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A confused, dumbass, snobby, unqualified, disrespectful, idiotic, uneducated, downright stupid, and deaf music enjoyer according to comments I've gotten Expect minor spelling errors with that many reviews under my belt All of my rankings are off enjoyment, I save my thoughts/critiques for the actual reviews 100 is a perfect album to me 90 is excellent 80 is great 70 is good 60 is decent 50 is fine 40 is eh 30 is boring 20 is not good 10 is bad >10 is yikes
16 like music especially rap but I want to listen to more genres and am trying to review everyone I follows 10/10 albums and if you follow me I will follow you back
I'm not exactly a professional at reviewing so this is all just based on personal enjoyment (Favourite are just some of my 10s picked from random) ✝️ Chelsea fan 🔵🦁 Male he/him Thank you to everyone who has been following and/or liking my reviews recently
im authen. bisexual brazillian he/they black guy on the internet who likes music too much. im an cat irl. not joking. linux user. big privacy nerd. cash money. likes to make horrible music for fun. fl studio and r/Drumkits my beloved. the 186th biggest fan of quinn. has downloaded a car before.
Lover of all things metal and noise rock(Dont send hate at me because I dislike a album you like thats cringe as fuck) Recs are open
He/Him, 14, Bisexual, Asexual, and the biggest Fishmans/Parannoul fanboy ever I am a extremely postive rater but 100s = favorites Feel free to self promo Married to @maddietheidiot 😲 I make moozak!
He/Him 16 I like music and exploring music I'm biased towards The Hives I'm moving to just outta 10 instead of bs 77's vs 78's n shit I change my scores often because sometimes I literally just don't get it until like a third listen or hate it after a few listens.
@Pity_’s friend New York (not actually) Kai Whiston fan (of his music) Me and @Suzie love James Ferraro’s music #Ferraro4Lyfe 16, any pronouns 🎅 Normally, I don’t use this website much, I’m also a RYM user under the name CrazyReviews (not to be confused with a user who has the same username as me from AOTY)
13 y/o reviewer (he/him) Serious reviews only, reviews come with both critical & personal scores, simplified into one. Library is my Vinyl/CD collection. Here we Review Rap, Indie, R&B, Pop and Rock. Would always appreciate feedback under reviews! Everything under 50, I consider bad, everything over 65, I consider good. Leave album suggestions in my shoutbox and I’ll try and listen. YouTube channel on the way!
Hi I like nu metal Don't take my ratings too seriously 17 Discord: HattieJosh
White Man
White man.
Formerly Keeby64
17. I like philosophy, music and Literature. I also like to argue about ideas or any thing I like, so if you want to talk about music or whatever, i am willing to do it.
The Plague Review
I am The Plague Review on TikTok. Feel free to ask questions Join Plaguecord: . Discord: theplaguereview My rating system: 90-100: Favorite 70-85: Love 50-65: Like 30-45: Not my thing 10-25: Dislike 0-5: Disgustin'
Hey y’all; Music is a psyop 💯🤍✝️ Aspiring writer/deep listener Follow me back! Im going to start pro reviewing in 2024! Give me recs! I'll literally listen to anything (I listen to like 5 different albums a day) Library is my vinyl
she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ bad writing with an even worse music taste ALWAYS open to recommendations/community lists in my shoutbox—dont be afraid to reach out bc im kinda bad at doing it myself lol my spotify acc is whaaaaaaaaaaaa rating system: 0-50: unlistenable 51-100: slightly above unlistenable
Hi My name is Leonino and I am 16 wowzers, amazeballs Library is the vinyl I change my ratings like Peggy changes LP! Make your own opinions :) Analyzing, criticizing and reviewing music is my hobby. I HATE KANYE FANS!!!! 100: Perfect 90-99: Extraordinary/Near perfect 80-89: Amazing - Incredible 70-79: Pretty great - Really good 60-69: Decent - Pretty Good 50-59: Mid - Okay 0-49: Varying amounts of bad THEME: Album recommendations 🥰 ♪ ılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılı ♪
formerly @songsabtflowers these are my definitive opinions on these albums Follow @please.pass.the.prozac on instagram for more content
I rate here only the music I listened to in 2023 (and also my favorite albums), my full catalog is on rym
Library = Planning on Listening
So, you're just gonna sit here and read my bio? Don't you have better things to do?
Music Nerd, but still finding and exploring genres and artist :). Speak portuguese, english and partly russian and Team Fortress 2 is my favorite game of all time. How my ratings work: 100 - Masterpiece 90 - Amazing, near flawless 80 - Great album 70 - Good, some issues but worthy to check out 60 - Decent, could have been better 50 - Mediocre, mixed bag of songs 40 - Disappointment 30 - Bad 20 - Awful 10 - Appallingly Horrible 0 - Crime Against Humanity
I do a thing and I like what I like. Everyone has a opinion and mine is mine.
I'm a lo-fi/indie rock musician who wants to give brief thoughts on records they've been revisiting or checking out for the first time (hence less negative ones). I crank out so many rankings/reviews in short times b/c I write down everything in my phone then transfer to my laptop once I have a lot of albums I've put thoughts down for. Album/Track rating meanings: Amazing to Perfect: 85-100 Great to Amazing: 75-85 Good to Great: 65-75 Meh to Good: 45-65 Bad to Meh: 30-45 ?!?!?!: 0-30
i dont know where i get these followers from but thank you
Artist and casual music nerd. Big metal/rock fan although I'm open to most genres. Don't really expect any in depth reviews or comments from me. Ratings based primarily on personal opinion/enjoyment.
I am a guy that likes Radiohead and Pavement a little too much I have the worst reviews on this site Reviews when I want to Bisexual He/Him Favorite band: Radiohead I’m changing my Favorite albums. My favorite album is still kid A. 99-100: favorite albums 90-98: so very close to being perfect 80-89 great album 70-79 very okay 60-69 okAy 50-59 not good 40-49 piss 30-39 get it away from me plz 20-29 eww 10-19 no 0-9 death
(she/her) thank you for stopping by! i love discovering new music, so please feel free to recommend anything you think i'd like based on my current ratings:) i'm mostly here to write reviews of albums i like, and discover some new music! my library is full of albums i want to listen to
i like loud and noisy music 😺 #RiaLivesMatter #RLM #UnbanThem discord: miserythrope
SHE/HER Discord: dantorr Just a silly little girl that listens to the sounds in my computer If i rate something negatively then you know it's bad 100: Near to pure perfection 90 - 98: Brilliant 80 - 88: Really good 70 - 78: good 60 - 68: eh? 50 - 58: mid 40 - 48: below average 30 - 38: Bad 20 - 28: Super duper bad 10 - 18: Awful 2 - 8: No. 0: DIE When is the next 10/10
IF YOU ARE A FALSE DON'T ENTRY BECAUSE YOU'LL BE BURNED AND DIED here ye will encounter all manner of loud and/or evil music ... im particularly partial to death metal (especially osdm & death n' roll), sludge, first/second wave black metal, vintage extreme metal, war metal, garage punk and hardcore of all varieties (particularly 80s hxc and beatdown) but i am a lover of everything else too <-- follow if u wish to hear my thoughts on other music
I tend not to give music I don't enjoy the time of day, so don't expect many negative ratings lol Play Celeste
haiiii :3 Shoegaze LOVER!!!!!! Favourite bands/artist: Swans, Car Seat Headrest, Radiohead, BCNR I'm literally obsessed with listening to music, so feel free to recommend some artist/albums :D RANKINGS: 95-100: Mind-blowingly Amazing 90-94: Spectacular 80-89: Great 70-79: Good 60-69 Alright 50-59: Snoozer 40-49: Kind of Bad 30-39: Dreadful 20-29: Terrible 10-19: Stinky Poopy Garbage 0-9: Makes Me Want To Tear Out My Eardrums (Everything in my library is stuff I have on vinyl)
Number 1 meth cooker
Insight Zoidberg
liked albums = albums i own physically library = listen later track (not single) ratings are relative to the album 0 = i literally could not find a single redeeming quality 1-9 = unlistenable 10-19 = borderline unlistenable 20-29 = i hate this so much 30-39 = absolute trash 40-49 = bad 50-59 = i'm like- "eh" 60-69 = i liked it 70-79 = really good! 80-89 = fantaaaastic 90-98 = unbelievably amazing 99 = masterpiece 100 = i love every song and it blew my mind she/her discord = insightzoidberg
i hate music but i love poutine assigning a numeric rating to art is fucking dumb but i'll do the best i can ecksdee
Rate Your Music user since 2020. Album of The Year user since 2023. Linux user since 2021. Computer Science university graduate in 2023. Cishet guy (he/him).
21 / musically challenged
comunacho melómano

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