Electronic Sound #90 | 'The Back'

Kelly Lee Owens - LP.8
It picked up in the second half, but this wasn't very varied or innovative. I felt every one of the forty-two minutes this ran for, and that in spite of some quite cutting textures.
Metavari - Soft Continuum (Studies Vol.2)
Really interesting. A broad range of synth textures, from shimmering to bubbly, and explored over a series of very short sequences.
Kristin Oppenheim - Voices Fill My Head
This is really hard work. Oppenheim's work is in 'sound fields' and using the human voice to effect in gallery and performance art spaces. This double album of her work (1993-9) *sort of* works through headphones, though one gets the feeling it's supposed to be heard on speakers in some cavernous room. Looping and repetition are also a core part of the work, so the run-times become sort of arbitrary and, consequently, punishing: almost every track runs for 7 or 8 minutes with little to no variation (the one-line "Golden Hair" being the worst for this). The shortest - "The Eyes I Remember" - is definitely the most interesting; you get several layers of tape loops repeating *and* it's much shorter.

If these *are* just loops being presented for archival / retrospective purposes, why not just present the raw materials? Obviously, listener contemplation is part of the artwork, but does it work listening at home with a loop that eventually ends? I'm not so sure.
Peach - Audiopeach
buried treasure #90
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