Sewerslvt - Skitzofrenia Simulation

Sewerslvt, on a personal level, is clearly in the process of making significant changes to her artistic image. Between the controversies, criticism, and transphobic bigotry she faces, as well as who else knows what the hell is going on in her personal life, Sewerslvt's once very online presence has all but disappeared. A few messages on Patreon and Discord reveal she's having a difficult time, and she has also changed her alias from Jvnko to June, possibly to help distance herself from her regrettable past. She even indicated we may see the end of Sewerslvt as an artistic project within the next release or so.

Although Sewerslvt is departing from her past identity as Jvnko, musically, this album is very much a continuation of what makes the Sewerslvt project so interesting. The intense combination of depressive dreampunk ambience and abrasive Drum and Bass percussion is really Sewerslvt's bread and butter, and in Skitzofrenia Simulation she pushes these contrasting elements to their limit. Bouncing between extremely restrained tracks like My Fvcked up Head to absolutely punishing songs like Looming.Sorrow.Descent. surely creates a dizzying and disorderly effect, probably what she was going for given the album title. Throughout this record Sewerslvt is experimenting with all sorts of moods and energies, showcasing her versatility and creativity as an artist.

Although this album is full of talent, I frankly don't enjoy the quieter moments nearly as much as the more intense ones. There's a bit too much meandering between tracks with long pauses and ambient moments that kind of just slow the whole album down. With that in mind, this album isn't as pleasant of a listen from start to finish compared to Draining Love Story in my opinion, but it's still Sewerslvt, and that means it's still very good.

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Nov 30, 2020
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