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Uni student with too much time on his hands. Favorite genres: Shoegaze, electronic / electronica, electropop, house, dance, funk, alt-rock, garage rock, jazz, post-punk, post-hardcore, glam rock, indie, hip hop
piere bourne
i like lil uzi vert ali_ali_ali_ali_ali_ali_ali_9 100 - Drip Sauce 90-99 - Favorites 80-89- Lovely Listens 70-79 - Good 60-69 - Alright 50-59 - Mid 40-49 - Not so good 30-39 - Not good 20-29 - Really not so good 10-19 - Really not good 0-9 - I ccome to realise I domt dislike much
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Riley Schmedeman ty for 200! 100 - schmedes-core classic 90-99 - heat from the stu 80-89 - dab me up 70-79 - ight 60-69 - has swag but no drip 50-59 - jason coleman 40-49 - elon musk wario 30-39 - marvel cinematic universe 20-29 - mayonnaise 10-19 - lil nas x haters 0-9 - weezer
playboi carti stan account | they/them
bein a massive bad ass
i will show no respect to merzbow fans 100- an album that is super personal to me 90- an amazing album i'm going to revisit a lot 80- a great album that I'll come back to every so often 70- a good album but i won't be coming back 60- good album but could be a lot better 50-pretty flawed 40- unenjoyable 30- not my thing at all 20- very bad i don't wanna think about it 10- shitty piece of ass that makes me angry 0- pain if its got a 5 at the end it means i cant decide between 2 scores for now
Get Me Away from Here, I'm Scuba Diving
ACAB // Turning along the ellipsis...
Good music is an aesthetic redistribution of the sensible that is always already revolutionary. It's about cultivating a political practice, about channeling our anger against capitalism into a focused and thoughtful outlet: an insurgency on the streets as that praxis which constructs solidarity and comradeship, that replaces the logic of the colonized subject with that of the irreplaceable and non-isolable singularity. * I'm a scholar of poststructuralist philosophy, based in the Pacific NW.
This is @riverowo's new account lol, I lost the password to the previous account so I've had to make YET another. they/them pronouns plz thank u :3 please enjoy my shit reviews and super lenient ratings. I'm trying to get AOTY to delete all my other accounts but they won't respond hshdfkjds. I'm @/accidental_indie_memes on Instagram btw :3 I'm the admin called river (obviously)
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I enjoy reviewing music occasionally.

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Black Lives Matter I like music. I deliver and overall I review music. RANKINGS: 100/100 PERFECT 90-99/100 ALMOST PERFECT 80-89/100 GREAT 70/79/100 GOOD 60-69/100 OK / ALRIGHT / DECENT 50-59/100 FORGETTABLE 40-49/100 NOT GOOD 30-39/100 BAD 20-29/100 REALLY BAD 10-19/100 AWFUL 1-9/100 BASICALLY COMPLETE TRASH 0/100 COMPLETE GARBAGE WITH NOTHING GOOD RYM: Letterbox:
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. Just rating what i listen to. I rate based on personal enjoyment so Don't get offended.i'm just being honest 90-100: masterpiece 80-89: great 70-79: good 60-69: not bad 50-59: meh 40-49: not good 30-39: bad 20-29: laughably bad 10-19: oh no what are they doing? 0-9: not music. All time favorite artists: radiohead, pink floyd, leonard cohen, eminem, linkin park, system of a down, metallica and the beatles
the mint beagle, punk archive ratings are arbitrary, reviews are half-thought ill rate one piece per artist, unless its special to me as someone who struggles with the silliness of proper genre use, i hope to share my favorite music on a spectrum of the canterbury tales, using the ideal of certain characters as the sound it should incorporate. i do not know if ever i will be able to sufficiently congregate lists that make sense to those viewing, but i hope to have fun doing so :)

Thank you, João.
Thank you, João. This accounts is NOT a joke, please do not compare ratings with my rateyourmusic account, oh god oh fuck
Vinyl reviews on Instagram... when I can be assed I’ll usually only rate it if I like it, and I probably will
Follow my YouTube channel for more reviews. More or less stick to Electronic/Hip Hop.
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I'm an amateur album reviewer trying to review as many albums as possible just to find new music that I enjoy. My reviews are my opinion and are entirely subjective. Just because I like or dislike an album does not mean that is actually a good or a bad album. 0-40 = did not enjoy, 50-100 = enjoyed.
Classy AND Assy
I'm an unfunny idiot baby who doesn't have any friends!!!!!! But I love music so.. 20, He/Him, En/Es #SqualchGang2020 😈
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Picture: Jacob Scott of Pale Seas
23 • 🇨🇦/⚜️ • He/Him I’m a tall bloke with adhd, former a&r for an EDM label and I enjoy expressing my thoughts about music 👂🏼 100 - Holy Schnaps 😯 90 - Great 😃 80 - Bop 😏 70 - Nice 🙂 60 - Okay 👍🏼 50 - Mixed 😐 40 - Meh 😕 30 - No ☹️ 20 - Fat no 🥱 10 - Big oof 🥲 0 - 🤣 Bandcamp: Discord ID: Baylen#4063 To quote the melon: ''y'all know this is just my opinion right?''
brb, working on a vinyl collection yt video
hi. i use this to store ratings of my reviews on my site. I also comment on albums too :)
Taylor swifts left toe
don't hmu unless you're jack Antonoff 😤. I also cannot type for the life of me so if you see a typo, politely keep scrolling. if I don't follow you back yell at me in the shoutbox.
Music nerd from the Netherlands that loves to listen to all kinds of music. Besides listening to music, I play guitar and sing (@sebastiaan_reddering on Instagram). Generally, I only write reviews about records that I find interesting prior to listening to it. Therefore, I rarely give bad ratings to records. My favorite band of all time is The Beatles and my favorite current artist is Moses Sumney. Please let me know what your favorite artist is. I am always ready to discover new artists.
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*fart noise* lol retired hoodrat
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................................................................................... 100 = Masterpiece 90-99 = Almost perfect 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Mediocre 40-49 = Bad 30-39 = Very Bad 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Disgusting 0-9 = Extremely rotten and disgusting
Radiohead's 1993 MTV Beach House performance
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pharrell stan also frank ocean is my favorite artist
Morgantown, WV
Im just a fancy frog with a fancy taste in music. Thank you everyone for over 300 followers!
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“There is a light that never goes out” 100 - Sanctuary chords, harmony, melodies even riffs can be 99-85 - Relevant, set-changing albums 84-75 - Well-produced albums with higher impact 74-65 - Good albums with cultural or musical impact 64-55 - Ordinary albums 54-44 - More fillers than anything 43-below - It shouldn’t been released. Why not waiting to produce something better?
at least i get to use my sexy picrews here
hi, i'm oakie they/she|14 library is physical collection, liked albums are albums i like (duh) i follow anyone who seems cool Big smelly fart. -~- 96-100 - masterpiece/personal faves 90-95 - brilliant 80 - great 70 - good 60 - alright 50 - mediocre 40 - poor 30 - bad 20 - horrid 10 - repulsive 0 - Fucker's Palace ~-~
Tyler Damsma
New Jersey
Looking for shit that sounds good on the ears. Vocals usually register as another instrument to me, so I don't weigh in too much on lyrics. Favorite genres: Indie rock/pop, hip-hop, metal, experimental. Favorite artists: Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend Favorite album: At War With The Mystics - The Flaming Lips Not putting a rating guide because you know how numbers work. The bigger the number, the more I liked it. (But replay-ability is a big factor, so expect numbers to change.)
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TY FOR 200 FOLLOWERS I CAN'T BELIEVE I TRICKED ALL OF YOU INTO THINKING MY MUSIC TASTE IS GOOD HAHA I review singles and albums from all genres. Every Friday I review all singles in the morning and then a couple albums in the afternoon. My dad always used to tell me "Quantity over quality" Fun Fact: I have 9 siblings
This account is practically dead, and I deleted all my reviews because almost all were trash but I might come on every now and then to see what's going on here. I'll miss you guys, thanks for the times here. If you still want to contact me elsewhere: Miraheze: FullInterTurn (at The Horrible Music and Songs Wikia) Fandom: ThatNamelessDude (at Best/Average Music Wiki, Wikitubia) Roblox: LightningDeadBoi7 YouTube: Person of Existence Discord: DarkLeverage#3185 Twitter: @FrostintheDark1
somewhere in new york
17 | Fan of all music | Guitarist, Musician, & Amateur Producer Favorite Bands: Radiohead/Smashing Pumpkins/Incubus/Queens of the Stone Age/ Soundgarden
Los Angeles
I listen to music with my ears and decide if I like it. I have some odd takes. Also I follow back everyone that follows me. Anything 60 and above is basically good, I'm rarely gonna give a 10 or below a 1. Current Projects: - Fantano's End of Decade Lists (Top 200) - 1001 Albums You Must Listen To Before You Die - Led Zeppelin: RANKED
Would anyone be interested in seeing me rank any specific years, bands or artists? (He/Him/They/Them) My AOTY (so far) - Squid: Bright Green Field. I just rate and list by year of release. Drop me recommendations in my shout box.
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Welcome Please enjoy the rugged manliness of David Gilmour, as seen above. My music opinions are all objectively correct, and there is nothing you can say to dispute that. I am a: - Musical Genius - Regular Genius - Weezer roadie searching for my Weezette - Professional Kiss enjoyer - Professional Rush disliker My Spotify profile:
obsessing over matt champion (つ・▽・)つ
tysfm for 500!! 💜 & 2000 likes :)) 17 // mexico city // any pronouns // sucker for a good instrumental // library is vinyl/cds ig: @nathan.askenazi discord: nathanasten#2561 switch: SW-8403-5982-5020 DICTIONARY DEFINITION: ----> ★☆ ★☆ <---- º③ ★☆ ºº② ★☆ ººº① ★☆ WORST TRACK————> ★☆
mfw i stop being active here
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I am the Ultimate Sniper: Sniping the best (and worst) albums since 1996. Feel free to share your opinions in my box. I publish short reviews on whatever I feel like. I am new to AOTY... I'm "NOT" an ALT! Wink ;) I follow a lot of people in hopes that they will follow me back or read my reviews. What? At least I am honest about it... -Note: English is not my first language. Please excuse errors :)

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