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Feb 27

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Quet -
“…it really saddens me when we're not allowed to express that pride in being black, and that if you do, then it's considered anti-white. No! You just pro-black. And that's okay.”

This album is fucking magnificent. On A Seat at the Table, Solange relishes in her black roots, which, being half-black, sticks with me very well. It sails lightly despite packing a powerful punch, and even its cover lets you know that “we will be having these conversations”. It’s ... read more

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Quet -
It’s been a long time coming. My test week is over and was a success. I don’t see many other ways to come out to the website than through the work of someone who identifies with me.

Just over a month ago, I started losing my grip on my male gender identity. I’d go to sleep every night and wonder “am I actually a guy? It feels like I take from different sides of everything”. One recent night, everything just… clicked. It didn’t feel like I could call ... read more
Quet -
Okay this cut is great
Quet -
If Madison Beer put as much effort into coherence and cohesion in album presentation and lyrics as she did her production, she’d skyrocket.
Quet -
Evermore functions as it should; as a sequel. Something only barely worse than the original.
Quet -
HAIM uses their amazing talent, part III.
Feb 28, 2021
hello Carly Rae Jensen
Feb 27, 2021
yeah completely 😭
thanks so much for checkin' in, hope ur doing good as well 💕
Feb 26, 2021
Thanks for following Quet!!!!
Feb 25, 2021
about my dorian review, I forgot to update that score
Feb 22, 2021
Found another small indie release I'm sharing w people who liked / hated the last one. Pop, synth pop, lofi dance. Rate whatever you feel appropriate, go ahead and shit on it if you want!
Feb 21, 2021
scrumptious as fuck

thank you for the pick quet :)
Feb 21, 2021
Hi, I am here with a question:
If all album covers were edible, which album would you choose to eat?
and yes, this is for a list.
Feb 19, 2021
the fuck do you mean theyre a dime a dozen
Feb 11, 2021
Hello, I hope you're having a good day. For my next AOTY Icon Interview, I will be interviewing CLJesse. The question is, what is a music-related question you can ask Charlise. Please refrain from asking questions as simple as "What is your favorite album?" Please also refrain from asking for thoughts about a specific album or asking joke questions. I ask that you ask something thought-provoking and ambiguous. I will be selecting the best questions to ask Pipe. If you can't think of any questions, you have a week to think about them. I also recommend checking my shoutbox before asking the question just to verify it hasn't been asked already. The interview will be posted by the end of the month. Thank you!
Feb 8, 2021
“No way it’s Korea reporter singer Lee Hyo ri finance more has been highlighted exists that’s what i think exists I'm looking at it like this some kind of court”

what the fuck
Most pretentious 14 year old in world history. Thanks music! With my Title review, things are actually gonna get serious now.
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i did it yay
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Small confession here: I don’t cry to music. I’m assuming that is soon to change, but for the time being, I haven’t cried BECAUSE of music. However, I’ve come close a lot. As a result, I ...
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This might be a queue? It’s not gonna be strict though. First to last listening order… I think… if everything goes to plan. (Edit it didn’t go to plan) Recent removals: WLR (Relisten, ...
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