- This World Is Going to Ruin You

Vein's debut album Errorzone is my absolute favorite release of 2018, and it honestly deserves a lot of credit for helping me get deeper into mathcore. Vein's technical talent is on full display in Errorzone's brief runtime; it is a cohesive and undeniably fun release packed with creativity. With all its weird breakdowns and digressions into nu-metal territory, Errorzone manages to blow your mind without sounding like the band gives the slightest crud what you think of their style.

Because Errorzone means so much to me, I was really looking forward to This World Is Going to Ruin You. I love metalcore, but admittedly a lot of it is pretty samey, so another dose of that unique package is a treat worth anticipating. And while This World Is Going to Ruin You does contain top-tier hardcore with plenty of excitement, I can't say it fully satisfied me in the way I was hoping it would.

As clearly depicted in the album cover and title, has taken a darker, harder, and more aggressive shift in This World Is Going to Ruin You . While Errorzone was as weird and techy as a David Cronenberg film, this one feels a bit more like a Giallo slasher. That's a perfectly acceptable creative pivot for a hardcore band to make-- but it is a generic one to be sure. How many extreme punk and metal bands have indulged in these grisly themes already? It's way more common than the madness you can find Errorzone.

Along with the underwhelming thematic direction, this album is musically more straightforward compared to their debut. It's heavy-hitting metalcore, and often extremely fun, but the dynamics are a bit more contrived, and the creativity has been hollowed. At 2 minutes and with seemingly only two notes, Wherever You Are is a particularly lazy interlude. It feels written on the spot without any passion, and it is a shame it wastes your time in already such a short record. This interlude is followed up with a dizzying array of short songs that don't really stick, making the entire middle of the record feel particularly weak.

At the end of the record, we do get Funeral Sound, which is in my opinion's best execution at this darker new formula, as well as their longest song to date. It is a reminder that even if I don't love everything this record has accomplished, at the end of the day this IS a really talented band capable of doing anything.

When all is said and done, I had fun with this record, and any metalcore fan will feel the same. But in my opinion the magic of Errorzone just isn't here, and the amplified heaviness doesn't make up for it.

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