minimizing the complexities of art/politics/human psychology. Sadly, after listening to Blue Banisters by Lana Del Rey, it seems this record has demonstrably proved Anthony Fantano's point.

Lana Del Rey's music and aesthetic is simply oozing with conservatism. She literally looks racist, and her previous racist actions prove she is in fact racist. Musically, she takes a remarkably conservative approach; regurgitate the trends and influences of other successful singer/songwriter artists of today, while totally failing to grow her style musically whatsoever. Lyrically she has somehow receded into basically a robot. The "emotions" conveyed here sound like an AI was told to write it based off the most cliché inputs imaginable. Her music has lost all appeal and she only maintains status through the dedicated, toxic cult she has built around herself (much like Trump).

In short, Blue Banisters and Lana's recent era of her career takes all the shortcomings of conservatism and expresses them in their least interesting form. It's just as bad as Chemtrails over the Country Club, but arguably WORSE because it's longer. I disagree with Fantano on a lot but here it seems we may see eye to eye. Avoid this album, do not reward this laziness with streams.
Oct 29, 2021
Oct 29, 2021
Nov 1, 2021
penis in my ass
Nov 2, 2021
I thought you were just a troll or whatever from the little I'd seen on YouTube but this is an incredibly well written review wtf
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