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Park Soo-young (born September 3, 1996) known by the stage name Joy, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of the K-pop girl group Red Velvet.

Park Soo-young was born in Jeju Province, South Korea on September 3, 1996. As a child, Joy was interested in modern trot music.In grade school, she was influenced to become a singer after receiving praise for her rendition of K-rock band Cherry Filter’s song Flying Duck. She auditioned and was cast by S.M. Entertainment at the ... read more
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Another one of my crazy reviews i'm gonna be so tired here we go Plssssss read it

BTS is a South Korean pop (hip-hop influenced) group consisting of RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook. The group’s name is an acronym for ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’ (방탄소년단) which translates into ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts.’

The group is currently one of the most recognized music acts worldwide, holds over 20 Guinness World Records, and won over 350 main music ... read more
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“Not Shy (English Ver.)” is a song released by the South Korean girl group ITZY. It acts as the title track on their album of the same name, which features English versions of all ITZY title tracks to date.

The English version of “Not Shy” was teased in a promotional poster via the official JYP Entertainment Twitter. This marked ITZY’s first step towards not just the American market, but global promotion.

Lyrically, “Not Shy” is about showing your ... read more
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[Verse 1]
사랑이란 걸 믿지 않았어
바보 같고 상처만 주는지 알았어
어떤 약도 듣지 않는 Poison
그게 사랑이라고 배워서

근데 널 만나고선
시간은 그 순간 얼어붙어
멈춰버린 계절 속에
너와 갇힌 것만 같아
오늘 내일 모레까지도
따뜻할 것만 같은걸

꽉 찬 달 아래서
눈 맞추고 싶어
떠다니는 꽃잎들 따라서
너만 바라보며 왔어
너와 있다면 이 모든 게
멈춰 ... read more
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[Verse 1: Jungwon, Sunghoon]
아름답고 황홀해
반짝이는 내 각막은 다이아몬드
규칙 없는 세계는
전부 뒤집혀 뒤집혀 서있어

[Verse 2: NI-KI, Heeseung, Sunoo]
Turning up the party, now
하늘엔 내 발이, wow
사람들은 ha, ha, high
내 귓속에는 la la, loud
눈부셔, baby
이 조명, shining
We're in love with this carnival

[Pre-Chorus: Jake, Heeseung]
사실 무서워 난
출렁이는 잔속 이 취한 세계
그 끝엔 목이 타는 내 맘
But I just ... read more
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[Verse 1: Taehyun, Huening Kai]
I don't know who loves me
And I don't care 어차피 낭비
설렘 따위
좀 겁이 나니까
달콤 쌉쌀한 chocolate
끝 맛은 항상 같지
Like saddest movies
눈가엔 눈물만

[Pre-Chorus: Yeonjun, Soobin]
난 알아 달콤한 love song
맹세의 그 말도
돌아서면 결국
낯선 그 someone

[Chorus: Taehyun, Soobin, Huening Kai, Beomgyu]
Sorry I'm an anti-romantic
달아나고 싶어 저 멀리
이미 널 쫓는 내 마음이
작은 불씨로 ... read more
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안녕 (Hello) is the calming and happy solo track from the South Korean artist known as Joy. The song was produced by Kenzie (KOR), who works under SM Entertainment.

In 안녕 (Hello), Joy seems to show a really positive world without anything trying to go wrong so she says goodbye to all those bad days or un-happy feelings. The MV takes place in Jeju Island where Joy was born in. The MV shows actual Jeju residents! The story of the MV is a that Joy tends to go outside and finds a little girl ... read more
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funny i like All eyes on me

Get your fuckin' hands up
Get on out of your seats
All eyes on me, all eyes on me
Get your fuckin' hands up
Get on out of your seats
All eyes on me, all eyes on me

[Verse 1]
Are you feeling nervous? Are you having fun?
It's almost over, it's just begun
Don't overthink this, look in my eye
Don't be scared, don't be shy
Come on in, the water's fine

We're goin' to go where everybody knows
Everybody knows, everybody, oh
We're goin' to go where ... read more
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idk lyric's is my thing

[Intro: J.Y. Park]

[Verse 1: Nayeon, Mina]
너와 있을 땐 내게
신기한 변화가 있는데
자꾸 미소 짓게 돼
아무 일도 없는데

[Pre-Chorus: Chaeyoung, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Momo]
자꾸 마법에 걸려
밤을 새워도 안 졸려
다른 생각 지워져
심장 소리는 커져
사랑이 참 쉬워져
그래서 빠지고 빠져 점점 너에게
That's what you do to me

[Chorus: Nayeon, Tzuyu]
나는 alcohol-free 근데 취해 (취해, ... read more
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i wanna say nothing but one thing i like the cover
QueenRosie -
so why not do some lyric's

Crazy Over You
[Verse 1: Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa]
I've been known to kiss and tell
Send girls to wishing wells
If you're my man, I want you to myself
I know I'll have enemies long as you're into me
But I don't care 'cause I got what I need
Oh, yeah, need to get with the program
Boy, I keep you close like slow dance
Hit you with that red, don't go there, no, no man
Met him, then get him, I make sure we stay
Got the venom to dead him if he want a snake
I mean, sneak, ... read more
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this is one of my favorite songs by TWICE idk if you don't know how to read Korean but just translate this if it does not work idk
(You make me feel special)

[Verse 1: Chaeyoung]
그런 날이 있어
갑자기 혼자인 것만 같은 날
어딜 가도 내 자리가 아닌 것만 같고
고갠 떨궈지는 날

[Pre-Chorus: Tzuyu, Momo]
그럴 때마다 내게
얼마나 내가 소중한지
말해주는 너의 그 한마디에
Everything's alright
초라한 ... read more
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i ain't scared of you slender bitch
QueenRosie -
haha funny guy
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Bruh you killed and they said bye bye
QueenRosie -
It's good to be alive
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I mad a joke in nurture that if a lilac tree has bloom i will leave the site but i ended up staying cause the shouts i got them so good kinda funny for me rn i'm not making any more leaving joke's .

1st i like the start of the song it sounds like from a disco party or something i like the Post Chorus !!

Love me only 'till this spring (Oh)
Like the warm breeze (Like the warm breeze)
Love me only'till this spring( Oh)
Like the warm ... read more
QueenRosie -
i hate the cover but i like the song
QueenRosie -
This really reminds me of dance the night away.
Hopefully another album comes out by TWICE!!!!
QueenRosie -
Yay new album!!!!
why u guys on a ship dancing with girl's?
but i love the vocals keep up the good work EXO.
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