Foo Fighters - But Here We Are

It seems Gen Z is learning a lesson us older punks know all too well: Foo Fighters have ALWAYS been cool. This art rock stuff is what they really are all about. Yes, a significant amount of their discography is as cut-and-paste as radio rock gets. But in a way that makes them even cooler. Not only can Dave and the rest of the band make artsy indie punk bangers (See: Nirvana, early Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate, Cat Power, Queens ... read more

First things first: SCARING THE HOES is a JPEGMAFIA project featuring Danny Brown. JPEGMAFIA does more rapping than Danny Brown. JPEGMAFIA's rapping cuts through the mix more clearly than Danny's. JPEGMAFIA produced the record, and JPEGMAFIA's unique production style is a fundamental part of the distinct JPEGMAFIA listening experience. SCARING THE HOES, ultimately, is a JPEGMAFIA experience through and through, with Danny Brown popping in to give the record a fun little twist.

I like ... read more

100 gecs - 10,000 gecs

Let's just say if you thought Jamie was special, you haven't talked to me, the most wanted memememe in the United Tooth. Hence, one million dollars. Bring the Doritos, and don't mind the frog.

Yo La Tengo - This Stupid World

Yo La Tengo released an epic concoction of Noise Rock, Post Rock, experimental Rock, Shoegaze, psychedelic rock, krautrock, noise rock, noise pop, and EPIC! Well, for real folks, this is really a treat. Th noise rock guitar tones and bleak lyrics combine with gentle melodies and charming vocal deliveries to make for some absolute top-notch Yo La Tengo indie rock magic. 90's music lovers cannot miss this one.

Fire Man - Yerself Is Fire
I like it
Weyes Blood - And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow

If you put a gun up to my head, I’d probably say Titanic Rising is the best album of its respective decade. It’s not punk, but it is flawless. Weyes Blood nailed the fundamentals of writing a good album: unforgettable melodies which dance seamlessly over highly emotive chord progressions, delivered by a beautiful vocalist with charming lyrics. With a highly cohesive album structure and a magical atmosphere that delivers ... read more


Backxwash struck gold on her album I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses and further explores that genius in her latest release. This music is dense in every sense of the word; one moment you are being pummeled by a wall of dissonant mathcore panic chords, and the next you are tugged into a breath of clarity presented by a powerful Malcom X sample. Sometimes the lyrics are so foul with anger it's hard to listen; other moments ... read more

Drake & 21 Savage - Her Loss

This is the hip hop real gangsters enjoy, none of that Six Nine crap. I feel genuinely so excited for Drake and 21 Savage as they share their adventures of gaining cash and, well, having sex. When Drake sings about having sex I am genuinely rooting for him, I want him to have amazing sex and clearly he’s nailing it. The beats also make me want to dance my butt off, and don’t mind if I do. Did I mention 21 Savage lives up to ... read more

Taylor Swift - Midnights

Taylor Swift has built a legendary empire around a flimsy illusion of talent that has been completely obliterated by the release of her album Midnights. This is a truly humiliating moment for Taylor Swift and her legion; there is no defending this amateur mess of AI-generated slogs with no redeemable qualities other than Swift dropping the occasional cuss word to distract you from the musical atrocities happening in the background. ... read more

Jockstrap - I Love You Jennifer B
I was wondering why this contrived consolidation of trendy sounds was getting a disproportionate amount of acclaim given its vapid songwriting. Then I realized it's associated with Black County, New Road, the masters of consolidating contrived and trendy sounds and getting a disproportionate amount of acclaim for it by the music media ecosystem.

Can you really tell me there's one memorable melody or chord progression in this entire record? No. It's average songwriting plastered with gimmicky ... read more

The Callous Daoboys - Celebrity Therapist

an inherently goofy genre. No matter how machismo the guitar chugging and gruesome the growls may be, there's something a little funny about the absolute mania that emanates from a well executed mathcore track, with all its erratic time signatures and weird breakdowns. As technical, heavy, and mechanical as mathcore is on a fundamental level, the secret to really enjoying this genre is to let yourself lean into its fun.

Callous ... read more

Muse - Will of the People

Muse's album Will of the People is the ultimate musical embodiment of the capitalist grifter class which utilizes vague anti-establishment rhetoric in an ironic maximization of profit and establishmentarian power. Writing a disco-pop song about how you're a victim of oppression because you need to wear a mask, while you make millions of dollars off disco-pop, while your listeners are dying of the disease you're telling them they don't ... read more

Black Thought & Danger Mouse - Cheat Codes

This is one of those albums where every single thing falls into place really nicely.

From his iconic Grey Album to his monumental list of credits ranging from Gorillaz to Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse is a household name amongst hip hop heads just as much as Black Thought is a legendary MC. So it means a lot when I say this is the first project I’ve heard with Danger Mouse’s name written on it where I’m especially ... read more

Chat Pile - God’s Country

Joker has some questions regarding the unhoused...

Post-hardcore, sludge metal, and noise rock are among my favorite genres ever, so needless to say Chat Pile has very much been on my radar since 2019. A split with Portrayal of Guilt and a record deal with Flenser later and Chat Pile had sealed themselves as poised to be one of the best noise rock projects of the decade.

If I had to crudely describe this record in one equation, it'd ... read more

Surely it's just a coincidence that both Drake and Beyoncé took a sharp pivot into the realm of "experimental" house music at the exact same time right? It couldn't have anything to do with the hundreds of exhausted industry pawns who waste 8 hours a day working bullshit jobs looking at meaningless charts trying to determine Gen Z's interests and spamming passive-aggressive emails back and forth so their capitalist overlords can maximize the trendiness and profitability of the ... read more
Stabscotch - Prison Jar

I really despise the term "avant-garde" as a genre sometimes. For example, why call black midi's Hellfire "avant-prog" when it replicates what many other albums in the same genre have already done before? The fact that we're categorizing music as "avant-garde" because it follows a specific style of music that was already thoroughly explored many decades ago is so contradictory it makes my head ... read more

black midi - Hellfire

Black midi's newest album Hellfire is like if 70's prog band Faust had a lot more money to blow in the studio but way less creativity to go anywhere with it. How this band still has so much buzz is beyond me; I was pretty into Cavalcade but this is a direct step down in every way, and I actually think even Pitchfork and Fantano will have to acknowledge that no matter how incentivized they are to go along with the hype.

The first four ... read more

Angel Olsen - Big Time

Angel Olsen has already demonstrated she's a highly talented and highly versatile artist. In [i]Big Time[/i], these qualities are taken to their most impressive level yet. Beyond just being an authentic and beautiful American pop record, this album subtly blends experimental slowcore and psychedelic influences into a wonderful listening experience which is as creative as it is nostalgic. Angel Olsen's vocals are top notch, and the ... read more

The Smile - A Light for Attracting Attention

Radiohead I mean the smile is a soylent flavored Radiohead project minus a couple members and then plus the Sons of Kemet Drummer. So it's a Radiohead album basically since it's also produced by Nigel Godrich. But it's pretty creative and cool. It's got some epic rock and roll moments which are unique to hear from Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood and then some more meditative jazzy beautiful art rock stuff which is pretty normal Thom ... read more

Arcade Fire - WE

Are you in the mood to listen to rich white Canadian hipsters sing about anxiety? Well, do I have an album for you. The opening track is unbearably corny with its musical incorporation of anxious breaths into the rhythm, and these lyrics get pretty darn BAD pretty much throughout the entire album. But you know what? I can respect the effort.

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