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One thing I miss about being a young nerd getting into music for the first time was the mystery and magic behind the process of actually making an album. Even as a somewhat experienced musician, recording, mixing, and mastering is still a pretty mysterious process, but for the most part I'm usually able to nail down the general gist of how a record was put together when I listen to it.

Low's new album HEY WHAT brings all that mystery ... read more
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I absolutely love it when you can tell an artist is really excited about the music they're making. We've all had our moments where a specific song or album clicks and it's absolute euphoria, or where we're obsessively exploring our favorite subgenres and admiring the incredible legacies of our favorite artists. Throughout SIMBI, you can her Little Simz's very own love of hip hop radiating through every track, and it is absolutely ear ... read more
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My very favorite part about this album? It speaks to the sexual tiger within me. As a stud, Certified Lover, whatever you'd like to call me, my sexual adventures have all sorts of ups and downs, and Drake's lyrics really hit me on a deeper level than really any other musician on this sensitive topic. Certified Lover Boy is really for us.

I will say--- the tracks are a banger (no pun intended). The beats blend the rare cloud rap, ... read more
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As a longtime hardcore fan, there were lots of things about this record that pretty much immediately turned me off. The singles, the way it was marketed, the pristine production, the album artwork, the incredibly catchy hooks, and the even slower indie pop songs all screamed of Turnstile abandoning their NYHC roots in favor of those good old-fashioned Spotify streams. This genre of hardcore-gone-poppy, what I sometimes call "Disney ... read more
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Kanye West has finally released his long awaited album Donda, and given the length, features, and lyricism, I was excited as anyone else when it first dropped. But Jail Part Two featuring Marilyn Manson and DaBaby has put such a bad taste in my mouth I really cannot listen to this album anymore. The decision to contaminate Donda (an album supposedly dedicated to his late mother) with an intentionally controversial track featuring an ... read more
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Deafheaven are a seriously talented band. Love them or hate them, their alluring blend of abrasive-yet-beautiful musical influences has led them to become one of the most discussed rock bands of the past decade, as well as one of the most debated. Personally I think they're great. Admittedly, I was getting kind of tired of their whole blackgaze shtick by the time they released Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, so when I heard they were ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG9XQfsLJ3o

Lingua Ignota absolutely blew my mind in 2017 with her classic death industrial debut All Bitches Die, and continued to demonstrate her impressive musical abilities in Caligula. Sinner Get Ready, which takes a dive into the much more acoustic and drony universe of avant-folk (very similar to Nico's experimental releases), again makes it clear Lingua Ignota is a highly capable and creative musician even when utilizing very different ... read more
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I love Southern Hip Hop. I mean, who doesn't? The way it masterfully blends psychedelic and nocturnal beats with raw rapping and cold lyricism has gotta make it one of the most satisfying genres of all time. If Three 6 Mafia, UGK, and Geto Boys aren't some of your favorite rap projects ever, tonight at 2AM you need to smoke a lot of weed and play this stuff through high quality headphones.

Isaiah Rashad's newest album takes what I love ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTuxHYi_1TU

Crappier than ever...

Alright, this album isn't actually crappier than ever. I'll give Billie credit where credit is due. In contrast to my expectations, Billie Eilish has taken a mature and artistic turn in her sophomore album, with lyrics and creative decisions full of integrity and depth not frequently seen in modern pop. Maybe it was the poorly executed album rollout, or maybe i'm just jaded when it comes to successful popstars ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMLRSsTxcJ0

On first listen, I really didn't enjoy this much at all. Admittedly it was a passive listen, but pretty much nothing stuck with me, and I bet that's the listening experience a lot of people are going to have with this album. Fortunately for me I was able to find the time to sit down with a nice pair of headphones and really focus on what I was listening to (I sort of have to do this as a music critic after all), and when I did I was ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIyC6q2fTOs

God dang this was one of the most confusing albums I've ever listened to. I was hoping we'd get some solid emo pop/pop punk back in the mainstream with this, but instead we got:

- one pretty solid emo pop tune that's like a less good version of Olivia Rodrigo's take on pop punk
- a really catchy noise pop song that superficially covers the very serious topic of gaslighting in the same way a tiktok meme would
- some jangly arpeggiated ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L9okCz6RkA

I must admit, I am impressed with how shamelessly this record hops on the Jack Antonoff + alternative woman in pop + innocuous indie folk bandwagon. Clairo's vocals are completely inessential here as they are buried in multiple layers of whispery vocal takes which are obscured by Jack Antonoff's typical busy-yet-gentle production style. There is not a single memorable melody in this entire record and the only thing that differentiates ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vsxrcUgfCo

Call Me If You Tip Fedora

Tyler’s newest album is a messy, narcissistic adventure packed with as much talent as it suffers from a serious lack of focus. On paper, it’s pretty clear what Tyler’s intentions are with this album: let’s go "full circle". The hard-hitting lead single Lumberjack as well as the unexpected presence of DJ Drama were explicit ways of signaling that the hardcore roots of ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNIZJXfjohk

Where was you at when I had to trap
Just to pay for my hormones?
Selling white kids mid, claim it’s from a grid
But the shit really homegrown
Dad can you help me afford transition?
Disowned through a cell phone
The look in his face, soul displaced
He don’t know me no more

Much like the scary movies you see in theaters, horrorcore tends to incorporate violence in weirdly entertaining and over-the-top ways. Something ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luSfRmxobjY

Sewerslvt, on a personal level, is clearly in the process of making significant changes to her artistic image. Between the controversies, criticism, and transphobic bigotry she faces, as well as who else knows what the hell is going on in her personal life, Sewerslvt's once very online presence has all but disappeared. A few messages on Patreon and Discord reveal she's having a difficult time, and she has also changed her alias from ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHr7F8_3KIU

How uncreative do you have to be to write a song about how wacky the internet is in 2021? Maybe that would've been an OK song idea in 2008, BUT IN 2021!????? Unacceptable. This album seems like a challenge to cram as many buzzwords into one record, ranging from Sexting to Problematic. No creativity, just essentially regurgitating viral tweets and clickbait buzzfeed headlines over mediocre synth pop.

Hey guys, isn't the pandemic s0oo0o ... read more
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this shit is boring.

Seeing "Jack Antonoff" as a producer credit is not too different from seeing a giant stamp that says "Walmart" on your consumer product.
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Sweet Trip scared the shit out of many music nerds this year with their announcement they'd be releasing a new album in 2021, over a decade since their last album You Will Never Know Why came out. Although it was cool we'd be getting more music from a great band, they stood at risk of spoiling their pretty much flawless discography. Like it's hard to think of a more consistent band than Sweet Trip, and even if a new album meant more ... read more
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VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbHMu9jnp28

Bladee's new album The Fool is a relatively straightforward Bladee album, which is good, because Bladee is cute as heck and me gusta. I think I officially became drained when Bladee said he's pulling Joker cards on this album.... twice.
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