Muse's album Will of the People is the ultimate musical embodiment of the capitalist grifter class which utilizes vague anti-establishment rhetoric in an ironic maximization of profit and establishmentarian power. Writing a disco-pop song about how you're a victim of oppression because you need to wear a mask, while you make millions of dollars off disco-pop, while your listeners are dying of the disease you're telling them they don't need to worry about, while you get to not worry about the disease because your disco-pop has afforded you a private jet is just... well it's a lot of things but anti-establishment isn't one of them.

If you think I'm being cheeky by calling this libertarian griftercore, I want you to take note that libertarian grifter Tim Pool is throwing a fit equally as juvenile as this music because it turns out he also recently released a similarly vapid libertarian political protest song called Will of the People featuring leftists destroying statues on the album artwork and a nauseating sense of victimhood. Tim Pool is mad because he thinks this coincidence somehow means the system is rigged against him; any outside observer will laugh because it clearly just means he's a remarkably uncreative musician as much as he's a remarkably empty political thinker. It says the very same thing about Muse.

I don't think Muse is actually smart enough to have a coherent political ideology, so I don't feel totally comfortable calling it "libertarian" per se, but I'm rolling with it because that's what boys who cite 1984 a lot without having read the book tend to be. I don't call Muse "boys" figuratively; the lyrics are transparently rooted in a psychological discontent with authority rather than actually giving a shit about the daily lives of the working class, exactly in line with what you'd hear from an unbending toddler who just found out it's time to finally get potty trained. The fact that Matt tried to insist "Compliance" was a song about Russia's invasion of Ukraine rather than the clear anti-mask message it is (the song was released only a month after the invasion and has basically no war-related lyrics), is such laughable bullshit that it's really shameful no music journalist properly called him out on it.

In terms of the music, this is actually a bit frustrating. Because as shamefully ignorant and money hungry as they are, Muse is definitely talented. I'll admit I'm a sucker for cheesy metalcore, alternative metal, and progressive metal, so when Muse absolutely shreds in Kill or Be Killed, all of a sudden my IQ drops enough that libertarianism starts to sound pretty appealing, actually. Also whatever the hell they are doing in Verona, I don't know but it sounds pretty damn cool. The production is aggressively poppy, completely sucking the soul out of anything that may have resembled a soul in some of these riffs, BUT when the album goes hard it truly goes hard. And let's be real, if we ignore the cringe Great Reset conspiracy lyrics in Ghost, that's a pretty damn good melody sung by a beautiful voice.

Such a talented band gone to waste due to capitalism's aggressive incentives to be dumb and make as much money as possible. Oh well.

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