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Enjoyer of hip-hop, noise rock, and Ichiko Aoba. If you disagree with my opinion, then you are wrong. Sorry. I don't make the rules. Library is vinyls RYM: Based Account --> Reviews every Friday and Monday, occasionally with one more review thrown into the mix on a random day. I have no association with the linked account πŸ™… Currently binging: Swans discog
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16y/o He/him
France / The history of the albums / CFCE 87.8 FM
Hi! I hope to be able to debate with passionate people like you, that's why I joined AOTY Serie / mini Serie (in my lists) - The history of the albums - hip hop think tank - baguette et bΓ©ret
kawaii death grips
Grand Canyon
they/them 0_0 Britain person go 'myouusic' Library is used for albums I'm planning on listening to at some time, feel free to give me recs! Likes = fav singles (as I sometimes forget to rate them lol) Co-Owner of Insomnia Café. 2x AOTY Award winner I guess 😎
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Formerly the guy with the yellow flannel pfp Rating System: 100 = Flawless 95-99 = Masterpieces 90-94 = Incredible 85-89 = Great 80-84 = Very Good 70-79 = Good/Enjoyable 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Ok (Indifferent) 40-49 = Mostly Bad/Mediocre 30-39 = Bad 20-29 = Terrible 10-19 = Shit 0-9 = Literally The Worst Thing Ever Tierra Whack & Jensen McRae stan Ratings change alot
why are we still here? just to suffer? every night
Black Lives Matter 19 he/him; Romanian diaspora just chilling in Chicago I use a weighted scale for all my scores, how that works I'm not telling you constantly swiveling between shitposting and seriousness, so take what I say with a grain of salt I guess I'm on RYM now? I've only imported 90s and some 70s albums ratings but if you want to follow me there too:
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A new direction for those account is on its way.
n o s t a l g i a
20 year old Polish/Irish music nerd with nothing better to do with his life. I'm also the Co-Host of the Taped Podcast on YouTube along with @MickyT. I also have my own YouTube channel which is linked below. He/Him Singles account: @NostalgiaSingle Follow my girlfriend: @kathart ADD ME ON DISCORD: Nostalgia#5860 MY RYM: MY LETTERBOXD: MY MAL:
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I'm a musician in Idaho and I enjoy making music and listening to good music that gives me inspiration and I like to share those inspirations with others. No self-promo in my shoutbox please and thank you 100 - 98 = Masterpiece (10's) 97 - 50 = Amazing to Okay 49 - 0 = Not So Great to OHGODPLEASENO
app roaching s ound barr ier
18, Canada
Rest In Peace MF DOOM and SOPHIE
you know, this twat! @CLJesse is my significant twat ROLLERCOASTER: Please don't self promo in my shoutbox! MY MUSIC: RYAN BENIS (Experimental Rap): DONATE (if you want):
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I'm a 16 year old egirl that pretends that my musical opinions matter. My name is Charlise, and my aliases are C.L. Jesse & Johnny Truant. @PipePanic is my eboy. Do not self promo in my shoutbox. It's annoying. ***96+ is equal to a 10/10*** 65-100: Like/Love 60-64: Kinda goodish but really flawed 50-59: Mid 40-49: Mediocre 0-30: Shit Spotify: C.L. Jesse DA: CLJesse Letterboxd: CLJesse
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γ€Ž 15 ~ M 』 I like music, I think The Collective/CFCE 87.8 FM ✯ Thank you all so much for 1000+ followers! ✯ ✩ Talk to me on Discord! Matthew#9209 ✩ ✯ Discord server link under the bio! ✯ ❈ Taking music suggestions in my shout box! ❈ ―――――――――――― γ€Ž Grading Scale 』 100 = Perfection 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Alright 50-59 = Average 40-49 = Poor 30-39 = Bad 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Atrocious 0-9 = Horrendous
Hello, my name is Josh and I have a strong interest in plants and music. To be transparent and frank, I'm constantly sparring with an inevitable decline into pronouncing unironically pretentious and dubious things.
Louis β˜•
wow i havent been reviewing much lately but im BACK AGAIN AND BETTER THAN EVER account under CONSTRUCTION! library is my vinyl collection current binge-listen: kate bush
AOTY’s most inconsistent reviewer
I Rarely talk about or rate shit I don’t fw. Unless it’s something so bad that’s its fun to poke fun at or something that I was looking forward to but ended up being disappointed with. Don't get mad at my opinions BRUHH 100 - Masterpiece. 90-99: Amazing/fantastic/outstanding etc. 80-89: Great. 70-79: Good. 60-69: Decent. 50-59: mediocre/indifferent. 40-49: Not good. 30-39: Really bad. 20-29: Awful. 10-19: absolutely abysmal. 0-9: Something so bad that it's genuinely painful to get through.
Heinz White Vinegar
I’m on my journey on discovering more music and expanding my music taste. I’d really appreciate you guys if you recommend me music that you think everyone should listen to or recommend me music based on my music taste. ACCOUNT ON HIATUS
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Yep, I'm that one dude who hears colors. Phoenix🏜 | CFCE 87.8 FM | The Collective He/him | YouTuber Part of the musical duo Orchid Inc. BLACK LIVES MATTER I use an equation to get my ratings. NO SELF-PROMO IN MY SHOUTBOX psst... I'm on RYM too. 100: Masterpiece 99-90: Exceptional 89-80: Amazing 79-75: Great 74-70: Good 69-60: Decent 59-50: Impartial 49-40: Mediocre 39-30: Bad 29-20: Horrendous 19-10: Dreadful 9-0: Unacceptable
electronic sound waves shaping the world
Hi, my name is Tristan. 50+ is positive 40- is negative Owner of π™π™π™š π˜Ύπ™€π™‘π™‘π™šπ™˜π™©π™žπ™«π™š Add me on 𝓭𝓲𝓼𝓬𝓸𝓻𝓭: Tristan#6543 Thank you for 1000+ Letterbox:
off to the hibernating cave i go
Music, am I right? The exploration never ends! Welcome to my page, enjoy your comfy stay, and join me in the wonderful road of musical searching! Got some series coming up, stay tuned! You can check my lists for that. 55+ are albums I liked! To different levels of extent of course. Also fancies a nice conversation, so feel free to hit me up in the shoutbox!
Micky T
Veridis Quo
20 year old Irish music nerd. I listen to as many albums that I can whenever they release and of course go through as many classics and discographies too. Bit of a wannabe Youtuber on the side: Micky T If your not following him already, follow the homie : @nostalgia Check out our podcast too: The Cassete Tape - The Taped Podcast Instagram: @mickyt_reviews
he/they -- i know way too much about rollercoasters and i have shitty music taste please kick me in the stomach DA RATIN' SCALE: 100: all-time favorites 90-99: incredible, damn near perfect 80-89: great 70-79: good 60-69: decent 50-59: mid 40-49: not great, some decent moments tho 30-39: bad 20-29: very bad 10-19: absolutely horrid 0-9: oh god run INSTA: @dbottini112 DISCORD: dominic#6804 SWITCH FRIEND CODE: SW-4893-6765-5489


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